The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




16. Chapter 16

Alexandra’s P.O.V.

I took a long sip, I was trying to get drunk enough so I could do something to Colton, to show him that I like him… and I think it was working. I grabbed my second cup of beer, an I sat on Colton’s lap, then started grinding softly so em couldn’t notice cause I didn’t want her to feel awkward… I took a sip a grinded a little bit harder, each time I drank I just kept going. I think em got the point that she should leave, so she grabbed mark and they left… as soon as they were out of sight I turned to face him and I grabbed his head, and a handful of his sexy hair, and I kissed him. Hard, but with passion. Then I swung my legs around and I put my feet behind his back, and my hands behind his neck. I kept grinding and kept kissing, he is so perfect, he loves me even when I’m drunk. I wanted to show him that I really liked him, so I got off of him, he gave me like a pouty face, cool, that makes me know he liked it. So I grabbed his hand and led him up the stairs, and I looked around, and lead him to the closest room. As soon as we were both inside I shut the door, and I pushed him on the bed, and kissed him. I’m glad he was enjoying this, he just laid back and got comfortable… but then we heard something, so we both looked out the window and there was police cars… then Colton said “shit Alexandra we got to get out of here” so he grabbed my hand and pulled me, and I just went, cause I trusted him. And I find it attractive when a guy swears… We got to the car and em told me to sit in front, okay whatevs.. The car ride was long, and nobody really talked. Colton dropped off mark first, and he was gonna drop us off last. When we pulled up em got out, and then I did, but I looked at Colton and said “do you wanna come in?”

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