The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




3. Chapter 3

Colton’s P.O.V.

“Mom I’m starving, I’m going to McDonalds, are you gonna be okay?” “Yea ill be fine honey, thanks” do you want anything?” “No I’m good, I’m trying to watch my weight” I just chuckled a little, my mom didn’t need to lose weight, she just doesn’t like McDonalds, which is crazy! But anyway I hopped in my black mustang, one of the many good things I received when my dad left. “Oh yes McDonalds, my only friend!!” I yelled really loud in my car, because really, McDonalds is my only friend, well, maybe mark, but yea. I pulled into McDonalds, and there was a Honda civic next to me, with a dance sticker from the dance academy downtown. Mmmh, it smells so good!!! There was a pretty blonde as soon as I walked in, with a huge smile, wow she must be pretty happy! So I just went to the bathroom real quick and went up to the line to order, and that blonde was there with two other girls, the two others had dark hair, that was long, but I couldn’t see one of the girls, cause she was paying, but the two other girls walked away. After the girl was done paying and leaving the line I was walking to go order and she turned around, paying more attention to her iPhone then where she was walking, and she walked right into me, and fell onto of me…….. Boy was this awkward….. Till I saw what she looked like……


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