Ziall one shots 16+

Sixteen year old Niall Horan walks at midnight after a party. All he wants is to find his house, but it's pitch black and he's lost. He suddenly feels a cloth over his mouth, and a distant voice. He screams, but no one comes to his rescue. Before he blacks out, he sees a ZAP tattoo..



5. chapter 4: shower time

I wondered around the house, the air hitting my naked body. I shivered, but didn't dare grab a blanket, much less clothes. Daddy wouldn't be very happy.

Daddy was in the living room, dealing with some stuff I wasn't aloud to know about. I walked passed him a few times, but he simply just ignored me. I didn't mind, really.

After an hour, I got bored of walking in circles. I sighed, wanting to do something. I peeked in on daddy again, but he was still working. I pursed my lips, curious.

I shook it off. It's not worth the punishment to find out. I roamed around some more, kind if enjoying the little freedom I had right now.

I felt strong hands wrap around me as I turned a corner. I yelped, my eyes widening. I felt his hot breath against my neck, hot and minty.

"Let's take a shower, mm?" He whispered, his breathe tickling my ear. I nodded.

"Yes daddy." I answered, following him into the bathroom. He locked the door behind him. He sat me on the counter, kissing my temple lightly.

He removed his clothes, throwing them on the chair near by. My eyes glided down his body, as I shifted uncomfortably. I felt myself getting turned on.

Zayn chuckled, grabbing me and holding me against his body. He bent down and sucked on my neck, leaving a mark. I moaned at the feeling against my flushed skin.

Zayn pulled back. He reached over and turned on the water. He pulled me into the shower, him still outside. He put the water and cold.

I gasped as the water hit my skin, ice cold. I jogged in my place, wanting to get away but knowing I shouldn't. I whined at the horrible feeling.

Zayn chuckled darkly, turning the rap to scorching hot. I screamed, the water beating against my skin. Tears burned my eyes as my skin turned dark red. I still didn't move.

Zayn turned the tap to warm, giving me relief. I gasped again, holding my aching body. Zayn stepped in, bringing me close to him.

"Knees." He ordered. I knelt down, water running down my back. I opened my mouth, waiting.

He grabbed my head, thrusting into my mouth. I gagged, taking in all of his cock. I sputtered as his sick hit the back of my throat. I couldn't breath already, as he sped up.

His grip tightened on my hair, as he threw back his head and moaned. He pushed my head further, thrusting hard.

Tears came back, falling onto my hot cheeks. I grabbed his thighs, tightening my grip. I coughed, struggling for air.

Still, he kept thrusting into me.

"Mmmm, deep throat my cock, baby." He moaned, as my body started to shake. I coughed again, struggling and wiggling around.

Zayn pulled out finally. I gasped for air, holding my sore throat. I held my stomach with my other hand, breathing heavily.

"Up." Zayn commanded. I obeyed, standing up. He turned me around, pushing against the cold wall. I swallowed more air, my face still red.

He grabbed the body wash, squirting it onto his hand. He rubbed the cold gel onto my back and shoulders, kissing my neck. His body pressed against mine as he reached forward and washed my stomach and thighs, smoothly and softly.

He ran his hands over my butt, washing it thoroughly. He ran two fingers over my wall, rubbing around it.

I bit my lip, shaking my ass a little bit. He chuckled, sticking in three fingers. He thrusted them softly, making me moan.

I rested my head on the wall, as he curled his fingers, thrusting faster. I put my hands on the wall on both of my sides. I moaned louder, as he added a fourth finger.

He thrusted faster, making me gasp. Pleasure coursed through me. He pulled out his fingers suddenly, making me whine.

He laughed slightly, kissing my shoulder blade. He pressed his cock against my hole, rubbing it gently.

"Please, daddy?" I whined, pushing against him. He kissed my other shoulder blade, pushing inside of me.

I gasped, my eyes widening. He spread my legs, getting more of his dick inside of me. He thrusted, as I moaned.

He spanked my ass, leaving a red mark. He sped up, pressing his chest to my back. Our skin slapped together, as the warm water beat against us.

"You like my cock inside you?" Zayn breathed into my ear, putting both hands over mine.

"Y-yes daddy!" I moaned, his cock giving me pleasure. I felt my hole being being stretched again, as his cock thrusted into it.

"I know you do. You're a little slut aren't you?" He asked, spanking me again.

"I'm a slut daddy!" I screamed, as he suddenly thrusted hard. Zayn bit my neck, pulling at it. I screamed again, as my legs shook.

"Oh god, daddy!" I screamed, banging my fists on the wall. The water poured over me, running down my body.

"Such a fucking bitch, taking my cock." Zayn growled. He lifted my leg, getting more access. He thrusted harder, moaning in my ear.

"Oh, oh g-god d-daddy!" I shouted, Zayn grabbing my hair and pulling on it. He moaned, his huge cock beating inside me.

"Oh, fuck baby! Take my fucking cock!" Zayn shouted, growling still.

"Fuck me harder daddy!" I screamed, wanting more. He sped up, shouting in pleasure.

I screamed, gasping. His cock hit my prostate, making tears form in my eyes from the pleasure.

"Oh, god! You're gonna make me cum daddy!" I screamed, crying hysterically. Zayn growled, pounding me harder.

"Fucking cum for me, bitch." He ordered, slamming on my prostate. I screamed, hot cum bursting out of my dick, washed away from the water.

Zayn pulled out, grabbing my hair and pushing me on my knees again. He thrusted into my mouth without warning, making me gasp.

I coughed, not prepared. Zayn moaned, pushing my head further down. I deep throated his cock, choking.

"Ahhhh, god!" Zayn yelled, as his cum bursted into my mouth. I swallowed it, struggling to breathe.

Zayn smiled, pulling me up on my feet. He kissed me, shoving his tongue down my throat. I replied back, tongue kissing him roughly.

He squeezed my sore butt, chuckling.

"I don't think I'm done yet." He whispered. He slammed me against the same wall, lifting my legs up, so he was holding me up.

He slammed into me, thrusting wildly.

"DADDY!" I screamed, practically crumbly under him. Pleasure ran through me as he thrusted without mercy.

"Fuck! Take my fucking cock, you little fucking slut!" He shouted, biting onto my neck. I gasped, crying again.

My face was red and blotched, as pleasurable tears ran down my aching cheeks.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" I repeatedly screamed, feeling him penetrate me. I gasped, grabbing onto his hair and pulling it.

"Yeah? You fucking love this, you fucking bitch?" He slapped me, my face stinging.

"Y-yes d-daddy! I l-love it!" I stuttered, my brain foggy. My mouth gaped as my body bobbed to his thrusts.

"Are you gonna fucking cum?" He growled in my ear, thrusting harder. I nodded, unable to speak.

"P-pleas-e?" I gasped, a death grip of his wet hair.

"Cum, slut!" He ordered, grabbing onto my thighs tighter. I came again, screaming loudly. My whole body shook as the pleasure ran through me.

I felt Zayn burst inside me, as he moaned and threw his head back. He pulled out, leaving my hole sore and abused.

He chuckled darkly, as I cried and fell on my butt. I sniffed, as he left the shower, which still running.

"Wash yourself better, fucking bitch." He ordered, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around himself. He walked out, leaving alone.

I cried, grabbing the shampoo.

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