The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




12. Chapter 12

You beauties ready?!? I’m outside…

Ugh he is so cute.. I called up to em, “you ready, Colton’s here?” “Ya comin” she had really pretty blue heels on to match her dress, gosh she was pretty, I was actually jealous… “leggo” I laughed, she loved saying that whenever we were leaving somewhere.. I opened up my front door and locked it and threw my keys into my purse, and turned around, and there was Colton, he looked so hot, unf… he had a tight black tee shirt, and black skinny jeans on, and a dark blue pair of converse, converse on guys look so good! He had like a blue lip piercing ring on, to match his shoes, haha, stylish. He opened mine and em’s door, “my ladies” and he hand motioned us to get inside, so charming, oh shut up about him already.. my mind was having a fight inside of it…

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