The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




17. Chapter 17

Alexandra’s P.OV.

Colton came inside, and I told him “make yourself at home, me and em are gonna go change real quick and wash our faces, it should only take five minutes” “okay sounds good, but are your parents gonna get mad that there is a boy sitting on their couch when they walk in?” “My mom died when I was younger, it’s just me and my dad and my brother… you can just say you are hunters friend…” “okayyyy” so I ran up the stairs and saw em and hunter talking outside his room, “hey hunter” I said to him “you are friends with that guy on our couch, to dad okay?” “umm noo” he said “dude if you wanna date my best friend your gonna have to kiss my ass, cause I could just go to her house to hang out, and never bring her here…” “No okay he can stay, what’s his name, and where did I meet him?” I giggled, that sounded funny… “You met him at McDonalds and his name is Colton..” then Colton yelled up the stairs “I heard my name and I heard McDonalds, what’s going on? Are we going to McDonalds?!?!?!” me and em just started laughing so hard! So I explained the situation and me and em went to go get changed… so we went down, volleyball hair and comfy pajamas, ha I’m a cheap date. So we sat on the couch, me next to Colton, em next to hunter.. hehe they look cute…

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