Shattered Memories

Castiella has been abused ever since her mother and sister,Eviana, had died two years earlier. Castiella's father abuses and had attempted to rape her but one day she finally ran away. She had no idea where to go until she met him.


5. chapter 5

Castiellas pov

We walk over to this 67 Chevy impala which is black and silver linings.

I get in the passenger side and we start driving to the blue moon mall.

We got to the mall and walked in.

The first store we went to was forever 21.

I picked out a navy blue lace strapless dress and a pair of heels and Chrystal picked out turquoise mid thigh dress that was laced and strapless with a pair of matching combat boots.

We picked out little accessories and suck and then paid and left.

The next store we went in was tellos.

We got 2 belly shirts and 2 pairs of matching jeans.

We finished from that store and went to go get lunch since we were hungry.

We got pizza and soda.

We started on a convo about how we each meet our boyfriends.

Chrystal said "I met Niall 2 months back in the club exotic and I had a shot in my hand and he bumped into my elbow and made me spill my drink all over myself and for then on we just clicked."

I smile at her and then say "I meet Liam on the streets he bumped into me and from then I guess you could say it was love at first sight." I laugh and smile at the same time and we finish our food and continue shopping and 3 hours later we finally get tired and decide to leave.

When we get home Niall and Liam run up to us and hug like we were gone for ages!

Me and chrystal start laughing at them. We look at them and they let go and grab some of our bag from our hands and walk in the house.

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