The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




5. Chapter 5

Colton’s P.O.V

“My name is Colton”. Then I was wondering… “What’s yours?” and she said “my name is Alexandra, nice too meet you!” oh dang it was nice to meet her too! But it really was, no joke, I really liked her….. I’m going to call her tonight... oh I’m so exited!!!! Whoa, ‘sorry dude” I waved to the man that I almost smashed into, oops….. Wow I almost got into a car accident thinking about Alexandra… and I don’t even know her, but I will tonight…

She is beautiful…. Ugh I’m such a lucky guy to meet her, and have her number!

-later-    I got home, went up to my room, showered, and jumped onto my bed, and grabbed my phone, ready to text Alexandra, and ask her if she can talk tonight.

To: beauty queen

Heyyy its Colton, can you talk on the phone right now? Xx


I sat there for a little while, but it felt like forever… *beep* *beep* I jumped on my bed and grabbed my phone as fast as I could, you’d think I was In a race or something… this is pathetic, I’m that obsessed with her that I’m doing all this…..

From: beauty queen

Hey Colton, why did you put so many y’s in your heyyy ? Haha... I can talk on the phone yea... you can call me after you get this text. :3


I’m going to call her!!!!! ahh too exited!

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