Ziall one shots 16+

Sixteen year old Niall Horan walks at midnight after a party. All he wants is to find his house, but it's pitch black and he's lost. He suddenly feels a cloth over his mouth, and a distant voice. He screams, but no one comes to his rescue. Before he blacks out, he sees a ZAP tattoo..



4. chapter 3: toys

Niall's POV

"And now what?" Zayn asked, pulling at my hair so hard a yelped.

"I get punished." I whimpered. I had forgotten to clean the kitchen. Daddy was very angry.

"Fucking idiot." Zayn sneered As he slapped me. My cheek stung as tears blurred my vision.

"That's fucking right you get punished!" Zayn spat, pulling me into the kitchen. He lifted me by my wrists onto the table. He pushed my head into the table with a slam. He held my wrists together with his hands.

"Does that look fucking clean to you?" Zayn yelled, slapping my ass hard. I yelped.

"does it!?" Zayn yelled, slapping my face again.

"No daddy!" I yelled, quivering.

"Why is that?" Zayn asked, twisting my wrists painfully. I cried out.

"Because I didn't clean it!" I screamed, sobbing.

"You stupid fuck up." Zayn spat, picking up and slamming my head on the table. I screamed, whimpering. Pain shot through my head.

"You stay here. Don't fucking move." Zayn ordered, walking upstairs. I stayed completely still. I heard zayn rummaging around upstairs. I swallowed, ignoring the pounding pain in my head.

Zayn walked downstairs, holding multiple items. Rope, a whip, and a vibrating dildo. I gulped, knowing I was really in for it this time.

Zayn moved behind me, moving his mouth right to my ear.

"Now what's going to happen?" He whispered, his hot breath against my ear.

"I get punished." I repeated, looking him in the ear.

"And what do you say?" He whispered, raising my ass into the air.

"Please fuck me daddy." I whined. He glided his fingertips down my back, landing on my ass. He glided a single finger down my asshole.

He grabbed the rope, tying my wrists to the table legs. He tied my legs onto the post as well. I was sitting doggy style, ass in air and head on table.

He bit my ass cheek, squeezing it with his giant hand. He glided his finger down my asshole again.

He shoved four fingers inside me. I screamed, pulling at the ropes. Instant pleasure washed through me, making me squirm. He thrusted his fingers, curling them. I whined, squeezing my asshole around him.

"Do you like that?" Zayn whispered, rubbing his fingers against my walls. I screamed, wanting to grab the table, but my hands were tied.

"Y-yes Daddy!" I whimpered, letting out a loud whine. He stuck in a fifth finger, fisting me. I screamed, my legs shaking. He bit my ass again, pulling at the skin.

He pulled out his fingers, making me whine in protest. He grabbed the dildo,which was a bright orange. It was big. Very big. He pressed a button, making it buzz.

He pressed as haunts my opened up asshole, which was tender now. I whimpered as I thought of firing something so big inside me. It had to me 12 inches.

He pushed half of it in, making me scream. My whole body shook, as I Clawed at the air. I screamed as he kept pushing it in.

He shoved the whole 12 inches in, making me bawl. It was so much. I screamed, my body trying to push it out. But Zayn thrusted it in and out with his hand. It vibrated against my walls, making me sob.

I gasped as the dildo teared apart the unexplored parts of my asshole. My whole body violently squirmed and shook as the pleasure took over my whole being. It was enticing.

"What a slut. Taking 12 inches without a problem! I think we need to increase your punishment." Zayn said, grabbing the whip.

He pushed the whole 12 inches inside me, making my asshole ache. He cracked the whip down on my back. I screamed, pain overflowing. It mixed with the pleasure, making a pit in my stomach appear.

"C-can I p-please cum? Please p-please!" I gasped. I shifted uncontrollably, the dildo rubbing against my prostate. I screamed.

"Cum to slut." Zayn smirked, cracking the whip down again. I screamed as my hot cum spurted out of my hard dick. I gasped as the last string came out. But zayn didn't stop.

The whip came down on my ass, making it red. He cracked the whole five times each cheek. I screamed for every one.

"What a whore. Cumming to that dildo shoved up your ass. You love that don't you?" Zayn asked, the whip cracking against my ass and back repeatedly.

"Yes daddy!" I yelled. "Oh!" I gasped.

"Spread your legs like that." Zayn ordered, moving my legs apart slowly.

I screamed as the dildo hit my prostate again. My chest heaved as I hastily pulled at the rope, but I couldn't escape. The pleasure overcame me, as the pit opened again.

"Cum." Zayn ordered, taking the dildo in his free hand and thrusting it. I screamed and shook as I came for the Second time.

"Don't move your legs!" Zayn warned, jogging up the stairs again.

The dildo vibrated against my prostate, which was sore and abused. I screamed and cried as pleasure covered my body. I breathed heavily And gasped as the dildo continued to vibrate.

Zayn jogged back down, holding the exact same dildo, but it was purple. It was the same size. Tears fell down as I already knew what he was going to do with it.

Zayn walked up behind me, smirking.

"I suppose you know what's going to happen next?" he whispered.

I whimpered, defeated. He chuckled darkly, rubbing the tip of it against my filled asshole.

He pushed the tip in, as I screamed with pain and agony. He just laughed and shoved the rest in. My rim stretched painfully, as I sobbed and screamed.

He took both dildos in his two hands and started thrusting both. I screamed, pleasure running through, just as pain overflowed as well. I squirmed, making zayn slap me.

"Don't fucking move!" He spat, thrusting harder. I obeyed, as both dildos hit my prostate. I screamed as my exhausted body collapsed. I couldn't move, both from the ropes and my body. The dildos rubbed me as the pit came back.

"C-can I p-please....ahhhh! C-cum!?" I screamed, looking at him with a pleading face. He smirked.

"Cum." He repeated.

"AHHHH! FUCK!" I screamed as my cum squirted out of my dick, which was throbbing painfully.

Zayn pulled out both dildos very slowly. I gasped and whined as the cool air hit my abused, bruised asshole. Zayn chuckled.

I was exhausted. I couldn't breathe. I was already half way asleep.

" what a fucking slut. Clean the fucking kitchen next time." Zayn chuckled mockingly. He left the room, leaving me tied up on the table. I didn't notice, as I was already asleep.

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