Shattered Memories

Castiella has been abused ever since her mother and sister,Eviana, had died two years earlier. Castiella's father abuses and had attempted to rape her but one day she finally ran away. She had no idea where to go until she met him.


7. chapter 7

Liams pov

I wake up not knowing my surroundings or where I am or what's going on. I think I'm in the hospital.

I see people who I'm not really sure are.

On girl in particular walks up to me and signs on the side of the bed.

She asks me "Oh my god Liam are you ok?"

I look at her with a confused face and say "I'm fine but who are you and what happened?"

She looks at me and starts crying then some boy with freakishly long curly hair walks up to her and wraps his arms around her to giver her a hug.

I'm guessing he is her boyfriend.

Then this blonde boy says "We are your friends and she is your girlfriend Castiella. You don't remember us?"

I shake my head slightly and say "No sorry can you tell me what happened?"

Then this other girl with dirty blonde hair and says "Well we were sitting at home watching Hunger Games and then about an hour into the movie Castiellas dad came and tried to take her back and she almost got killed and she called out for your name and you came running in and then her father started wrestling you to the ground and next thing we know you got shot in the head."

The room went silent for a minute and I at there trying to remember what the girl had said but nothing was coming back to mind.

10 minutes later some man wearing a white jacket comes into the room and says "Oh good your awake. How ya doing?"

I reply with "Pretty good but I can't remember anything and my head hurts.

The man says "Oh that's fine I expected that since you did get shot in the head and I will send in a nurse to give you some medicine in a minute and in order for you to get your memory back your friends will have to try to make you remember by showing pictures/videos/taking you to places you might have been to be a lot lately."

I nod my head and everyone on the room does to then this boy with brown hair and a jean jacket with black vans says "When will we be able to take him home?"

The man says "probably tomorrow or the next day."

The boy nods his head and then the doctor man left the room.

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