Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


46. Chapter 46

Liv's POV

Katie and I came to meet everyone at the airport. Lauie stayed at the loft with Aili. I can't believe all the positive feedback we received, while the boys were on tour, over our tweets. The fans loved it, and after alot of requests...we all decided that we would try to continue with our humorous banter. I think the fans like it because it keeps them, in a small way, a part of our daily lives. I'm good with that.

I am so excited right now, as I run through the airport. Katie matching my strides. That's when I see the large, and I mean huge crowd of fans waiting at the gate. Just as I stop some turn and see me and the screaming begins as they circle around Katie and I like vultures. I can't help but laugh, Katie's a tad overwhelmed. People are shoving cd's, pictures & sharpies our way for autographs, and asking us for pictures. It's C-R-A-Z-Y!

The gate opens then and I hear Paul's booming voice dispersing the crowd, by now Airport security is on scene to assist as they manage to push everyone back. In the commotion a young girl gets knocked down, she can't be anymore than 7 or 8. I can see the fear in her eyes, as she's caught in the middle of everyone's feet and legs. I push my way through the crowd and grab hold of her hand. She's crying now as I swoop her up and remove her from the insanity. "Where's your parents, love?", I ask, a tad breathless. She points to a waiting dad, by the entrance who's just standing there, texting, completely oblivous to the fact that his daughter was almost trampled to death by a crazy mob. I carry her over, "Does she belong to you?", I ask. He raises his gaze and nods somewhat stunned, as he notices her tears. I hand her over, as they both say thank you.

I feel warm arms wrap around me from behind. I turn to see Niall staring at me with those incredible blue eyes of his. I can feel myself grinning like a fool, but I just can't help it. I throw my arms around him in a big bear hug and I feel one of his hands in my hair holding my head tightly to him. "That's my girl, still trying to save all the kids of the world...", he whispers, and I smile. "Can you sign this little girls cd, Niall? She kind of got trampled over there...", I mumble, still in his embrace. "Anything for you, love", he says, releasing me momentarily from his grip. He signs it and pulls me close again, as the others make their way over and sign it too. I know they just made her whole week, month and year! "Thanks!", she says to me in her high pitched voice before walking out with her dad.

Niall presses his lips against mine, and we can hear the mob of fans clap and cheer behind us. I can't help but blush as my teeth catch my bottom lip. "That drives me crazy...", he whispers, and I giggle releasing the hold I have on my lip. "I can't wait to see Aili...", he says, smiling.

"MIA!", I let out a screech when I finally see her. She looks so much better than she did before she left. She's filled back out and I can see a bump that's a bit bigger than it was before. Her eyes have regained their mischievous sparkle. She's wearing her favorite pair of ripped denim shorts with a form fitting tank, which shows off all her curves. Her hair is longer than it was, falling in waves and curls to the middle of her back. She has it down so she has to keep pushing it behind an ear to keep it out of her face. "You look beautiful and surprisingly sexy for 6 months pregnant", I say, hugging and kissing her.

She and I are so completely different. The bigger I got when I was carrying Aili the more I wanted to hide my body, even though Niall reassured me everyday I was beautiful. Mia, on the other hand, exudes confidence. She wants to show it off. The more form fitting the better. She really does look beautiful and I can tell when Zayn looks at her, how much he truly loves her.

I've been struggling, since Niall left, to lose the baby weight I gained when I was pregnant with Aili. I can finally fit into all my old clothes again and some are even baggy, but I still want to lose more. I need to look my best to be with Niall. He deserves a wife that looks as good as he does.

After everyone's had their welcome home hugs we start walking to the car. "Home!", Niall shouts.

"I need to stop at the shelter on the way...", Mia says. We all look at her questioningly. "John needs to talk to me...", she says. "You're not going alone. I'm coming with you," Zayn says.

