Ziall one shots 16+

Sixteen year old Niall Horan walks at midnight after a party. All he wants is to find his house, but it's pitch black and he's lost. He suddenly feels a cloth over his mouth, and a distant voice. He screams, but no one comes to his rescue. Before he blacks out, he sees a ZAP tattoo..



3. chapter 2: permission

Niall's POV

I shifted in my bed, sighing. I looked at the darkness around me, hugging my naked waist. I wanted to go home. Just home.

I coughed. Even after all this time, I could never get used to Zayn's huge dick. My throat was sore, and my ass was killing me.

I heard Zayn creeping around in the living room. I slowly got up, walking towards the door. I opened it, as it wasn't locked since he was home, and stepped out. I tip toed down the steps, into the living room.

Zayn was naked, jerking off. I figured. He turned and saw me and smiled an evil smile. He gestured for me to come over. I did.

"Sit on daddy's lap." He whispered. He lifted me up, positioning me down on his dick. Bemoaned as I sunk down.

I slided back up, pushing down again. I bit my lip, letting out a whine. His cock was fully hard now, every inch inside me.

I let out a yelp. I bounced, grabbing Zayn's thighs with my hands. He moaned loudly, gripping my waist. He forced me to go faster.

Our skin slapped as I screamed. He chuckled, thrusting up into me. I gasped, squirming. I started bouncing again, him still thrusting. I screamed.

He grabbed my legs, opening then wider. He leaned back, my back on his chest. He thrusted up again, hitting my prostate. I screamed, pounding my fist on his thigh.

He sped up, moaning. I gasped, tears making my eyes blurry. Pleasure built up as I felt that that pit in my stomach.

I screamed as my cum splattered over my chest. Zayn gasped as his cum filled me up, thrusting wildly.

He pushed me off of him, shoving me on the couch. He flipped me so I was in my stomach, ass in the air.

He bent down and circled my rim with his tongue, making me gasp. He stuck the tip of his tongue in, flicking it. I grabbed the end of the cushions, squeezing.

He pushed his tongue in, licking my walls. He reached down and tickled my stomach, making me giggle. He chuckled, the vibration making me moan. My hard on was raging.

He reached up and spanked my ass. I screamed, squirming again. He spanked me again. And again. And twenty five more times. He licked me out the while time.

I felt pleasure run through me as I came to Zayn's tongue licking my walls. He pulled his tongue out, spanking me again.

"Oh, Niall. Did you ask if you could cum? Twice?" He whispered hatefully, digging his nails into my ass cheek.

Horror spread through me as I realized I didn't.

"I'm s-sorry daddy. I deserve to be punished hard." I whispered. He smirked.

He sat down, laying me down on his lap. My face was against the couch as I lifted my ass.

His hand came down, hearing a loud SMACK. I screamed. He spanked me again.

"Now, are you going to ask for permission you dirty little whore?" He yelled, gripping my hair and pulling my head upwards. He spanked me hard, three times on each cheek.

"Yes daddy! I'll ask permission, I promise! Oh daddy!" I screamed, tears falling down my face.

"That right you will, you worthless little bitch!" Zayn yelled, spanking me until my ass turned red. I screamed, pounding on the couch with my fists. Tears burned my red cheeks.

"Are you going to cum, slut?" Zayn said, as the pit in my stomach formed.

"Yes daddy! Can I p-please cum? Please daddy!" I screamed, holding it in.

"No." He whispered, shoving four fingers inside my asshole. I screamed as he thrusted his fingers, hitting my prostate.

Agony hit me as I couldn't cum. I held it in, but it was getting unbearable.

"Please daddy, can i cum?! I'll be a good boy! Please please I can't hold it!" I screamed, giving him a pleading look.

He chuckled, curving his fingers. I screamed, burying my face in the couch.

"You can cum, babe." He said, giving mercy on me.

I screamed as I came hard, all over the couch. It felt like heaven to finally release. I gasped as the last string came out.

I felt weak, but Zayn lifted me, pushing onto the floor. He turned my head towards the leather couch.

"Lick it off, slut." He ordered. I stuck out my tongue, licking up a string, it tasted salty but sweet. I licked off the rest, swallowing it.

"Good slut." He bent down and kissed me, his lips gently moulding with mine. He picked me up bridal style, carrying me into his much bigger bedroom.

He laid me down on the bed, snuggling up beside me. He's done this a few times. It only happens when he's too tired to think properly.

I snuggled anyway. Any affection, I would take.

Hey!! Oh snap, crackle pop! I continued it! I will add some more chapters, as y'all want me too. It will be extremely sexy though, so I hope you can handle it!! Haha jk! Hoped you enjoyed!

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