Change My Mind

She devotes her life to raising her 8 year old daughter Alexis. Alexis knows that her mom is lonely, so she calls into a local radio station and makes a 'wish'. What happens when someone special hears that wish and fate pushes them together... Will all her dreams come true.
Credit- kelsea2253


18. Chapter 18

Zayn's POV

"Ahem...", Harry clears his throat as the lads walk in on our moment. As I reluctantly break our connection, I notice the worry written all over Faith's face. I give her hand a reassuring squeeze, but before I have a chance to say anything, Harry and Niall put her mind at ease.

"It's okay Faith. Everything's fine. We're happy for you and Zayn...", Harry says, sitting next to her on the opposite side of the bed. "Besides, it not like you can do anything...we're still married, and I'm not signing any divorce papers...", he adds with a quirky smile.

"Thank you, I think...", she answers with a small smile of her own.

"Zayn what happened to your hand and where's Lexi? I owe her an apology...", she says, stroking the bandage covering my hand. This is not going to go well.

"Faith, try not to be upset okay?", I start. As soon as the words leave my mouth I regret saying them, because instantly terror settles across her features. "Ben, was here this morning. He found out about the accident somehow. He took Alexis...", I say.

"What? Why did you let him take her?", she shouts.

"Zayn tried to stop him Faith, but Ben is her biological father...", Liam explains.

" he so aptly reminded me, I'm not... I'm technically nothing, to either one of you...", I finish, his words still ringing in my ears.

"and your hand?", she repeats.

"After he took her, I was angry. I punched a wall...", I explain, sheepishly. In hindsight, it was a very stupid thing to do.

"Oh god, this is all my fault. If I wouldn't of tried to run, none of this would be happening. We have to get her back..." she sobs.

"Faith, don't panic. We'll get her back. You're awake now. He can't keep her now..."

"You don't understand Zayn. He's going to want money. That'll break Lexi's heart. It's always been about money. Even back in school when he started dating me... It was a bet...", she explains. Just then the door to the room opens and Simon and Benny Blanco walk in. Great... Perfect timing.

"Thank god you're all okay?", Simon mumbles.

"What are you doing here?", Harry asks, biting his lip and subtly taking Faith's other hand in his while I non-chalantly let go.

"You didn't think that all 5 of you in a hospital, in London, would go unnoticed did you? You're all over Twitter, facebook, TMZ. People are wondering which one of you is hurt... It's a damn media frenzy out there!", Simon snaps. That explains how Ben found out.

"La belle fille, qu'est-ce qui vous est arrivé?", Benny asks, concerned. (***Beautiful girl, what happened to you?***)

"Ça va bien, vraiment. J'étais négligent et ai enfilé un peu de glace à l'extérieur. Juste cogné ma tête un peu...", Faith answers. (***I'm fine, really. I was careless and slipped on some ice outside. Just bumped my head a little.***)

"Où est votre petit 'Alexis'?, he asks. I don't speak or talk french, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out he just asked her where Alexis was.

"Her father is in London. She's spending the day with him...", she explains, trying to keep it together. I can't do this anymore. I can't keep expecting her to lie for us. We need to get out there and find Alexis. The lads are going to kill me. I stand up and grab Faith's hand in mine again.

"Mr. Blanco, Harry and Faith are not married. They never were. We hired them to pretend to be Harry's family so that you would work with us... We have to find Alexis. Her father took her and we don't know where...", I ramble. The entire room is silent as Harry lets Faith's hand go, but remains sitting on the bed, quiet. Simon is shooting death glares at me. Shit this is bad.

"I was wondering which one of you was going to man up and finally tell me the truth...", Benny finally says, breaking the awkward silence.

"HUH? You already knew we weren't married?! HOW?", Harry snaps.

"Yes, I've known all along. I do know how to use 'Google'...", he says, smiling. "I'm curious Zayn, why are telling me the truth now?", he asks. My throat suddenly feels very dry as all eyes turn to me for the answer.

"I-I'm not sure..."

"Yes, I think you do...", he persists.

"We shouldn't have tried to trick you. This whole 'pretending' to have a family thing was...stupid."

"But you and Faith weren't pretending. Not all the time. I could see it. We could all see it. May I offer you both some advice?", he asks. Faith and I glance at each other before nodding. "In the future when you both try to decide what's important in your lives, never think with your head, always go by what your heart tells you. The heart is wiser... Well, Simon it looks as though, you have some explaining to do. Let us go and leave these young people to find Alexis, shall we? I expected more from you 'old mate'...", Benny says, slapping a hand to Simon's back and leading him out of Faith's hospital room.

"So, that's it? What the hell? Is he still working with us or what?", Liam asks, dumbfounded. We all look at each other and shrug our shoulders. Just then my phone buzzes and I fish it out of my pocket.

"It's a text from Benny Blanco lads... It says, 'See you tomorrow morning, be ready to work...", I read, with a small smile.

"Is it me or is he weird?", Louis says, shaking his head.

"Zayn, what about Alexis?", Faith says, looking at me. I pull out my phone then and go to my Twitter.

"If you're right, and it really is all about money, then once he finds out that you're awake, he'll hear that money train pulling into the station... He'll bring Lexi back...on his own... Now smile...", I say, snapping a picture.

"I hope this works...", she mumbles.

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