Mia's POV

"John?!", I say as Zayn and I walk into the shelter. "Mia, Zayn! Come in...", he says shaking both our hands. "What's this about?", I ask, trying to get right to the point. "Well, children's services contacted you to see if you had heard from Sophie...", he says, trying to choose his words carefully. "What do you mean, heard from Sophie? She's only 7, She couldn't contact me all by herself! John, quit screwing around. What's going on?", I snap and I can feel Zayn's hand on mine at the sudden change in my tone. "She ran away", he mumbles. "WHAT!?", I shout. "She's gone, Mia", he says, quietly. "Could her father have taken her?", I ask, feeling very sick to my stomach. John shakes his head no. "He's a guest of the state for the next 10 years. No possibility of parole", he explains.

"Yeah, where have we heard that before!", I snap, looking at Zayn. "Oh right, in Toronto. Well, you'll have to excuse me, if I don't have much faith in the justice system...Considering 3 months ago, the fucker who tried to kill me once, and who was not supposed to 'get out' either, tracked my sister and I down here, all the way from Canada, and tried to kill us AGAIN!", I shout.

"I'm sorry Mia. I know this is hard. If you hear from her, please contact us immediately", John says, quickly. "Fuck you John...If we'd of been given temporary custody of her in the first place this never would've happened!", I shout again, storming out of his office. I'm so pissed I can't even see straight. I feel Zayn wrap his hand around mine, as we make our way back to the car.

As soon as we get back to our flat, I rummage through the Christmas pictures I have of Sophie. I choose one of just her smiling happy face and take a picture of it with my phone. Zayn watches me silent.

@AmeliaMalik Hey all you awesome followers out there...Zayn & I need your help locating someone. Here's her picture. Look at it carefully. She's only 7 years old and her name is Sophie. She's probably really scared. We really need to find her. Please tweet if you have any information regarding her where abouts. Much love Zayn and Mia Malik xoxo

I watch as he takes out his phone and reads my incoming text. "You ok?", he asks. "Shit Zayn...I don't know. I don't know how to answer that question. How long can this go on? I tried to help her, but everything is just against us...", I say, in exasperation. I watch as he types something quietly on his phone.

@ZaynOfficial This means alot to both of us. Share this photo please, and get the word out. Thanks. xoxo

I smile as I feel my phone vibrate, I look at it and see he's shared the picture. He wraps his arms around me then and hugs me tight. I can feel him still pushing keys on his phone from behind me. My phone buzzes and I look at it, still hugging him.

@ZaynOfficial I am totally, head over heels, in love with the most beautiful and caring girl in the entire world. xoxo @AmeliaMalik

A smile spreads across my face as I read his words. No more drama I promise myself. No more worrying about things I have no control over. I can't anymore, I'm going to drive myself crazy.

"I just want to have a summer full of fun and excitement. No more stress!", I say. "Is that all?", he says, huskily, arching one of his dark, sexy eyebrows. "Um, full of sex too", I whisper, wrapping my arms around his neck. "I think I can accommodate you Mrs. Malik. It would seem that I have an opening in my schedule, um, right now!", he says, swooping me up into his arms.

Zayn's POV

Even though we've been together these past 3 months, we haven't actually been 'together'. Kind of hard to be intimate when you're sharing a bus with 5 other people. I missed her touch, her soft silky skin, strawberry breath, her kiss but most of all the way she tastes. I think she and I both need a release and I know just how to give it to her.

I plop her gently down on our bed and disappear into the bathroom. I fill the tub with hot water being sure to add just enough bubbles, and light some candles. She's watching me from the bed clearly amused as I go about my preparations. I turn the stereo on kind of low, "Wanted", by Hunter Hayes is playing. "How very appropriate...", I say, smiling.

I strip off my clothes and make my way over to her. I can see her smiling as she looks at me. "Take a picture, it'll last longer...", I whisper in her ear as, I sit behind her on my knees and pull her long locks back securing them with an elastic. "That's MY line!", she giggles. She's so beautiful, I love being able to see all of her. I pull her tank up over her head and unfasten her bra. Slowly and gently, trailing soft kisses down her neck, shoulders and back. I can hear her moan.

