The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




9. Chapter 9

Alexandras P.O.V.

“I’m so sorry I know I’m bad, ill just go now” and I was about to hang up and I started crying, and he shouted “stop don’t go!!!!!! You are amazing! Will you sing more? I love your voice!!!”  Then I kept crying... was I really that good? This is crazy! Wow he is so nice... I like him… and then Em just burst through my door, asking me why I was crying. “Why are you crying, who are you talking to!?!?!?!” she took my phone out of my hand and put it up to her ear “who is this and what did you say to her cause nobody I mean nobody upsets my Alexandra!’ Her voice was getting loud and she was getting angry, wow she really cares about me, man I love her so much! That made me cry even more. Man this is an emotional day… then Colton responded… “Relax relax okay, ill start from the beginning, okay so we were talking about music, and I asked her to sing for me, and... “You got her to sing for you!?!?!?!?” Em shouted... “Yea why, what’s the problem?” Colton asked, curious George over here… Em gave me a look, asking me if she can tell him, and I nodded. “Okay so Alexandra has this thing, where she doesn’t sing, in front of people, she doesn’t have many friends, she still has her V card, she is afraid of large groups of people, she hates public, she is anti-social... she has a lot of… whats the word for it… um… hm..” “Em you could just say it, I have problems with public and people and all that” “okay she has a lot of problems, and she is teased a lot, people call her names and stuff like Emo and fat and worthless and a baby, so she holds those things inside, such as she doesn’t like to cry in front of people cause it shows her weakness, she is anorexic cause people call her fat, she wears black cause it is a slimming color, and it blends well with the places she hangs out, so she doesn’t necessarily get noticed by people..” “But anyway, what did she sing?!?” “Colton responded “she sang something about no being afraid, like not being afraid of attention and scary movies and stuff like that…” em’s face lit up and she blushed, and grabbed her phone and started to play she’s not afraid by one direction, then she asked him “is it this what she was singing?” and he said “yea”

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