Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


43. Chapter 43

Liv's POV

My eyes flutter open and I'm surrounded by darkness. My head is swimming as I try struggling to my feet, only to fall back down again. "No!", I say to myself as I feel around for a door or a window, anything. "I have to get back to Aili...", I'm panicking now. An overhead light flickers on and my hand instinctively shields my eyes from the bright glow. A door opens and standing before me is that SOB from Toronto. "Seriously?! What the fuck is your problem?", I snap, taking a page out of Mia's book.

I'm so sick of this shit.

I'm tired of everyone dicking me around.

"Considering what happened the last time we met, you should probably be a little nicer to me...", he's snaps, hovering over me. My phone rings then, and I watch as he picks it up. Never breaking eye contact with me. "Hello Mia...", he says. "Oh don't worry. You'll be joining her soon enough. I have special plans for the both of you...I guess I'll just have to start with her first."

He drops my cell to the floor. I feel a hand grab me around the neck, pull me to my feet and smash me back against a nearby wall. I gasp as I try to fill my lungs with air, scratching and clawing at his hand. Then out of the corner of my eye the light reflects on the object he's now holding in his other hand, a knife. I scream as he slices through the healed scar on my arm. Then he releases me from his grip, and picks my phone up again. I clutch my bleeding arm and slide back down to the ground.

"You were the one I really couldn't wait to get my hands on, though...", he continues. "Let's see if her 'saviours' can find her before it's too late...", he says, and hangs up the phone.

Mia's POV

"I don't understand how this could of happened? They said he wouldn't be getting out! We need to go find her, I need to go find her. She can't be left alone with him!", I snap in hysterics. Zayn wraps me in a hug, "Zayn! No!", I shout, pushing him away.

I head for the door.

"Mia! No, you're not leaving this flat!", Zayn snaps, as he wraps his arms around mine pinning them against my sides. He pulls me away from the door while I thrash around trying to break free of his hold. "Liam can you stand in front of the door please, mate. Mia, self preservation love... I'm asking you... stay...for me, please...", Zayn says, as he releases me from his grip. I calm myself down. "Mia?", he says.

"This is all my fault...I'm the one he wants not Liv...", I whisper.

Niall picks up the phone to call the police. "Our cell phones have GPS don't they?", Harry asks. "If her phone is on then they can track her!", he finishes.

"I-I don't feel well. I'm going to go to the bathroom...", I mumble, stumbling into Katie on my way down the hall.

"I'll come with you...", Zayn says.

"N-No, you stay. Niall needs you here . I'll be right back. Zayn, I'm sorry...", I say before walking down the hall to the bathroom. I lock the bathroom door, slide open the window and slip quietly out onto the fire escape. I know he's going to be angry with me but I can't help it.

Liv's my sister, I have to find her.

I make my way quickly down the seven flights of stairs and out into the street. "Mia! NO!", I hear Zayn shout from behind me. I bolt, ducking in and out of alley's until I'm sure he's not following me. I pull out my cell phone and dial Liv's number.

"Mia?", I hear him say.

"You want me so bad, come and get me, you sick fuck!", I spit, giving him my approximate location.

"Whatever you say...", he snarls, and the phone goes dead.

I pull out Katie's cell phone that I slipped out of her back pocket when I bumped into her, turn it off and wrap it tightly in my hair, securing it with an elastic. In all the cop shows I've ever seen, no one has ever checked someone's hair.

I pray that someone has the good sense to track my phone. I leave it on and tuck it down inside my pants. Then, I wait.

Zayn's POV

"I'm going to check on Mia. She's been in there for a while...", I say, before heading down the hall. I knock on the door. "Mia?", I call, only to be answered by a looming silence. An uneasy feeling spreads across my body. I waste no time kicking the door in. I see the open window and run over to it. "MIA! NO!", I yell, as I catch a glimpse of her in the street below.

She takes off running and disappears into the night. "FUCK!", I shout, as I walk back out into the livingroom. "Give the police Mia's cell number to track, she's gone after Liv...", I say, putting my jacket on.

"My cell's gone too!", Katie says.

"Where did you have it?", Liam asks.

"It was in my back pocket", she says.