"Stand up and turn around", I say, in a deep husky voice. "Yes, Sir!", she says, giggling. I unbutton her shorts and in one swift move pull them, panties and all, to the ground. "You. Are. So. Beautiful", I whisper, as I plant soft kisses on her belly, working my way up to her breasts and back to her neck. My lips find hers, as her tongue invades my mouth.

"You have such a beautiful mouth...The things you do and say with it, drive me crazy...", I whisper, and I can see her smile through her dark long lashes. I moan, as she kisses my neck and chest, working her way down, until I feel her mouth on me. I thrust into it slowly, enjoying the feeling culminating throughout my body. She moves her head back and forth, squeezing me with her hands. I fist my hands through her hair and hold her head as I thrust a little deeper. I can feel my body getting close as I pull away and stand her up. "You're turn," I smile, seductively at her. I lay on my back in the bed. "Come here", I instruct her, as I lick my lips. "I've been wanting to do this to you for a long time", I whisper. She does as I ask.

"Zayn...I don't know if I'm comfortable...", she starts to object, and I cut her off, licking her. She cries out in surprise. My hands find her hips and pull her gently down to my mouth. I lick and tease her exploring her with my tongue. I can see her holding on to the bed frame for stability, and feel as her body vibrates over me. "Mind you're mouth Mrs. Malik. You were saying...", I mumble, before I take her in my mouth again. "N-Nevermind", she whispers, in a garbled cry. "I love the way you taste", I whisper, as I thrust my tongue inside of her. "Zayn! Stop!", she pants above me. It just makes me want her even more. She screams again and I taste her saltiness flood my mouth.

She's panting so hard I wonder if she's ever going to recover. I pick her up and bring her to the bath. She stumbles a bit when I set her down. "Jello legs?", I tease. "Uh huh", she says, still puffing away. I sit down in the tub first and give my face a quick wash. Then I take her hand and guide her in after me. "You ready?", I whisper, as I sit her down on my lap, and thrust myself deeply inside of her. She cries out, grinding down on me.

I wrap one arm around her waist, while my fingers find her pleasure spot, and the other around her neck, pulling her back against my chest, tilting it slightly to gain access with my lips. I thrust into her as she grinds against me. I see her hands grasp the sides of the tub as she moans. I can feel the familiar feeling of her body tensing around me as she cries out again in euphoric, orgasmic pleasure, her reaction inciting my own pleasure centers, as I let go deeply buried inside of her.

Our faces are flush as we sit together in the tub. Me holding her in my arms. "Did I help you relieve some of your pent up sexual frustrations Mrs. Malik", I whisper, teasing. "You fucking obliterated them, I'd say", she pants and I can't help but laugh. "Mrs Malik! You have such a potty mouth...", I tease. "That's because my husband is so fucking DIRTY!", she laughs, teasing me back.

"Is the baby ok?", I whisper, spreading my hand out over her tummy. "Oh, I'd say he or she is pretty happy right about now...", she pants. I laugh and pull her close. "I love you...", I whisper. "I love you", she whispers back.

Niall's POV

"Where's daddy's princess?", I say walking through the doors at home. I see Lauren holding her in the living room. I cross over and take her in my arms lifting her in front of my so I can get a good look. She's so adorable. "Did you miss daddy, Aili?", I say, pulling her in to my chest and kissing her chubby little cheek. Her hair is a bit longer so that it falls in small ringlets just to the top of her little neck and her eyes, they're actually bluer than mine. They're stunning. "I'm going to be beating them off with a stick when you're older...", I tease, and I hear Liv laugh behind me.

"Ok, you two! I'm outta here. I'm going to give you guys some privacy. Harry & I have a 'date'! See you in the morning when we leave to go to the cottage!", Lauie says, as she walks out the door. I feel my phone vibrate then and Liv and I pull it out to read the incoming text.

