Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


42. Chapter 42

Zayn's POV

We've been back on tour for the past 6.5 weeks. It's the middle of March and we finally get to come home for a week, I can't wait to see to Mia. This is the week of Sophie's custody hearing. We haven't seen her since she left us Jan 1st. As we clear customs, Niall picks up his pace, he is super excited to see Liv and Aili.

Even though the limo is picking us up, Mia insisted that she meet us anyway. I'm quite happy about that. I grab my bag off the luggage belt, and run through the gate. Paul and the rest of the security team is all around us, as we're mobbed by fans. I"m trying to see over their heads to catch a glimpse of Mia but I can't see her anywhere.

Just then the airport speaker crackles to life and a familiar voice says, "Oh my god, Justin Beiber is in the Airport lounge putting on a free concert and kissing the first 50 girls that get there...on the lips ... Quick girls! Get there before he leaves!", and the huge mob screams and makes a run to the airport lounge.

The boys and I are all chuckling as I finally spot Mia across the airport holding the mic. She looks delicious in a little mini skirt and form fitting t-shirt. She smiles at me before she drops it and runs full tilt towards me, jumping up on me as I wrap my arms around her. She has her arms and legs wrapped around me as she leans in and plants a very deep kiss on my lips.

"We better get out of here before they realize it was a trick...", Liam says, still chuckling. Mia stays wrapped around me as we walk out of the airport together. As we approach the limo, I set her down on the ground.

"Hey, let me look at you a second...", I say, turning her to the side. It's then I notice the subtle outline of her baby bump starting. I put my hand on it and smile.

Just then, we hear the screaming girls as they spot us. I jump in the limo pulling Mia in on my lap after me. My lips find hers again as groans escape from the others inside the car. As we pull up outside the loft, the car hasn't even come to a complete stop, and Mia throws open the door and yanks me out. "We'll see you guys later. Welcome home!", she shouts, dragging me up to our flat. She slams the door shut behind us and pushes me against the wall.

Her lips find mine quickly, urgently. "Can we do this?", I ask, a little nervous.

"Excuse me?", she pants, as she pulls my t-shirt off and whips it across the room, followed by her t-shirt.

"What if we hurt the baby?", I ask.

"Trust me, not an issue!", she pants, pulling at the button and zipper to my pants. Her lips finding mine again.

"Slow down", I mumble, through her kisses.

She brings her hand up and holds my chin, staring at me, intently. "Look! I haven't seen, touched, kissed, talked or made love to you in over 3 weeks, now shut up, because I'm really horny...", she snaps, then giggles. My face flushes under her constant gaze, and my eyebrows shoot up over the abruptness of her words.

"I can't believe you just said that to me...", I say, trying to hide my amusement. I swoop down, pick her up and sit her down on the closest thing that'll work, the kitchen counter.

I open her legs with my own and stand between them. I kiss her lips and her jawline, moving my way down her neck, stopping just under her earlob to suck, tease and bite. A groan escapes her lips. I free myself of my pants and run my hand up the inside of her thighs. "Where are your panties?", I ask, huskily.

"I thought it would be hotter if I didn't wear any...", she whispers, teasing me.

"You little vixen. That is definitely hotter, it also makes things a little easier...", I say, as I gently push a finger inside of her. She leans back on the counter and groans loudly. I move it, in and out slowly, watching her move against me. I slip another finger in. She groans again as I pull one side of her bra down with my free hand, exposing her soft breast. I take it in my mouth, licking and teasing her hard nipple.

I take my fingers out and pull her towards me, as my lips find hers again. "Do you have any idea how much I've missed tasting you?", I whisper, putting my fingers in my mouth. Mia's face flushes a deep shade of red. I grasp her waist with my hands and pull her close, lining myself up with her. I push my way slowly inside of her, burying myself in her. She gasps as she accepts all of me.

"Zayn, I love you...", she whispers, as I grind my hips into her, thrusting lightly, enjoying the feeling of being inside of her.

"I love you too", I whisper back.

It doesn't take long until she completely comes undone around me, gasping and panting. A few more thrusts and I'm as completely undone as she is. I pull her close and push my lips against hers.

"Again...", she whispers, and I can't help but laugh.

"You really were a mess, weren't you? I whisper, pulling her off the counter and carrying her into the bedroom. "This may take awhile so we may as well be comfortable...", I tease.