"Mia...", Zayn says, storming out the door. It occurs to me then, why she apologized to me before she went to the bathroom. She had planned this even after I warned her not to. "Call me if you hear anything...", I shout.

"Thought maybe you might need an extra pair of eyes, and hands. If we find one we'll find both, hopefully...", Niall says, catching up to me.

"Thanks mate..."

"Mia and Liv are two of the strongest people I know, they'll be fine...", he says, trying to convince himself as well as me.

"It's not just them I'm worried about Niall, she's putting our child right in the middle of all this...", I snap.

Mia's POV

I should have grabbed a jacket, I didn't realize how cold it was. Of course, even with a jacket, I'd probably still be shaking. A truck pulls up in front of me and stops. The windows are tinted so I can't see inside. I wait until the passenger door swings open. I recognize him right away. He doesn't look any different. "Get in", he growls. I take a deep breath and slide in next to him. "I didn't think you would be this easy. I thought I was going to have to kill your boyfriend to get to you. No matter...", he says, with a grin on his face.

"Where's my sister?", I snap.

"You'll see...", he smirks. We drive about 10 minutes outside of London to an abandoned warehouse. "Get out and put your hands on the car. I want to make sure you don't have anything!" he snaps. I do as he says and close my eyes as he runs his hands slowly up and down my body, feeling every inch. I fight the wave of nausea and bile building in the back of my throat. He grabs my arm and whips me around, pushing me against the car. His hands travel down the front of my pants. I close my eyes, wishing I were somewhere else.

"What's this?", he snarls, producing my cell phone.

"Shit, how'd that get in there...", I smirk. The back of his hand connects with my cheek and I fall to the ground. Using every last bit of strength in my body, I struggle to my feet and just as he turns to hit me again I bring my foot up between his legs and kick him in the groin. He drops my cell phone as he turns abruptly, doubled over, and pushes a knife against stomach, I gasp as the razor sharp tip penetrates my skin.

I back off.

"You better hope I don't get a hold of that knife, because I'll end you!", I say, calmly.

"Let's get you inside with your sister, shall we..." he growls. I glance at the cell which is just under the truck, it's still on. He follows my gaze, walks over and steps on it with his foot, crushing it.

I turn and walk inside with him right behind me.

Liv's POV

I rip a sleeve off my jacket and wrap it tightly around my arm to try to slow the bleeding. It's not as deep as the last time. The lights flicker back on and the door opens, Mia stumbles in as he gives her a push. "Are you ok?", she says, hugging me.

"What have you done?", I ask.

"I needed to find you. I couldn't let him hurt you again...", she whispers, looking at my arm.

"Touching...", he growls before closing the door.

The lights flicker off again and now we're both surrounded by darkness. I can hear Mia doing something. Then I see the soft glow of a cell phone as she flips it open. She calls emergency services. "What's your emergency?", the operator says.

"My name is Amelia Malik, I'm with Olivia Horan. Someone's kidnapped us. We're about 10 minutes outside of London in an old abandoned warehouse. He stabbed Olivia, we need an ambulance. The cell number is 1-20-448-1405. I'll keep it on as long as I can. Please hurry and trace it...", she says.

We slump back down against the wall together and wait.

It seems like forever before the overhead lights flicker back on. "Fuck. He's coming back... Please hurry...", Mia says, into the phone before hiding it behind my back. We see the door open as he stands in the frame with a smirk on his face. Mia jumps to her feet.

"Let's have some fun?!", he growls, looking at me, knife in hand. Mia steps in front of me.

"Leave her alone. You want to have fun, then have it with me...", she snaps.

"I'm waiting to have my fun with you. Last. You're going to be the cherry on top...", he snarls, before pushing Mia backwards.

She hits the wall and slumps back down to the floor.

He grabs me around my neck again and lifts me to my feet. I gasp for air as he tightens his grip. I claw frantically at his hand as he raises the knife in the other. He stops then, noticing the cell phone I had been hiding behind my back. "You think you're so smart...", he growls. "You'll be dead before they get here. I'll make sure you never hold that precious little baby of yours again, and then, when I'm done with her mother...I'll pay her a visit too!", he snarls.