@LaurenSimms Have FUN you two...But...not too much fun ;-) @NiallOfficial and @OliviaHoran

@OliviaHoran No promises. I haven't told him about the Nando's hidden in the oven yet. I'm sure that's going to score me some points ;-)

@LaurenSimms Aili doesn't need a brother or sister yet!!!

@OliviaHoran Enjoy your evening with Hazza @LaurenSimms. Be on your BEST behaviour @HarryOfficial

@HarryOfficial NO PROMISES! ;-)

@LaurenSimms I think I feel a headache coming on?! HELP!

Both Liv and I laugh as I close my phone. "Seriously? There's Nando's in the oven?", I ask, ecstatic. I watch Liv as she opens the oven and arches an eyebrow. "Oh My God, woman. You are the BEST!", I say, laughing. I walk over and wrap my free arm around her, still holding Aili with my other, and pull her close to me. I nuzzle my nose in her hair and kiss her head. "Do you have any idea how much I missed you both?", I whisper. "I might...", she answers. "Are you still horny?", I tease. I hear her giggle and see her face blush a bright red colour as her lip finds its way between her teeth. "That drives me crazy", I say, capturing it between my teeth and gently biting it before pulling her in for a long deep kiss. "After Aili goes to're all mine...", I say, huskily.

Liv and I sit and enjoy our supper as I hold Aili the entire time. I've missed her so, I just can't seem to put her down. Liv laughs, and I look up to see what's so funny. "Watch her when you take a bite of food", she says. I smile as I take my fork, scoop up some chicken and bring it to my mouth. Aili's wobbly little head follows my every move. "She's definitely your daughter! She's never even tasted Nando's but she's drooling already", Liv says laughing, her brown eyes twinkling.

I feel a tinge of guilt spread over me as I continue to eat and Aili continues to watch my every move. "Can I let her try it?", I ask Liv. "Just a bit of the sauce on your finger. She's only got two teeth in the front, up top...", Liv says. So I dip my finger into the sauce and put it in her mouth. Her little tongue licks in and out over my finger and I can't help but laugh. I pick her up, turn her towards me and smother her little face with kisses. I see a little smile spread across her lips.

"I hate being away from her...I feel like I'm missing too much...", I say, somberly. Liv wraps an arm around my neck from behind. "Don't worry love...I'm recording everything", she whispers. "Really?", I ask, surprised. "Everyday, while you were away, Aili and I did, little video diaries for you. Want to see?", she asks me. "Of course!", I say, thrilled. "You change her diaper and put her jammies on while I warm her bottle. Then, we'll watch together".

God how I love this girl. Her selflessness never ceases to amaze me. She always seems to know just how to make me feel better.

I can't help but watch her as she gathers our dishes and warms Aili's bottle. "Liv, you've lost weight love...", I say. "I know, I've been trying to get rid of the baby weight", she answers me. "Well, you've definitely lost it all and more. I think you're smaller now than when we first met", I say. She smiles and shrugs her shoulders. "Good", I hear her say, as I carry Aili down to her room to change her.

By the time I make my way back out into the living room with Aili, Liv has the video ready to go, and blankets and pillows are scattered all over the sofa. She's wearing one of my t-shirts, that only comes to the top of her thigh and she looks HOT. Her hair is cascading loosely down around her back and shoulders, a long barrett at the top of her head keeps it from falling in her beautiful face. I can tell just how much weight she's lost now looking at her thighs. "Like what you see?", she flirts. "I do...", I say, trying to choose my words carefully. "What?", she says frowning. "Nothing...just...don't lose anymore. You look perfect, just the way you are...Seriously Liv, I loved your body before, just as much as I do now", I say, pushing my lips against hers.

"I'll take Aili, while you go get more comfortable", she whispers. I can feel myself harden over her words, as I hand Aili to her and take off running down the hall.

@OliviaHoran Watching home baby videos with my favorite husband ;-) @NiallOfficial xoxo

@NiallOfficial "Favorite"?! I better be your ONLY husband ;-) @OliviaHoran xoxo

@LiamOfficial Remember Hazza's comment. "When your with one, you're with us all"... Technically, she's married to all 5 of us ;-)

@NiallOfficial Well, I didn't see her buy you guys Nandos! AND, I'M NOT SHARING!?

