The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




13. Chapter 13

Coltons P.O.V.

Alexandra’s front door opened and out came her and em, wow they both looked so hot, then mark was like, “dude, which one is mine?” oh my gosh did he just ask that? ‘dude, really? Were just bringing them to the party so we don’t look like gay guys, you don’t get to take anyone home, but you better not mess with Alexandra, I want her okay?” “im guessing you are talking about the onwe oin the black dress?” “Yea she looks your style..” mark said. He knows me well I guess… I jumped out of my seat and rushed to the girls door, “my ladies” I said, then did a hand motion to like get in the car, I was their escort, I should act like one… but really I just wanted Alexandra to like me… so they got in and closed the door, “so where’s this place at ?” em asked, so I told her “its like in tree heights, a rich neighborhood” “ohh gotcha I know where that is, wow yea that is kinda far, whatevs”

Alexandras P.O.V.

His car was so cool, a jet black ford mustang, I wanted one for like ever. My phone vibrated and I looked down a text from hunter… uh oh…

I saw you go outside the house, and em, what a hot dress, but anyway, I wont tell dad that you got in a car with two guys if you tell me where you are going….

Oh great, blackmail… ugh brothers.. I showed em the text, and she blushed “ya know your brother isn’t too bad looking, you wouldn’t mind if I , ya know like, yeah?” I knew where she was going, she wants to flirt with my brother… “I don’t give a crap, knock yourself out” I told her, cause honestly, I wouldn’t mind her being around my house more if she was dating my brother… so I texted back.

We are going to tree heights for a party, double bonus, em asked me if she was allowed to flirt with you… hehehe, I have your life source in my hands….

I feel like such a powerful sister sometimes… the car ride was long, and I’m surprised my brother didn’t text back quickly.. but as soon as we got there he texted me, what impeccable timing..

What did you say you little brat, you have better told her I was available… you are.. ugh…

I don’t want to be texting him the whole party so I’m just going to tell him bye.

Hey im leaving, and I told her that it was fine if she flirted… don’t text me anymore, im at a party… duh… lol…

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