The Daughter of Time

Summary: A satyr had brought her to camp half blood, a very experienced satyr, and Karen finally had a home, well, at least for a little while. It wasn't long before they found out that Karen was more then just a normal demigod, Karen was more powerful, more intriguing, more.......... beautiful than Nico would have ever imagined, but he couldn't let himself fall in love with a potential evildoer....... Could he?


2. The Voice


I wiped the yellow dust from my face that flew everywhere when the monster exploded. I looked carefully at the boy who had saved my life. He was  covered in the dust too. He was extremely pale, and looked in a small amount of words, like a vampire. He was staring too, I realized, not at me, but at my knife lying with the dead leaves that always cover the ground in autumn. He picked it up carefully, the shining blade looking strange in his frail hands. 


"Where did you get this?" He asked me. He looked concerned and worried as he turned the blade over in his hands over, and over again. I hesitated. The question made sense. He wanted to know how I got my knife, it was a simple question, but the thing was, I couldn't answer it. I Fidgeted with my hair. I tried not to look him in the eyes. 


"It was a gift.." I say, feeling immediately bad for lying to him. He narrowed he eyes, I think he could tell I was lying, but didn't want to press the matter. He stared at my knife for a few more seconds, then slowly took a deep breath, and raised his eyes.


" I'm Nico." He said.

"Nico...... what?" I ask. He sighs, as if annoyed.

"Does it matter?"   "Yes." He looks at me as if I'm being extremely strange. I think I'm being perfectly sensible. I wait for a moment, and finally he says, "Diangelo, Nico Diangelo."  I hesitate, then say,


" I'm Karen." I tell him.

"Karen what?" He asks jokingly. I frown It was just now that I realized, I didn't know my last name, in fact I didn't remember who my parents were, I don't remember anything before this morning when the random guy came to my school before I could start my classes and took me here. Satyr. he is a satyr. Do not let appearances deceive you.  I hear a voice hiss in my head. Now, if you're a normal person like me, and had never heard a voice speak in your head before, you'd be pretty freaked out by this, and I was completely freaked out, trust me. Even though I didn't have my memories, I still remember that having voices in your head was NOT a good thing, and I intended to get to the bottom of this. 


(A/N: End of chapter guys, so I know I posted the first two chapters in like, five minutes, but the rest of the chapters are going to be longer, and I'm going to post one every Friday, so come back soon. And don't give up on me just cause I don't have very much written down yet, I actually already know what's going to happen, I'm just keeping you guys in suspense so I can watch you suffer. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just kidding. Okay,Bye!)

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