@LiamOfficial Your wife...or the Nando's? ;-)

@AmeliaMalik You guys are going to start rumours! TMZ is going to be knocking on our doors! Polyandry!

@ZaynOfficial Leave it to MY wife, to know the official word for it! Potty mouth!

@AmeliaMalik Are you dazzled by my intellectual brilliance?

@ZaynOfficial No, I'm dazzled by your dirty mouth...

@OliviaHoran How did something as beautiful as watching family home videos, turn so, so wrong?! This is all your fault Leeyum!

@LiamOfficial Actually, it's Harry's! The original comment was made by him! :-)

@HarryOfficial Don't bug me. Busy with the beautiful @LaurenSimms

@LaurenSimms ***Groan*** HELP!

I laugh as I see the last tweet come through, then I undress, put on my pajama bottoms, a t-shirt and make my way back out to the living room. We snuggle down amoungst the pillows and Liv hands Aili back over to me, along with her bottle. That's where we stay for the next hour. The three of us together watching the videos that Liv made for me so that I wouldn't miss a moment of my daughter's first year of life.

As I put Aili against my shoulder to pat and rub her back, she falls fast asleep. Her little pink lips wide open making an adorable little 'o'. "Let's put her to bed", Liv whispers, and we get up and take her down to her room. I lay her gently in her crib and listen to her soft breathing. "Some nights, I'd lay her in our bed and listen to her breath all night", Liv whispers.

I grab a hold of Liv's hand and lead her back out to the sofa, closing Aili's door on the way. I watch as she turns on Aili's baby monitor. I can see her smiling at me. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close. "Wanna mess around?", I ask huskily. She nods her head yes and bites down on her bottom lip. "Stop that!", I say as I pull her in for a long deep kiss. Then I push her back gently as she falls on the sofa. In one swift move I grab her knees and pull them up so that she's laying completely on her back as I take my position over her trapping her beneath me.

My hands find the edge of my/her t-shirt, which admittedly, looks better on her than it does on me, and pull it free from her delicious body. The shirt falls to the floor. Her hands make quick work of peeling my t-shirt off and throwing it across the room.

"You are so beautiful", I whisper, and I see her eyes roll. I wrap my hands around her face so that she has to look at me. "You. are. beautiful", I say again, louder this time. A small smile creeps across her gorgeous lips. My hands pull her panties down as her hands free me from pajama bottoms. I brace myself against the back of the sofa as I push my way slowly inside of her. I groan as I fill her, enjoying the tightness.

My lips find hers and I plunge my tongue inside of her mouth. As I start to move, she moves against me until we are in perfect rhythm. I make love to her, slowly and gently until I feel her come apart at the seams, with me not to far behind. Then I swoop her up into my arms and carry her to our bed where I wrap myself tightly around her, never ever wanting to be apart from her again.

Lauie's POV

Why did I ever agree to go out with Harry. His reputation preceeds him as being quite a 'ladies man'. I've never really been into one night stands or anything. It's just never really been my thing and as much as I love to party, alot of the time I just love to sit around and enjoy the silence. I have a feeling I'm not really going to enjoy myself tonight, but I promised that I'd go, so I will. Truth be told, I'm still not really over the feelings I have for Louis, even though I know, they're not reciprocated. Hopefully tonight will help me with that a bit, if nothing more than to offer me a distraction. I knock on Harry's door and take a deep breath. Here goes nothing...

I decided not to overdress, don't want him to think I'm too eager or anything. So, I'm wearing jeans, tank and off the shoulder shirt. My long brown hair is naturally straight as a pin, and falls neatly around my shoulders, I have to keep running my hand through it to keep it pushed back. Liv and Mia don't know how lucky they are to have their waves and curls.

