Shattered Memories

Castiella has been abused ever since her mother and sister,Eviana, had died two years earlier. Castiella's father abuses and had attempted to rape her but one day she finally ran away. She had no idea where to go until she met him.


26. chapter 26

Liam's pov

I was really shocked at Castiellas comment. I replied with "Castiella you and I both know it is not your fault. Now stop blaming yourself for everything and worry about having fun." The last sentence I smiled.

She laughed and said "alright."

Then I nodded and we headed down stairs.

Everyone else was done packing so we all took a taxi and left our cars so it would look like we were all home.

The taxi man took us to the airport. We got tickets to California. The plane ride took 5-6 hours and we were all massive jet lagged. We got another taxi and went to the closest yet nicest hotel.


The hotel was called the Clifford. It seemed really nice. In my opinion.

Harry's pov

The hotel seemed sooo nice.

There was a indoor pool and hot tub/jacuzzi thing and a outdoor poop as well. There was even a sauna.

Everyone wanted to just go to their rooms for the night. The arrangements were me sharing a room with Louis and El. Liam and Castiella with Niall and Chrystal. Then Zayn and Perrie alone.


Niall's pov

We got the rooms and settled everything in. There wasn't much to do since it was 11:30 at night. So we just decided to chill out and relax.

Tomorrow we were going to continue the plan hopefully it works fingers crossed.

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