Shattered Memories

Castiella has been abused ever since her mother and sister,Eviana, had died two years earlier. Castiella's father abuses and had attempted to rape her but one day she finally ran away. She had no idea where to go until she met him.


19. chapter 19

Zayn's pov

We were sitting in the taxi waiting for the driver to get to Funky Buddha.

As we were waiting Niall started talking about doing some challenge thingy where you drink as many shots as you can in a minute.

Louis said "Oh that is easy I'm in. I'll beat you!"

Niall laughed and said "Oh your on Tomlinson."

Just then we arrived at the club.

We all stepped out and into the club.

Niall and Lou walked over to the bar.

Harry went to the dance floor to find a girl.

I sat with Perrie and Liam and Castiella at a both in the back.

About 20 minutes of siting in a awkward silence Perrie pulled me up and out to the dance floor.

Liam followed doing the same to Castiella.

Louis's pov

"Go!" Niall shouted as he started the clock on his phone.

I grabbed a shot and slugged it down my throat.

20 following.

2 seconds after I finished the last shot I saw on the counter the time was up.

I slurred to El saying "How many did I drink?"

She laughed saying "20!"

I laughed at Niall and said "Haah beat that!"

Niall said "Oh believe me I will!"

Chrystal took his phone and started his time.

He grabbed his first shot and slugged it down. 18 followed.

His time went off as he finished another 3.

He slurred at me saying "I told you I could."

I looked down with a pout face.

Then El tried comforting me saying "Oh babe don't worry in my book you won by far!"

I smiled at her and crash my lips to hers.

Right as we kissed Liam came up to me and said "Where's Cadtiella?" With a worried face.

We looked at him and said "I don't know we thought she was with you!"

He shook his head and ran out the club everyone following behind.

Authors note:

Hey it's me megan!! Can you guys do me a favor and check out the sequel to my story Half a heart plzz it would mean a lot! The sequel is titled that was then and this is now

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