The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




15. Chapter 15

Colton’s P.O.V.

“oooh baby, you must be good in bed” this random boy walked past us, and I knew right away he was talking to Alexandra, so I confronted him “dude don’t talk to her like that, you really need to treat girls with respect..” that was like really rude of him, I hate him. Then Alexandra grabbed my hand, and I looked at her, she mouthed the words thank you, and grabbed my arm tight and just walked with her body snuggled against my arm, boy was I loving this, and I had a feeling, she was too. I just wanted to kiss her, but it was too early, I need to take this slow. So we walked up to the drink table, I don’t really care for drinking, so I just grabbed a small cup of beer, that was probably all I’m going to have tonight… then Alexandra surprised me, she grabbed this really tall long glass, full of some alcoholic drink, I don’t know what It was, but she looked like she had a spark in her eyes, nothing I’ve ever seen before.. and em looked at her like she was proud or something, so I asked “em, what’s up with Alexandra?” “oh haha, she is afraid of drinking, she has only done it twice in her life, and the first time she got so drunk, her dad got so mad, so she told him she would never do it again and she did one more time, but she felt really bad, lately though, she wants to live on the edge, she doesn’t wanna be afraid, so that’s why she is going for the biggest scariest drink here” there was only like four of them, so yea I get what em was saying about being the biggwst ans scariest, so I just nodded, and then we went inside the large house and sat down, on the huge couch, nobody was really in there so it was quiet, so we talked for a long time, it was awesome. But I noticed Alexandra was getting really drunk, but not drunk enough to for get what you did. Just act on some things you would never do if you were sober, such as sit on my lap… I don’t think she was fully together when she first sat on me, but then I knew it for sure when se was grinding on my lap… and the grinding was getting harder after each sip, I’m so glad I brought her here. Em kinda noticed, so she got up and walked out with mark, I don’t think she likes him, but she can just be friends… but as soon as em left, Alexandra crashed her lips to mine, even though she was drunk, she wanted to do this, im sure of it… she turned around, and straddled her legs on my hips, and was still grinding on me and kissing me… she knows what she is doing, she is so smart….then she got off of me, aww, I gave her a pouty face, then she grabbed my hand and pulled me up some stairs to the closest room there was, it looked like a guest bedroom. She pulled me in and shut the door, and pushed me on the bed, and kissed me. I was letting her do whatever she wanted to, she was drunk, so I just let it go… then, we both heard something, outside the window, so we looked, and there were police cars.. “shit Alexandra we got to et out of here” so I grabbed her hand and pulled her, she was following, but not fully aware. So we got to the door and we ran to my car, nobody saw us, great, and mark and em were at the car waiting for us. I unlocked it and I guess em spent some time with mark, cause she told Alexandra to sit in the front seat, or maybe she knows Alexandra likes me so she was trying to be a good friend. She was a good friend.

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