I'm not exactly sure what came over me at that moment, but I tapped into an inner strength I wasn't even aware I possessed. As he continues his hold around my neck, I bring my knee up and hit him hard in the groin sending him reeling back. He drops the knife and I'm on it in a flash. I bring it down into his arm as he screams in pain. He shoves me back, hard, and I go flying, but my hands remain firmly attached to my newly acquired weapon.

He struggles to his feet and advances on me again, I wait for just the right moment, before positioning the knife so that it slides easily into his chest, as he throwes himself at me with all his weight. "The arm was for me, this one is for my sister and daughter. I hope you rot in hell...", I whisper in his ear before pushing him off of me.

I hear sirens now as as I make my way stumbling, over to Mia. I wrap one of her arms around my shoulder and pull her to her feet. We stumble outside together. The cool night air feels so good on my face. Police flood the building as paramedics help me get Mia on a gurney. I sit on the bumper of an ambulance, my legs still shaky and wait, as a paramedic tends to my wounds.

Niall's POV

My phone rings, and I hastily pick it up. "Hello? Yes, this is Niall Horan. She's my wife. Where? I'll be right there... They found them. Let's go...", I say to Zayn, as I give him the directions.

"Liv!", I shout as we run towards the police cars and ambulances lining the abondoned parking lot.

"Niall!", I hear her shout. I see her then, leaning against the back of one of the ambulances. I run towards her and she meets me halfway. I throw my arms around her and smother her with kisses. She laughs.

"Are you ok? I was so worried...", I whisper, clutching her to me for dear life.

"I'm fine. A few scraps and bruises, some new stitches and I'm as good as new. The same can't be said for him, though...", she whispers, as we watch the police carry him out in a body bag.

"You did that?", I whisper.

"He threatened Aili. No one threatens Aili...", she whispers, back.

"Let's go home, love", I say.

Zayn's POV

"Mia...", I whisper through my tears, holding her hand. She's laying on a stretcher in the back of an ambulance.

"I'm fine. We're fine. Don't cry...", she says, wiping my tears.

"I can't do this anymore Mia...You scared me half to death. I'm always wondering what you're going to do next. Wondering how you're going to get yourself into trouble. Worrying that I won't be there to save you if you do. It's not just you anymore, it's our child, too. I've asked you to please be careful, and tonight I asked you to stay...for me... you left anyway. Ignoring me. Ignoring my feelings. You put yourself and our child in danger. I-I don't think I can forgive you for that...", I say, tears still streaming down my face.

"Zayn? What are you saying?", she asks, tears flooding her face.

"I'm saying, I need a break. I'm going to move my things into one of the other flats, for now..."

"What? No, please don't...I-I'm sorry...", she begs. I shake my head no and press my lips to hers.

"I love you so much but sometimes, that's not always enough...", I whisper, before jumping out the back of the ambulance.

My heart is broken.

I throw my car keys to Niall, "I'm going to walk. I'll see you guys later...", I say making my way down the road.

Harry's POV

We're all relieved when Liv and Niall walk through the door to the flat. "Where's Mia and Zayn?", Liam asks. Mia's resting in their flat downstairs and Zayn decided to walk home, he's still upset", Niall explains.

"Katie and I will watch Aili tonight. You guys go get some rest...", Lauie says, hugging Liv and I.

"I'll be right in Niall. I just need a minute with Harry...", Liv says.

"Ok, love...", Niall says, pressing his lips to hers and disappearing down the hall.

"Step outside with me for a minute?", she asks, and I follow her out.

"I want to forget that this night ever happened. I don't want to talk or hear about your feelings for me, ever again. I love you as a friend and only a friend. I'm happy with my life and I'm not going to fuck it up and neither are you. I don't want you to try to make me feel uncomfortable or guilty, because I have nothing to feel guilty about. Your feelings are yours, and yours alone. You either learn to deal with them and move on or you won't be welcome in my home. I'm done with all this shit...", she says, tears streaming down her face.

She turns to go inside, leaving me standing there. "I'm sorry", I whisper.

"Sometimes that's not always enough, Harry...", she says, as she disappears inside.

"Fuck!", I say, kicking the wall.

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