"Ready love?", Harry says opening the door. I shrug my shoulders. "I promise to make this as painless as possible..." he says, smiling, flashing his dimples my way. I can't help but smile back. "No pressure Lauren really...Just two friends hanging out having a good time...That's all", he says, before grabbing his keys and locking his door. He grabs my hand and pulls me after him.

"So, where are we going?", I ask, as we climb into his Audi R8. "It's a surprise!", he says, grinning back at me. "Sounds suspicious Mr. Styles...", I say. I look out the window as we drive through the city streets of London, eventually, leaving it behind.

Then I see a sign, and I gasp. "Oh my god, you're taking me to 'Kew Gardens'?", I ask, unable to mask the surprise in my voice. He parks the car and looks at me intently, "Why? You're not into tranquil strolls through ancient trees, exploring Victorian greenhouses filled with flowers and rare plants?", he asks, huskily. "I just didn't think this would be your kind of thing...", I laugh trying not to sound insulting. "The real question is, 'Is it your kind of thing'?", he asks, smiling. "Actually, it is. This is one of the places I've been wanting to see. Well done, Mr Styles", I say, smiling.

I watch as he jumps out of the car and crosses over to open my car door for me. "After you...", he says, offering me his hand. I watch as he goes to the back of the car and produces a picnic basket. He is actually quite charming when he wants to be. "There are plenty of gorgeous, secluded spots where we can while away the hours", he whispers, winking at me. "That's the Harry I know", I laugh, blushing a bit.

I have to admit, we had a great time. We were amazed by the giant lily pads in the Waterlily House; we delved into an exotic rainforest in the Palm House; explored the Temperate House – the world’s largest Victorian glasshouse; and traveled through ten climatic zones in the Princess of Wales Conservatory.

Then, we walked the Xstrata Treetop Walkway, which is about 18m high off the ground, into the surrounding tree canopies. It was breathtaking. We got a birds-eye view of the gardens, paths and buildings below.

Still high amoungst the trees, he sits on the walkway and opens his basket. I smile as I sit across from him and watch as he pulls out a bottle of wine and two glasses. I arch an eyebrow at him suspiciously. "You're trying to get me drunk...", I say, as he hands me, quite a full glass. I see him chuckle and shake his head no. "Good cause' I'm on to you. So it's not happening...", I say, crossing my arms in front of me.

He digs out a container and fork, and hands them to me. "What's this?", I ask, curious. "It's lasagna. Hope you like it. It's my mum's recipe", he says. "You MADE this?", I ask, dumbfounded. He laughs again before saying, "I'm more than just a pretty face...". I take a bite and I have to say, it's delicious.

I didn't realize how hungry I was until I started eating. As I finish off my last bite, I look up to see Harry staring at me. "What?", I ask. "You must have really liked it, you ate my piece too...", he says, smirking. "WHAT?!", I shout, laughing hysterically. "W-Why d-didn't you say s-something!", I sputter, laughing so hard tears roll down my cheeks. "I'm s-s-orry", I say, trying to sound sincere, but I'm still laughing so hard, I'm sure I didn't pull it off. He's laughing with me now too, although I think he's laughing more at my reaction, than the situation.

"Are you ok?", he laughs. "I d-don't k-know", I say, as another wave of laughter hits. "Ok I think I'm good now...", I say, pulling myself together. Then I hand him the container and I start laughing all over again. He rolls his eyes at me and laughs too. "Dessert?", he asks, as I clear my throat and try to regain some element of composure. "Sure...", I say. He opens a container and offers me a chocolate covered strawberry. "I dipped these myself...", he says, grinning. Something about that, just strikes me funny, as I break up laughing again.

I see him grab my wine glass and take a drink. "What are you doing?", I ask, gasping for air. "Checking your glass to see if there's anything in it!", he says, smiling. "I'm sorry...These are yummy", I say, taking a deep breath. "Don't apologize. You have a great laugh, I like to listen to it...", he says, staring at me.

