Change My Mind

She devotes her life to raising her 8 year old daughter Alexis. Alexis knows that her mom is lonely, so she calls into a local radio station and makes a 'wish'. What happens when someone special hears that wish and fate pushes them together... Will all her dreams come true.
Credit- kelsea2253


16. Chapter 16

Change My Mind - Completed Book 1 of 2

Chapter 16

Zayn' POV

None of us were allowed to travel in the ambulance with Faith on the way to the hospital, so while Liam and Louis stayed home with Alexis...Harry, Niall and I followed closely behind in my car. My hands gripped the steering wheel tightly, my lips pressed in a hard line. "Zayn, this was not your fault...", Niall says, from behind me.

"I-I shouldn't have kissed her. I-I shouldn't have pushed her so hard. What the hell was I thinking?"

"Niall's right mate, it's not your fault. I kissed her too. We all pushed her...", Harry says from beside me. We spent the rest of the car ride in silence. After arriving at the hospital, I quickly parked and the 3 of us run inside the emergency entrance.

"Faith Harrison, they just brought her in by ambulance... Where is she?", I puff. The nurse looks up from her station.

"Oh my god, you're 'One Direction'!", she says. "May I have your autographs?"

I shoot her a nasty look, that screams 'not the time lady!', and I think she gets the message loud and clear.

"Sorry, it's just...our friend is really hurt and we're very worried...", Harry explains. He's being more polite than I want to be. Don't get me wrong, I love our fans, and our life...but there's a time and a place for everything, and now, is neither the time or the place. Being a health care professional, you'd think she would have known that.

"Harrison, Faith. Seventh floor", she says, finally, pointing to an elevator. We make our way over and push the up button, trying to keep our heads down so we won't be recognized. As the doors slide open we slip inside.

"She's strong. She'll be fine", Niall says. The floors whiz by until finally the doors slide open on the 7th floor. I groan as we approach yet another nurses station.

"We're looking for Faith Harrison, she was just brought in by ambulance...", I repeat.

Thank god this nurse is more professional. She's probably in her 50's and most likely doesn't even know who we are. Which is just fine with me. "They just wheeled her into surgery. Come, you can wait in the lounge until the Doctor comes out to talk to you", she says.

"Surgery?!", I snap.

"Yes, I'm afraid so...", she answers, leading us down a long, white, sterile looking hallway. She pushes open a door to reveal a large lounge area with sofa's and a TV, some games and a small kitchenette, as well as, snack and drink vending machines. "My name is Mabel. If you need anything, please feel free to come and ask me. There's a kettle, coffee and tea in the kitchen. Make yourselves comfortable. As soon as I hear anything, I'll let you know. Would you like a clean shirt?", she asks, looking at me. It's then I notice the blood on my shirt from Faith's head. Tears spring to my eyes as I hold it away from body and examine it.

"Yes, he'll take a clean shirt...", Harry answers for me. I sit quietly on the sofa, lean my head back and close my eyes. I must have dozed off because the next thing I know, Niall is gently shaking me awake.

"Zayn... Doctor's here mate. Wake up...", he whispers. My eyes spring open and I jump to my feet.

"How is she?", I snap.

"She suffered massive head trauma. She's had some swelling in her brain. We brought her into surgery to relieve some of the pressure. She's in a coma. At this point, all we can do is wait. I'm sorry, I wish it were better news... When we get her settled in a room, I'll have Mabel come out and get you...", he says. I feel like I've been punched in the gut.


I awake around 10 the next morning as the doctor comes in to check on Faith. I sit up sleepily on the sofa and rub my eyes. Sunlight streams brightly through the window. Harry and Niall are still sleeping soundly on the sofa next to me. I stand and stretch, reaching my arms high and over my head, before walking over to Faith's bed. "How is she?", I ask, sitting next to her and taking her hand in mine.

"No change I'm afraid...", he mumbles, before walking back out the door.

"Faith...", I whisper, stroking the side of her face and lips. "You have to wake up. Alexis needs you."

The door opens just then and Louis, Liam and Alexis come in. She runs over to Faith's bed. "Mom!", she shouts. "Why isn't she awake Zayn?"

"Mom's head got hurt last night when she fell. But she's going to be fine. She just needs some time to rest", I say, secretly hoping I just didn't lie to her. The door to the room opens again and instantly all the colour drains from my face. Ben. "I thought you were leaving last night? What do you want?", I snap, rising to my feet, and holding Alexis in my arms.

"My daughter...", he answers, smugly.

"You can't take Alexis. What if Faith wakes up and she's not here...", I snap.

By now, Harry and Niall are wide awake and on their feet too. "She's my biological daughter not yours and her mother can't take care of her. If you think I'm going to let her stay with 5 'playboys', you're out of your mind. Come with daddy, Alexis", he says, holding his hand out to her.

"You won't leave again?", Lexi asks, cautiously.

"No honey, I won't leave again. I only left last time because mom didn't want me around...", he smirks.

"That's not true, Alexis love, that's not true...", I snap.

"C'mon Alexis, we can come back later to visit mom...I promise...", he says, with a smile. I hand Lexi over to Liam, and charge at him. Harry, Niall and Louis are on me in seconds.

"I won't let you do this...", I shout.

"You don't have a choice...You're nothing to her...actually, you're nothing to either one of them...", he snaps. "Alexis come with daddy, now...", he says. We all watch helpless as Lexi breaks free from Liam's hold and runs over to Ben. "Later", he chuckles, taking Alexis by the hand and walking out the door. What the hell just happened.

My heart is pounding in my ears, "Get off!", I shout, breaking free of the lads. I walk over to Faith's bed, I'm furious. With myself, with her, with Alexis with Ben. I can't hold it in anymore. Without thinking I turn and punch the wall. Pain radiates through my hand, wrist and forearm. What the hell am I going to do now!

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