The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




6. Chapter 6

Alexandra’s P.O.V.


*beep* *beep* my phone beeped, huh who is texting me at this hour, usually my friends are eating dinner, or doing homework….

From: unknown number

Heyyy its Colton, can you talk on the phone right now? Xx


Hahaha, why does he put so many y’s in his heyyy?!?! Ill ask!



To: Colton

Hey Colton, why did you put so many y’s in your heyyy ? Haha... I can talk on the phone yea... you can call me after you get this text. :3

Not even three minutes later my phone started ringing, with the tune of the song one thing by one direction…. Hehe... so I started to sing along

I NEED THAT ONE THING, AND YOU’VE GOT THAT ONE THI…. OMG COLTON!!!!!!!!! I totally forgot!! So I picked up the phone…


“Hey I’m sorry about not picking up quickly… oops….”“Why what was going on?” Haha should I tell him? Eh who cares I mean YOLO…. Ugh I hate YOLO…“Well um, I kind of have music ring tones… of songs that I like, and I get distracted singing to my ring tone...woops…”“Hahaha you’re too funny!”What song was it, what type of music are you into?” “It was one direction actually, my best friend Em loves them and it’s starting to wear off on me…. So that’s why, but I’m in to like screamo and rap and a little bit of pop, so a big mix of things…” “Oh cool, I love screamo, and rap is okay… and most pop is unnecessary…” “hahaha like what” I asked,  although I think I know the answer… “Justin bieber, I think he is dumb” “me too!” “really?” “Yea, I like one direction though, so you better not call them dumb because they’re not!” I told him, because he better not cross that line… “Haha no I won’t call them dumb, nothing to upset the beauty queen” “by the way, can you sing?” I choked for a little bit, “um, I can sing, but I don’t like to in front of people”

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