"You have some chocolate on your lip...", he says, pointing to it. He grabs a napkin to wipe it for me and leans in close. Our lips only inches apart. I look into his green eyes as he stares back. His lips brush lightly against mine and then he pulls away. I clear my throat again. "Well, should we pack this up then, Mr Styles?", I ask. "Why yes, Miss Simms...We definitely should...".

@HarryOfficial Had a terrific evening with @LaurenSimms Hopefully it won't be our last

@LaurenSimms Even though I accidentally ate your supper?!

@AmeliaMalik I'm glad I'm not the only one who can apparently eat like a horse! ;-)

@LaurenSimms But you're eating for two...I have no excuse! Definitely won't be our last. Thanks for being such a gentleman @HarryOfficial

Katie's POV

As Liv and I run through the airport, I can barely contain my excitement. I'm really looking forward to seeing Liam again. I've missed him. As we approach the boarding gate a huge group of fans mob us. I don't know how Liam does this everyday. I'm not sure I want to, by association.

As the gates open and security disperses the crowd I see Liam coming towards me, and all of the doubts I had just seem to melt away He wraps his arms around my waist and spins me around. "Hey gorgeous", he whispers. "Hey yourself, handsome", I say. "Where's my surprise?", he asks me smiling. "Um, how about 'How are you Katie'?", I tease. He thinks about what I just said for a moment before pulling me close and whispering, "How are you Katie...Where's my surprise?". I give him a playful smack on the arm. "Not yet..." I say and I see his eyebrow arch, seductively. I roll my eyes and shake my head no. "It's not that kind of surprise", I say, quickly.

We make our way out of the airport and to the limo hand in hand. We stop briefly at the children's shelter for Mia and Zayn before making our way back to the flats. I follow Liam to his old one as he shuts the door behind us. "I missed you", he says, smiling. "Me too", I answer, as he pulls me close and presses his lips to mine. "Are you all packed to leave for the cottage tomorrow?", he asks. "Yup", I say. "Are you looking forward to it as much as I am?", he asks. "Yes. I think were going to have a great time. Especially since we're um...together...this summer", I say.

He pulls me close and I can feel his warm breath on my ear. "Do you know what I want, right now?", he whispers, as he plants soft kisses on my neck, leaving a trail of goosebumps in their wake. I can feel butterflies building in my stomach. "Um, no...", I say, a little afraid to hear his answer. "I want give me my surprise...", he says, smiling at me. My knees almost buckle as relief washes over my body. He studies my expression before finally saying, "What did you think I was going to say?" I blush a bit, but remain quiet. "Katie, you should know me well enough by now, to know I'm not going to pressure you into anything", he says. I'm not a virgin, it's just that sex always complicates things, and I really like Liam. I want to make sure we're in a good place first.

"Ok, close your eyes and hold out your hands", I say. He does. "Now, I just want you to know that I haven't made my final decision yet so don't get overly excited. I have alot of things to consider. It's not something I can just jump into...", I ramble. "OK, OK! Give it to me already!", he says, impatiently. I lay an envelope in his hands. He opens his eyes and looks at it. 'Guildhall School of Music & Drama, Silk Street, Barbican London EC2Y 8DT', he reads out loud. He looks at me, with a look of confusion.

"It's a letter of me...For their music program...Starting in September...Here, in London...", I say, trying to read the expression on his face. The silence is deafening. I can hear my heart beating in my ears as I start to panic. "Like I said I haven't made a decision yet. If you've changed your mind, I can just go back home at the end of the summer. Whatever. It's cool", I ramble, but I just can't seem to stop myself.

Then I see a smile spread across his face as he pushes my bangs out of my eyes and presses his lips to mine. "This is awesome", he whispers. "You scared the shit out me for a second there...", I chuckle, relief washing over me like a tidal wave. "Any way for me to tip the decision making scale in my favour?", he asks. I smile and shake my head no. "Let's just see how the summer goes, ok?", I say. "Ok", he says, wrapping me in a big hug. His lips capture mine again and I can feel my cheeks flush. It's going to be an interesting summer.

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