Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


45. Chapter 45

@NiallOfficial Missing the two most beautiful girls in the world. Liv & Aili <3 U xoxo Only 90 days left to go...

@OliviaHoran Aww! Miss you too, babe. Nights are lonely without you...89 days 11 hours 49 minutes 23 seconds. xoxo Hope @ZaynOfficial is taking good care of my beautiful sister, @AmeliaMalik @LiamOfficial Katie's still here ;-)

@ZaynOfficial No worries Liv. She's in 'expert' hands ;-)

@OliviaHoran TMI!!!

@AmeliaMalik Cheeky bastard, isn't he? ;-)

@LiamOfficial GOOD! Keep @KatieJones there FOREVER ;-)

@HarryOfficial Kind of feeling left out... @LaurenSimms Excited for our excursion when I return?

@LaurenSimms Maybe...

@LouisOfficial Feeling left out too Hazza. Wishing @EleanorJCalder were here. Missing you babe. It's been too long. xoxo

@AmeliaMalik Helping to put up staging for 1D's concert tonight. Black Eyed Peas are pumping through the sound system. Can't help but bust a move. LOVE BEP (but not as much as I <3 One Direction) Love you babe xoxo

@ZaynMalik Are those moves from the 1980's???

@AmeliaMalik Bite me, love...You just wish you had these moves ;-)

@OliviaHoran 61 days, 8 hours, 43 minutes and 15 minutes until @NiallOfficial comes home! Aili's getting big! xoxo

@NiallOfficial Can't wait love... <3 U Miss you lots xoxo

@HarryOfficial What about the rest of us @OliviaHoran?

@OliviaHoran Sorry @HarryOfficial Miss you all too ;-) @ZaynMalik How's my beautiful sister?

@ZaynMalik She has a potty mouth! I asked her if she kisses her mum with it...She does... ;-)

@OliviaHoran Sounds right! LMAO!

@AmeliaMalik I kiss you with my potty mouth too Zayn, and I don't hear you complaining! @OliviaHoran how is my beautiful niece???

@OliviaHoran Bigger, almost 15 pounds :-) Miss you Nialler xoxo

@EleanorJCalder Can't wait until June...SUMMER BREAK with my favorite BOOBEAR @LouisOfficial

@LouisOfficial Me too Babe! xoxo

@OliviaHoran 50 days, 7 hours, 23 minutes, 6 seconds Missing my husband...Eating Peri Peri Chicken just to feel closer to him :-(

@NiallOfficial NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Not without me!!!

@OliviaHoran Sorry babe. Gotta do, what I gotta do ;-) Miss us? xoxo

@NiallOfficial You have NO IDEA!!! xoxoxoxo Especially right now because I know your lips would taste like NANDO'S!

@AmeliaMalik Damn Nialler...You're so romantic. @OliviaHoran How can you function with all the sentiment?

@NiallOfficial Please...I'm the king of romance. I've got smoother moves than DJ MALIK ;-)

@ZaynOfficial I don't think so ;-) You may be the king but I'm a GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@AmeliaMalik That would make me a goddess?! I've known it all along!!! xoxo

@EleanorJCalder Boobear's got you both beat in the romance department...

@LouisOfficial Thanks babe xoxo

@ZaynOfficial Whatever...

@OliviaHoran 35 Days, 8 hours, 12 minutes, 2 seconds Aili's 15 pounds. @AmeliaMalik Happy Birthday Little Sis. How big's the belly?

@AmeliaMalik Can't wait to see my favourite niece... Not much bigger than when you saw me last. Still fit into my own clothes. If it makes you feel any better...I do fill out my bra better...Happy Birthday to you too, big sis! xoxo

@ZaynMalik You look hot...Bra thing a definite perk, pardon the pun, but you're right, I can hardly tell you're preggars ;-) Happy Birthday ladies...

@OliviaHoran WHAT?! No, that doesn't make me feel better! You lucky little shit! ;-) @ZaynMalik Obviously, you're not feeding her enough!

@NiallOfficial Miss you both, love. Homesick :-( xoxoxoxo I <3 you BTW she eats more than I do, it's amazing to watch! Happy Birthday. We'll celebrate when I get back.

@AmeliaMalik Shut up, Nialler! DO NOT!!!

@ZaynMalik Umm, love you lots love but YES you do! I don't know where it's going...

@LiamOfficial She works it off putting up and tearing down staging for our shows...and dancing when she thinks no one is looking. Caught you mia, 'Sexy and I Know it', LMFAO...Wicked moves HA! ;-) @KatieJones Miss you xoxo

@AmeliaMalik Are we back on this again?! Don't you guys have anything better to do than spy on ME! You're all jealous of my superior dance moves!

@KatieJones Miss you too Leeyum. Have a surprise for you when you get back! xoxo I'm all to familiar with Mia's dance moves...Some of them are banned in certain countries.

@ZaynOfficial I had my suspicions.

@AmeliaMalik YOU GUYS SUCK!

@OliviaHoran 20 days, 7 hours, 33 minutes, 58 seconds. Aili's getting a tooth! Missing my Irish lad, with blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. Slept in your tee last night. It smelled like you :-( xoxo

@NiallOfficial I miss you too, love. Sleep with the picture of you and Aili every night. xoxo

@LouisOfficial Awww, you guys are sweet.

@AmeliaMalik Yeah, sickeningly! GAG ME!!!

@OliviaHoran Don't you miss @EleanorJCalder? Shut up Mia!

@LouisOfficial Yes, of course. We've just learned how to be apart. Unlike you newbies...

@OliviaHoran I don't want to 'learn' to be apart. I prefer the hard, cold reality of uninhibited wanting and yearning!

@AmeliaMalik Shit Liv, horny much?!?!

@NiallOfficial LOL I was thinking the same thing Mia! You want me, don't you???

@OliviaHoran Hell YA!

@ZaynOfficial TMI for twitter you guys! What will the fans think???

@AmeliaMalik They'll think Niall Horan's wife is HORNY!!!

@ZaynOfficial MIA!

@AmeliaMalik ZAYN!

@ZaynOfficial Mia! Don't make me come over there!

@AmeliaMalik Zayn! Don't make me come over there! ooooooo, I'm scared!!!

@ZaynOfficial That's it! Here I come...

@HarryOfficial Oh my GOD! Get a room @ZaynOfficial and @AmeliaMalik

@AmeliaMalik ***giggle***

@OliviaHoran 10 DAYS, 8 HOURS, 23 MINUTES, and 10 SECONDS!!! The COUNTDOWN IS ON!!! I'm sooo EXCITED! xoxo

@NiallOfficial Me too love. Who wants to have a kick off the summer/Birthday party on the beach? <3 U xoxo

@OliviaHoran Depends, what beach?

@NiallHoran You know what beach... ;-) SURPRISE!!!


@AmeliaMalik We thought you guys forgot...

@ZaynOfficial I NEVER forget anything love...

@OliviaHoran Mia, someone called today...It's home...

@AmeliaMalik Who?

@OliviaHoran Someone from children's services

@AmeliaMalik Sophie?

@OliviaHoran Call home...

@ZaynMalik I'm so ready to go home... Miss my bed... Special thanks to all our fans. Without you, we wouldn't be doing what we're doing. xoxo

@HarryOfficial See you on the next tour! xoxo

@NiallOfficial Much love to all our fans for the continued support. Love Niall, Liv & Aili xoxo

@LouisOfficial We love you all! xoxo

@LiamOfficial DIRECTIONERS ROCK! xoxo

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