The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




11. Chapter 11

Alexandras P.O.V.

“So I was wondering Alexandra, and em too, would you come with us?” I had a shocked look on my face, no boy had ever asked me to a party, It was always em and Danielle… “how’s that sound to you em?” “that sounds good, but first, what does your friend mark look like?” Colton laughed, then he said in a sarcastic voice “oh he is so handsome, he is like prince charming” “wow Colton that sounded really gay, no really, what does he look like?” em said in an annoyed tone, she is not the sarcastic type when it comes to boys, cheeky girl. “okay, he has red hair, he is average height, I don’t know, I’m not gay, so I don’t know if he would be ‘classified’ as hot or not” “you’ll just have to come too see” so I just made life a little easier, “yes me and em agree to go, what time do we need to be ready by?” “Eight fifteen” his attractive raspy voice said over the phone.  I looked around, dads not home, hunter isn’t home, ya I can go. Cool, just enough time! “Okay well what’s the address, me and em can drive together?” “Oh umm.. I was just gonna pick you up if that’s okay, ill be your escort for the night, if that’s okay” gosh he was so sweet, “sure, ill text you my address, but for now, me and m must go get ready!” “okay see ya at eight thirty” he said, then me and em both said at the same time, man we gotta get out of this in sync stuff “goodbye!!!” so I hung up the phone, texted him my address, then me and em are gonna have to decide what to wear, oh good lord! “So what are you wearing?” em asked me… “Umm I was thinking about wearing my new black dress…” “Cool, can I wear your new blue dress?” I like that dress, it was like satin blue, really shiny, with like, fake jewels all over it, and it was strapless, id never worn it, but she did look stunning in it.. “sooo, how do I look?” em asked me, after her hair was all up and her makeup was on. “You look awesome, you’ll definitely get some tonight” then we both started laughing, then she screamed really loud “and live while were young!!” yea, that’s pretty much the song of tonight… I put on my black dress, it was really tiny, I’m feeling good tonight, although I was tons insecure, it’s not like ill see anybody at the party again, except Colton, so if anybody makes fun of me, we can just leave and forget about the whole thing. And I grabbed my leather jacket, I don’t really feel like flashing off my cuts tonight… “Feeling a little dangerous tonight aren’t we?” em asked me, “Yea I guess, I mean YOLO.” “Oh shut up, I hate yolo.” “I know em that’s why I said it haha” “whatever.” So we were done getting ready, I looked at my phone, time 8:15, and a new message from Colton.

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