I open my eyes around 6 the next morning feeling extremely happy. I reach over to Mia's side of the bed expecting to find her there, but it's empty. I sit up and hear the shower running, a smile creeps across my face as I get out of bed and make my way over the bathroom. I slide the shower curtain back and see Mia rinsing her long hair. As she turns around under the hot water, I get a better view of her tummy. I wan't sure how I'd feel about her body changing. Niall told me he couldn't get enough of it when Liv was pregnant, but I had doubts.

Looking at her now though, I completely understand what he was talking about. There's just something so intimate and sexy about it, knowing that she's carrying a part of me inside of her. I harden at the mere thought. "Might want to wipe your mouth Mr. Malik. You're drooling...", she says, her words pulling me out of my thoughts. I step into the shower beside her. I put my hand to her cheek and pull her close.

"You're beautiful", I say.

"Thank you. It's one of the many burdens I have to live with...", she answers me, giggling.

I smile, "Modest too...", I tease, before pushing my lips onto hers and making love to her again.


"Are you ready for today?", I ask, watching her get ready. She shrugs her shoulders, as I get up and wrap my arms around her. "Mia love, there's a chance that this may not end up the way we want. Are you going to be able to handle that?", I ask. She shrugs her shoulders and tears form behind her eyes as she struggles to keep them at bay. She's slips into a tan linen skirt that hugs her in all the right places showing off the small baby bump, and a button down white shirt. She wraps her long hair into a messy bun and completes the outfit with a scarf around her neck and her Toms. I dress quickly in my chinos and blue button down shirt. After a quick breakfast we're out the door.

Mia's POV

As we get to the courthouse, a flood of paparazzi and reporters have gathered outside. "Ready?', Zayn asks grabbing my hand.

"Yup...", I answer him, popping the p.

"Whatever happens, we still have each other...", he says, kissing the back of my hand. I smile as he swings open the door and helps me out. There's security on either side of us as we make our way up the courthouse stairs and inside.

"All rise. District 12 Family Court is now in session. The Honourable Judge Giblin presiding...", someone at the front says. I scan the room, John Taylor is sitting towards the front, he is the director of the Children's Shelter. My eyes eventually falling on Sophie's father, who's wearing an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs. My pulse quickens as I remember that night in the shelter. My hand flies up instinctively to my ribs, as it all comes flooding back.

Zayn wraps an arm around my waist. "It's ok, you're safe...", he whispers in my ear. We're instructed to sit again and Zayn wraps my hand in his.

"Mr. Hunt, do you know why we're here today?", Judge Giblin, asks Sophie's father.

"You want to take my Sophie away from me...", he growls.

"The state has petitioned that all your parental rights to the minor in question, be terminated. Let's begin. Prosecution may call their first witness to the stand...", Judge Giblin says.

"The people call John Tayler to the stand...", the attorney representing the prosecution says.

I listen intently as they ask John about the day Sophie arrived at the shelter. Her mental and physical state. The results of the physical findings after they had her examined by a doctor and child psychologist. As I listen to him talk my stomach flip flops. Then he was questioned about the incident at the shelter. Finally, after Hunt's lawyer cross examines asking him mostly the same questions, John was allowed to step down.

"The prosecution would now like to call Amelia Faith Malik, to the stand". I stand and smooth my skirt down before making my way to the stand. "Raise your right hand. Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you god?"

"I do...", I say, as I take a seat.

"Where were you on the evening of August 3rd, 2012?".

"I was helping out at the children's shelter. I volunteer there occassionally", I say.

"Who were you helping that evening?"

"A little girl named 'Sophie' Alicia Hunt", I answer

"Why did she need your help? Are you a child psychologist or a qualified child councillour?"

"No, John Taylor had asked me for my help the day before, trying to reach Sophie. When they brought her in she was withdrawn and unresponsive. John thought that I might be able to get through to her.", I say.

"Why would he ask you? What are your qualifications?"

"I don't really have any, but I work with kids back home and generally I'm pretty good with them.", I say.

"What happened that evening?"

"I was with Sophie in the medical ward of the shelter. She was asleep on the bed. I-I heard someone shouting her name. They sounded really pissed, I-I mean, angry...sorry. I was scared for her, so I hid her in a cupboard under the sink. I just had time to stand and the door flew open. A man was shouting at me and when I told him she must of been transferred, he...he", I stammer, trying to find the words and tears spill down my cheeks.

Judge Giblin hands me a tissue.

"What did he do?"

"He hit me across the face hard, and when I fell to the ground he kicked me in the stomach and ribs, at least twice that I can remember." I look to Zayn who's face has lost all colour.

"What happened next?"

"I woke up 3 days later in the hospital", I whisper.

"What injuries did you sustain?"

"Um, various bruises, bruised ribs, and I suffered from a bleed in my brain. They weren't sure I was going to make it." I say.

