Ziall one shots 16+

Sixteen year old Niall Horan walks at midnight after a party. All he wants is to find his house, but it's pitch black and he's lost. He suddenly feels a cloth over his mouth, and a distant voice. He screams, but no one comes to his rescue. Before he blacks out, he sees a ZAP tattoo.. WARNING! EXTREME SEXUAL THANGS AND EXTREME SWEARING! IF YOU CAN NOT HANDLE IT THEN DONT READ!


2. not a chapter but plz read!

Not a chapter but I wanted to say I will continue this story. So it will be a real story. But, it will be extremely graphic on the sex scenes, as this book is all about being a sex slave!

Also, should niall be set free in the end, or trapped forever? Should niall fall in love with zayn or should he hate him? Comment below! Cuz I need your opinion! Thx!

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