Shattered Memories

Castiella has been abused ever since her mother and sister,Eviana, had died two years earlier. Castiella's father abuses and had attempted to rape her but one day she finally ran away. She had no idea where to go until she met him.


21. chapter 21

Castiellas pov

I woke up with massive pain in my head.

I tried to get up but my body wouldn't let me. Right as I managed to get up Ben stepped right in front of me saying "Where do you think you are going?"

I replied saying "Nowhere! Honest!"

He smiled and said "that's what I thought." With that said he walked back out to his room. I got up and walked into my old room.

I shut the door quietly and sat on the bed.

Looking at my bordered up window. I REALLY wish Liam was here.

Liams pov

I jumped up out of my bed beating with sweat on my forehead. I said to myself that it was just a dream. Or will it really happen?

Anyway I got out of bed and went downstairs but before I did I knocked on everyone's doors and said "We have to find her!" Everyone grunted and I left knowing they were coming down.

I waited anxiously at the kitchen table eating a apple.

The first few people down were Harry,Niall and,Chrystal.

5 minutes later everyone else came down. We got our shoes on and jackets then left.

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