"You're doing well now?"

"Yes", I reply

"Your witness." the prosecutor says to Hunt's attorney, as he sits down. I watch as he stands and approaches me.

"So, Mrs. Malik. You have no expertise or qualifications you said right?"

"Yes, that's correct", I answer

"So, then why did you hid Sophie, depriving my client, Sophie's father from seeing if she was alright? How was that your call to make?"

"He wasn't trying to see if she was alright! He wanted to hurt her!", I snap.

"How do you know that. You're not qualified to make that assumption. He could of been going in there to give her a kiss goodnight."

I can't help but laugh at his last comment.

"How did you come to be in London?"

"I met my husband last summer in Toronto, we were staying in the same hotel. We fell in love and I came here to be with him.", I answer

"Is it true you had an altercation there as well?"

"I don't think it's considered an 'altercation' when someone randomly tries to kill you without provocation." I say.

"Trouble seems to follow you around. Are you pregnant now, Mrs. Malik?"

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?", I snap.

"Your honour, if you could instruct the witness to answer my question please..."

"Yes, I am", I snap.

"Congratulations. When are you due?"

"The end of August", I snap. I suddenly feel very enhausted.

"How would you feel if someone were to take your baby away from you and not let you see him/her? Would that make you angry? Angry enough to attack someone?"

"I would never have my child taken away from me for abuse to begin with!", I snap, my eyes burning with anger.

"You and your husband want to adopt Sophie, don't you?"

"Yes", I snap. Trying to calm myself down.

"What does your husband do for a living?"

"He's a musician", I say

"Oh, come now. You're being modest. He's not just any musician is he? He's a member of one of the hottest boy bands in the world right now...right?"

"So what?", I snap.

"What kind of a life can you possibly offer a child. A father who's almost always away... Paparazzi around every corner... and you yourself are only, how old are you?"

"18", I whisper, defeated.

"No further questions for this witness, your honour.

I get up and make my way off the stand, stopping short in front of Sophie's father. "I hope someday, someone does to you, exactly what you did to her, you lying piece of shit!", I spit, glaring at him.

Judge Giblin cracks her gavel on her desk and says, "Order! Order in the court...", as I walk by Zayn and right out of the courtroom.

Once outside I lean against the wall to steady myself and let the sobs erupt from way down deep. I can barely catch my breath as Zayn finds me and wraps me in the safety of his strong arms. "Let me take you home...", he whispers, hugging me tight and leading me outside. I keep my head down as he maneuvers us through the crowd and puts me into the car.

The ride home is a silent one until I put my hand on my stomach and rub my bump. "What have we done?", I whisper to Zayn. The car comes to an abrupt halt on the side of the road. Zayn grabs my face in between his hands.

"Mia, our baby is going to have a great life...because it's going to be loved. Don't ever doubt that...", he whispers, pushing his lips onto mine.

He holds me tight as I cry through his kisses.

Niall's POV

I watch as Mia drags Zayn off and I can't help but smile. I'm glad they're so happy. I grab my bag and head up to our flat. Harry, Liam and Louis behind me. I open the door quietly. The livingroom is empty, but we can hear Liv through the baby monitor singing to Aili. We stop and listen because it's not something we've ever heard before. Then I realize, "This is something she's written...", I whisper to the others.

Untitled - (Me)

I wish I could

Fix what makes you sad;

Give you what's good and take away

what's bad;

I wish I could find the words just right, to show you I love you everyday and night

I wish you would never have to cry;

Your tears forever to be dry

But, I can only try my best and when you hurt hold you close to my chest

I wish I could make you see,

Just how much you mean to me

I wish I could find the words just right, to show you I love you everyday and night

Liv comes out of the nursery just then and her face flushes a bright crimson as she realizes that we heard her. "Hey love", I say smiling.

"I'd be really angry at you right now if I wasn't so happy to see you!", she squeals, as she runs over and throws her arms around my neck. I lean in and plant a soft kiss on her lips.

"Aili sleeping?", Louis asks.

"Yes, but you can go in as long as you don't wake her...", she mumbles, pressing her lips to mine again.

"Liv you look great", Harry says.

"Thanks Haz...Recognize these jeans...There my favourites. I can fit into them again...", she gushes, proudly.

"I want to see Aili...", I say, grabbing Liv's hand and we go into her room. Lou and Liam are already in there. "She's bigger!", I say.

"She's almost 8 pounds now...", she says, wrapping her hands around my bicep.

"I really missed you...", she whispers glancing up at me through her long lashes.

