Ziall one shots 16+

Sixteen year old Niall Horan walks at midnight after a party. All he wants is to find his house, but it's pitch black and he's lost. He suddenly feels a cloth over his mouth, and a distant voice. He screams, but no one comes to his rescue. Before he blacks out, he sees a ZAP tattoo..



1. chapter 1: slave


Niall's POV

I sighed as I checked off the one month mark. One whole month I've been here, been a slave. A sexual slave at that.

I still regret not taking my friends offer to stay the night, to wait until morning. But I was fucking stupid to go out walking at midnight in the pitch black.

Cue the kidnapping. I still remember how scared I was, and I had the right to be. Zayn was a mean lad, he punished me for things people don't get punished for.

I couldn't leave, believe me I've tried. He locks me in a small room that only has a bed and a small dresser. No windows. At least I don't have to sleep on cement. He even gave me a blanket and pillow.

Had to constantly be naked though. It's also been a month since I've worn underwear. The only time I leave my room is to go to the bathroom, take a shower, or have to fill Daddy's sexual pleasures.

Oh, and he makes me call him daddy. I didn't at first, I refused. I got madly punished. It was the first time I had gay sex. It was raw too.

I haven't used lube yet. He liked it rough. And during sex, he made me repeat that a lot. He made me scream daddy as I came for him.

I was his slave. Or, I was his slut, as he called me. I haven't been outside in a month. I haven't seen my family for a month.

My family. I've seen in TV, as twice a week daddy lets me roam the house, that they have a search party for me. I doubt they'll find me, he took me in the middle of the woods. The woods was about twelve hours away from my home.

It's a normal sized house, but it's painted to camouflage into the trees. It's pretty hard to find, actually.

He keeps me on a leash, along with a leather collar collar around my neck. It had a chain attacked to he can hold it. He whips me with the chain when I'm naughty.

I spanks me by hand, the chain, a paddle, and a actual leather whip. My butt is always sore, from the spanking, and daddy's pounding in my ass.

He has a huge dick, and he always pushes every inch in, making me scream. I have my own personal cock-ring. It's red.

He makes me wear it, usually anyway. He tortures me, not allowing me to cum. But sometimes he doesn't, and forces me to cum multiple times. It starts to get painful after the third time, as my dick gets overly sensitive. He usually goes until the sixth time. He likes it painful

He face fucks me like twice a day, shoving his cum down my throat. It's so big it makes me choke and gag, but he never stops until he's satisfied.

I admit it feels good. I know that's fucked up to the extreme, but it does feel just amazing. Of course, if I had the chance to go home, I'd be gone in two point six seconds.

But daddy will never let me go home. He "loves" me. He does feed me quite well, even stuff like pizza and Mc Donald's. He gives me drinks like pop or Gatorade, not always water.

I'd be lying if I said he didn't heal when I got hurt. He makes me clean the house once a week. I cut my hand when cleaning the dishes and he actually helped to heal it.

He does take care of me everyday But he also forces sex everyday. Daddy's getting a "few things" in a near city, which is an hour there and an hour back.

He only goes to the city three times a month. It's the only time I have alone. I've given up escaping, he locks my door, leaving me trapped. I don't even have a paper clip or anything to pick the lock.

I heard him open the door with a creak. The ruffle of plastic bags made me worry. He wasn't buying food I know that.

I heard him trek up the stairs, coming to my door. I swallowed. Throwing the pen I found a while ago in the dresser under my bed. I used it to mark my days i was trapped here.

He threw open the door, unlocking it. His piercing brown eyes made me shiver. His smirk made me squirm. He always these affects on me.

"Good boy, you didn't disobey." He said huskily, in his cold, dark voice. I nodded.

He moved towards me, grabbing a handful if my dyed blonde hair. I yelped, pain shooting through me. He turned my face up at his, using my hair.

"Don't you dare fucking say anything." He whispered, ripping off his jacket and shirt. I nodded, knowing what was coming next.

He took off his pants and boxers, his hard on slapping his stomach. He pulled me too the ground, earning another help from me.

