Change My Mind

She devotes her life to raising her 8 year old daughter Alexis. Alexis knows that her mom is lonely, so she calls into a local radio station and makes a 'wish'. What happens when someone special hears that wish and fate pushes them together... Will all her dreams come true.
Credit- kelsea2253


10. Chapter 10

Zayn's POV

The girls return from their morning of shopping around lunch time, bogged down with bags. Faith is quiet as she whisks her bags upstairs. "How'd it go?", I ask.

"Fine, she's not much of a shopper...", El answers.

"Not much of a talker either...", Perrie adds.

"She's uncomfortable with all of this, cut her some slack...", I defend.

"She has a fan I see...", Perrie says, looking at me.

"No, she's just...really nice and she's had a rough time... That's all", I snap.

"Well, anyway. We should be going. I'll call you later", Perrie says, leaning in to give me a kiss. I turn my head so that her lips make contact my cheek. She steps back and looks at me for a minute before walking out the front door. El and Dani follow close behind.

"Did I hear the girls come back?", Liam says, walking into the room. I run my hands through my hair and shake my head.

"Yes, they were here, but they had to leave. What the hell am I doing Liam?!", I blurt out, running a hand through my hair. "I love Perrie, so why can't I stop thinking about Faith?! She's stubborn, and annoying and obsessive and..."

"Smart, funny and beautiful..."

"You're not helping...", I snap, shooting him a look.

"You're falling in love with her mate..."

"No, I love Perrie!", I argue.

"You can still love Perrie without being 'in love' with her...", he observes.

"Remind me not to come to you for any helpful advice in the future, ok...", I answer, shuffling out of the room.


"Let's play a game!", Lexi squeaks, after we finish a delicious dinner, compliments of Faith. Homemade spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. Benny couldn't stop raving about it. He had like 3 plates.

"That's a wonderful idea!", he answers. "What should we play Lexi?"

"TWISTER!", she suggests, as she and Benny get up to go get the game. Faith starts to clear the table, the lads and I all help. Harry and Faith rinse the dishes and put them in the dishwasher, while I turn the coffee machine on and boil some water for tea. Everyone is quiet. It's unnerving. "We're ready!", Lexi shouts and Faith jumps, nearly dropping the dish in her hand.

"You okay?", Harry asks. She smiles and nods before drying her hands on a tea towel and we all make our way into the living room. Lexi and Benny have already spread out the mat and are in the middle of a game. Lexi is giggling and Benny is chuckling.

"Spin it for me mom!", Lexi says. Faith smiles, sits down on the sofa with her legs tucked up underneath her and spins the dial.

"Left foot, red!", she says, and we all watch as Lexi moves her foot. "Left hand, Yellow!", and Benny makes his move, falling over in the process. They break up laughing.

"I win!", Lexi exclaims. "Okay, we put everyone's name in a bowl... I'm going to pick out two names and that's whose turn it is next..."

"That's very diplomatic, Lexi...", Harry says.

"It was Benny's idea...", she says, reaching into the bowl and drawing out a name. "Zayn...and...", she says, drawing another name. "Mommy!" I rise to my feet and hold out my hand to her. I glance at Harry and Niall, they both look pissed.

"Come play..." I say.

"Oh no, I don't think so...", Faith says, noticing the look on Harry's face as well.

"Why not?", Liam asks.

"I'm not good at games...", Faith answers.

"It's not about skill, it's about fun... Are you afraid you might have some fun?", I tease.

"Il y a plus à la vie que juste le travail et la responsabilité. Venir", Benny says. (***There is more to life than just work and responsibility. Come.***) Faith swallows hard, before getting up and taking my hand.

"Left foot, red!", Lexi says. Faith and I are sprawled out on the mat in very uncomfortable positions, but opposite each other on the mat. "Okay, watch this!", I say, lifting my leg up and over her ducked head to get to the red circles behind me. Everyone chuckles. "Got it!"

"Right hand, blue mom!", Lexi says.

"Right hand, blue...", Faith repeats, turning her body so that she can reach the blue circles.

"How come she gets the easy ones? Give me an easy one Lexi!", I chuckle.

"Left hand, red!"

"Okay, that one's easy...", I say, shifting my hand behind me. Faith and I are completely face to face now. Our lips are only inches apart.

"Right foot, red!", Lexi says.

"Okay...", she says, smiling trying to shift her leg out from underneath her. "Whoa...", she laughs, as she tumbles to the ground knocking me over in the process. I land slightly on top of her, we're both laughing. Everyone else is quiet except for Lexi, who is also laughing. A look of confusion and fear suddenly spreads across Faith's face as she quickly jumps up. "Excuse me...", she says, leaving the room.

Ben's POV

I pull out the last letter I received from Alexis which was 3 years ago, to check the return address. My grasp tightens on the bag in my hand that contains a new teddy bear for her, and something special for Faith. An unknown man opens the door. "Are Faith and Lexi here?!", I ask.

"Sorry, no one here by those names...", he snaps, shutting the door in my face. I walk back down to the building lobby and check the directory for the manager call button.

"What?!", a static filled voice snaps through the box.

"I'm looking for someone who used to live here... My girlfriend and daughter... Faith Harrison?", I ask.

"She doesn't live here anymore!"

"I know that already. Do you know where they are?", I ask.

"She lived here for 3 years and not once did I ever see that child's father!", he snaps, suspiciously.

"I know, I should of been here alot sooner. Look, I just want to see my little girl... Please...", I plead.

"Faith gave me a forwarding address, for mail and emergencies. Come up and get it...", he snaps. A smirk spreads across my face. People are so easily manipulated it's funny. It's like taking candy from a baby.

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