"Me too...", I say, giving her a squeeze. "I know what she wants. It's been so long. The last time she and I made love was in January. She couldn't after the baby was born and then I went back on tour and she stayed here. We are long over do for some alone time.

"Where's Katie?", Liam asks.

"Um, she had an appointment somewhere today. She'll be home later...", Liv says, smiling. Aili stirs, and starts crying. "She's hungry. I'll go get you a bottle and you can feed her...", she says, disappearing out the door. I gently pick her up and take her over the the change table where I change her diaper.

"I'm impressed mate!", Louis says.

"I've got this dad stuff down", I answer him, cockily.

"Yeah, right...", Lou answers, sarcastically.

Liv's POV

I walk out to the kitchen to warm up a bottle and notice Harry looking at me from the sofa. I bite my lip, nervously.

I feel uncomfortable.

"It drives Niall crazy when you do that...", Harry says, getting up and crossing over to me. "I've missed you too...", Harry says, wrapping me in a hug. I leave my arms by my side so as not to encourage any prolonged physical contact.

I don't want him to get the wrong idea.

"What's the matter LIv", he questions.

"I-I have to get this to Niall, for Aili...", I say, turning around quickly. He places a hand on my arm.

"Harry...don't...", I plead.

"You heard me...that night...talking to Kristin...didn't you?", he whispers, as he stands in front of me now. I glance up at him then drop my eyes to the floor avoiding eye contact. My cheeks flush.

"Harry...stop before you ruin everything...", I plead.

"What do you mean?", he asks.

"I-I'm happy and I love Niall but I don't want to lose our friendship...", I stammer. He takes a step towards me, our lips only inches apart.

"Can you honestly say that what's between us is only friendship Liv?", he asks.

I shake my head yes and finally meet his intense gaze, "Yes Harry. I can honestly say that it's only friendship...", I confirm, stepping around him and walking back down the hall. My heart is beating a mile a minute.

"Here you go", I say, to Niall handing Aili's bottle out to him.

"You ok Liv. You look pale", Liam asks me.

"Yeah, must be the excitement of having you guys all home...", I say.

"By the way love, your song was great. I'd love to hear the whole thing sometime...", Niall says.

"I think Simon would like to hear it too", Harry says, joining us in Aili's room. He stands next to me wrapping his arm around my shoulder. I shift uncomfortably trying to subtly remove it.

I stare at Niall and Aili before finally, "I-I need some air...", I say, grabbing my jacket and running out of the loft.


I walk for hours around London. Just thinking about how much more complicated my life has become since last June. Niall and Aili make me so happy but I wish we could have just a regular life. One without the drama of the paparazzi, the fans, recording pressures, tours and...Harry.

"Hey beautiful", someone growls at me from behind.

I stop abruptly, I know that voice from somewhere but I can't place where.

I turn around to see a middle aged grey haired man, staring at me. I recognize him immediately. "Jesus...", I whisper, as I turn to run. His hand clamps down over my mouth as a sweet smell invades my nasal passages and mouth. That's the last thing I remember before everything goes black.

Mia's POV

Zayn and I make our way up to Niall and Liv's place. Our first day in court was exhausting, but I know what will make me feel better, a snuggle with Aili. "Hey! Anyone here?", I call, as we enter the loft.

Niall runs out looking worried, "Have you heard from Liv?", he asks.

"No, why?", I answer him. Liam, Harry, Katie and Lauie come through the door now, visibly winded.

"Any sign of her?", Niall asks.

"What's going on?", Zayn asks, sensing the urgency.

"She was upset about something earlier and she grabbed her coat saying she needed some air. That was over 3 hours ago!", Niall says, clearly panicked.

"Did you try her cell phone?", I ask, taking mine out and dialing her number.

"It just rang...", Niall says.

Someone picks up on the other end, "Hello? Liv?", I say, switching it to speaker phone.

"Hello Mia...", a man's voice says. Where do I know that voice from. "Who is this? Where's my sister?", I snap.

"Oh don't worry. You'll be joining her soon enough. I have special plans for the both of you...I guess I'll just have to start with her first...", he snaps, before I hear a commotion and then Liv screams in the background. "You were the one I really couldn't wait to get my hands on though...", the voice continues.

The colour instantly drains from my face, "Please don't hurt her, she has a daughter that needs her...", I whisper.

"Let's see if her 'saviours' can find her before it's too late...", he says and hangs up the phone.

My hands are trembling now, "Saviours?", Niall asks, confused.

I look at Zayn and Liam.

I know they recognized the word too.

We all heard before, in Toronto.

Just before I was thrown from a 7th story balcony.

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