The Downfall of it all

"It's my life"




10. Chapter 10

Coltons P.O.V

She got done singing, and it was so overwhelming, I screamed… oops… I think she thought I screamed cause she was so bad, but no, she has the best voice Ive ever heard. Ever. I love this. She has a beautiful voice, she is the perfect height, she is beautiful, she is nice, she has the same love for music as I do, how could she be more perfect?!

Then this just made everything better… “yea, and I’m single…sometimes I feel so so alone, but then I think of my Em…goodness gracious, what would I do without her?!” then I heard em in the background, I think she was on speaker phone “yep you got meh all the way hunny bunch” “haha did she just call you hunny bunch” I asked, that is weird, Ive never heard that before… then Alexandra responded in a annoyed voice “yep, she did, she calls me that allllllll the time” *making the L last a long time, for dramatic effect, of course* then something hit my window really hard, I'm surprised it didn’t break, so I gi over to see what it was. “hey girls, hold up one sec, someones at my window” Oh, it was mark, haha. I pulled up on my window and asked mark “what do you want bro?” “hey wanna go to a party tonight?” huh yea I'm bored, my mom is gone for the weekend, “sure I guess” I told him… “hey, umm, can I ride in your car, cause its not that close to here, and all I have is my bike..” “maybe, wait like one minute” so I went back to my phone, right away, both at the same time, “who was that?” “hah you girls are in sync huh?” “yea oops” “it was my friend mark, he wants to know if I wanna go to a party, but I don’t wanna go alone with him, cause the last party I went to they thought we were gay, cause we didn’t have dates…” “that was an awkward party” “so I was wondering Alexandra, and em too, would you come with us?”

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