The Daughter of Time

Summary: A satyr had brought her to camp half blood, a very experienced satyr, and Karen finally had a home, well, at least for a little while. It wasn't long before they found out that Karen was more then just a normal demigod, Karen was more powerful, more intriguing, more.......... beautiful than Nico would have ever imagined, but he couldn't let himself fall in love with a potential evildoer....... Could he?


3. Nico Diangelo smiled?

(A/N: I know I said I wasn't going to post anymore until Friday, but I couldn't resist writing more. Movella is addictive. XD)



Today there was a new half-blood, and what's even more strange, is she was walking into camp with Nico, and he was smiling. Nico, Nico Diangelo was smiling! I hadn't seen him smile since..... Well, since Bianca died. I figured that either some weird impersonating monster had replaced Nico, or I had been zapped into some sort of alternate universe where Nico was a happy person. I suddenly wondered if I was dreaming, but that was impossible, because the only dreams I've ever had in my life were nightmares. Nico and the new one got closer until Nico was right in front of me. 


"Hey Percy." He said, a more serious expression replacing the faint smile that had been on his face earlier. "This is Karen. I found her on the hill, there were two, erm, kindly ones chasing her." He tells me. I turn to look at Karen, who's just standing there nervously fiddling with her hair. (I mean, why do girls do that anyway?)


"What are you, some sort of super demigod?" I ask her. Se looks confused. Of course, she wouldn't get it. She didn't know that monsters only came after the most powerful half-bloods, and I had only faced one fury at a time, and I was a son of Poseidon, one of the big three. If she had two of them coming after her when she was new, we had big trouble coming our way. I cleared my throat and tried to sound professional.


"Well, I think we'd better pay Chiron a visit, and by the way, I'm Percy." I tell Karen. She looks disturbed.


"Your last name wouldn't happen to be Jackson, would it?" She asks. I glance at Nico. How does she know y name? did he tell her? Was he talking about me? Nico shrugs as if to say, 'I didn't tell her, dude.' I decide to tell her the truth.


"Yeah, that's my name, Why?" She doesn't look me in the eyes. "No reason." but I'm pretty sure there is a reason, and I intend to find it out. Nico looks from me to Karen, clearly trying to figure out what was happening. Me too, buddy. me too. I thought. Nico breaks the awkward silence by stepping forward and saying, "Okay, Now is probably the time to go see Chiron."  From the Volleyball net, Annabeth calls his name.


"Nico! I'd come back if I were you! I scored 54 points on you while you were gone!" Nico rolls his eyes, then swears in ancient greek. 


"Bye Percy! Gotta go!" He says, then jogs back to the Volleyball net, picking up the ball. I want to scream, Don't leave me alone with her! but I couldn't. The girl looks me in the eyes, with a look of confusion on her face. Di Immortales! Her eyes are breathtaking, you know, not in a, I have a crush on her way, but in a 'I seriously can't look away' way. I turn my face towards the ground. 


"Come on, Big House is this way." I say. I start to walk, she follows me. 


"Percy?" She asks. My throat tightens. Somehow I know what question she's going to ak.


"Can you, um, not tell anyone that I knew your name, please? I can't explain to you how I knew it, but I can promise you that I'm not some sort of weird stalker. Just please don't tell anyone." She said. I hesitate for a second. It could be dangerous that she knew my name before she met me, but I was going to make an effort to trust the new girl, even if she was making it pretty much impossible. 


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