He lifted my chin with his hand. I opened my mouth as wide as I could go.

He shoved his Cock in my mouth. I gagged but stayed still. He thrusted into my mouth, his dick grazing the back of my throat. I coughed, sputtering.

He slapped me hard, thrusting faster. Tears formed in my blurry eyes, falling onto cheeks. I couldn't breathe, but didn't dare move again.

He grabbed my hair with both hands, shoving his dick fully in my mouth. He held still, forcing me to keep his dick in my mouth. I gagged again.

"Hold it." He growled. He held me there till I felt light headed he pulled back quickly, slamming my head into the wall.

I gasped, needing air. He groped me again, thrusting into my mouth once more. Tears poured as I opened my mouth even wider.

Zayn moaned, slamming into my throat. I forced myself not to cough again.

"Oh baby, so good for daddy." Zayn moaned again, holding me still again.

He shoved his dick down my throat. "Hold it." He said again. I did.

I couldn't breathe. Zayn reached down and plugged my nose, taking away my only chance of air.

I sat still, blackness over taking my vision. I flailed my arms finally, about to pass out. He pulled back, slamming me into the wall again.

He picked me up by my waist, throwing me on the bed. I gasped for air, filling my lungs. He turned me in my stomach, raising my ass into the air.

He bent his head, licking my asshole. I let out a moan. He stuck it in, flicking it against my walls. I let out a gasp. He circled his tongue, grabbing my cock with his hand and jerking me off.

I let out a cry of pleasure. I loved when he ate me out. He licked my hole, circling my rim. I let out multiple moans.

He pulled back, taking away his hand. I had a raging boner now. He positioned his dick to my ass, shoving it in.

"Daddy!" I screamed. He thrusted hard, slapping my bare ass with his hand. He spread my legs father, getting more access.

"You like that little slut? You like when I fuck you?" Zayn yelled, moaning. He pulled back my head with my hair, arching my back.

"Oh yes, daddy yes!" I screamed, grabbing a fistful of sheets. It felt so good yet it was so wrong.

Zayn grabbed my dick, stroking it. I pounded my fists in the bed, screaming.

"Oh yeah little slut. So fucking good for daddy." Zayn moaned, leaning forward on his other hand. He now had all of his inches inside me.

"Fuck fuck fuck daddy!" I screamed, tears forming from the pleasure. I gasped, feeling him tear my ass apart.

"Scream for me bitch!" Zayn moaned, slapping my ass five times.

"DADDY!" I screamed, tears burning my cheeks. I felt his dick against my walls, making me shake.

My legs were shaking terribly. Zayn nudged over a inch, hitting my prostate.

"OH FUCK DADDY RIGHT THERE!" I screamed, crying hysterically.

"You like that, slut?" Zayn moaned, pulling out. I was going to break out in tears, I couldn't handle teasing right now.

He laid down lifting me onto his lap. He shoved his dick inside, hitting my prostate directly.

"Bounce baby!" Zayn moaned, I could sense he was close as well.

I used my knees, bouncing on his cock. I screamed, grabbing the back of zayns shoulders. His dick slammed onto my prostate with each bounce.

I clawed zayns back, leaving marks. Zayn thrusted up with me. I felt the pit in my stomach.

"Daddy can I p-please c-cum?!" I screamed. I always had to ask for permission.

"Oh, cum for me baby!" Zayn yelled, slapping my ass. Our skin slapped together as he thrusted and I bounced.

"DADDY!" I screamed, hot cum squirting out of my dick. I clenched my walls around his dick, just like he liked it.

"Oh baby!" Zayn yelled as his cum filled my used ass. I bounced a few more times, then leaned against him, gasping. Zayn pulled out, pushing me into my back so he was between my spread legs .

He chuckled darkly. "We're not done here." He whispered in my ear before slamming his cock inside me.

Hey guys! Should I make this into a real story or keep this as a one shot kinda thing? Comment below! I hope you enjoyed this, I worked pretty hard in it! :) see you on tumblr reading other one shots! (Jk but not really XD)

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