Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
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39. Chapter 39

'Little Things' - (17+) Mature Content - Please Be Advised

Chapter 39

Mia's POV

The next couple of weeks go by very quietly. We help Niall and Liv move their things into Louis and Harry's old flat, which is above Zayn and I, because it's a two bedroom and overall quite a bit larger, whereas Niall's was just a smaller 1 bedroom. We all spend our days painting the nursery and getting it ready for the baby, listening to Christmas music and decorating for Christmas. Christmas is probably Liv and I's favourite time of year. I don't really know why, I guess growing up it just always meant being with those you love... family. It didn't matter how far away any of us were, our family always came together for Christmas.

"I'm going to introduce you boys to my all time favourite Christmas album...", Liv says, as we decorate our Christmas tree. I can't help but groan as she puts 'Once Upon a Christmas', by Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton on. Zayn wraps his arms around my waist. "What's a matter love?", he asks.

"Let's just say, I've heard this album alot in my life. Probably since I was in my mom's womb...", I giggle. It's always been her favourite too. I guess that's why Liv loves it so much. Liv sighs as she hangs ornaments on the tree.

"Tired?", Niall asks, rubbing her back.

"No, just thinking about mum and dad... This will be our first Christmas away from them...", she says, her voice cracking under the words. A lump forms in my throat as well.

"I wonder who that can be?", Niall says, smiling as we hear a knock at the door.

"I'll get it...", Liv says, making her way over. I glance around and notice all the boys have smiles on their faces. My heart nearly stops when Liv screams. I run over to the door to see what's wrong and standing there, are our mum and dad, Lauie and Katie. We all hug and cry in the door for the longest time, before they finally come in. My mom, Katie and Lauie make their rounds hugging all the boys while dad gives them all a firm handshake.

"Liv, you look...", my mum starts to say putting her hand on Liv's big belly.

"I know, I know. Gross...", Liv chuckles cutting her off, mum shakes her head no.

"Radiant. You look radiant. When will you ever see yourself the way others see you?", mum says before wrapping Liv in another huge hug.

God I've missed them.

I'm still hugging my dad as he kisses my head.

"How did you? When did you?", I stammer. I have so many questions and am unable to finish any of them. Mum and Liv sit on the sofa. I glance around and notice Liam has his arms wrapped tightly around Katie. He looks so happy I think he might cry. Lauie's standing next to Harry with her arm drapped over his shoulder.

"Well, Niall and Zayn called a few weeks ago and asked us to come visit for 2 weeks so we could be here for Christmas. They arranged everything. All we had to do, was pack...", mum says. More tears stream down Liv's face now as she gets up off the couch and hugs Niall.

"T-Thank you. You have no idea what this means to me...", she whispers. I can't hold back my tears anymore either as I hug Zayn.

"What she said...", I sob, as he wraps his arms around me and chuckles.

We get mum & dad settled in Niall & Liv's old loft, Lauie & Katie get settled in Liam's. Louis & El are going to stay in the 'nursery', and Liam & Harry are going to stay in Harry's old loft. We decide to order a pizza for supper because it's getting late and no one wants to cook. As we eat, people are laughing and talking. I look around the room at everyone's faces, everyone I love is here...well, almost everyone. Zayn rubs his hand up my back, pulling me out of my thoughts. "You ok, love?", he whispers.

"Y-yeah. I'm just going to...I-I have to go to the loo", I say, as I get up. A lump forms in my throat and I try to swallow it down. There's another knock at the door, then.

"Um, Mia since your up, why don't you grab the door", Zayn says, nonchalantly.

"I was just going to go to the bathroom", I answer, irritated.

"I can get it...", Liv says, as she begins to stand. I see Niall grab her hand and gently pull her back.

"Mia's up, let her do it...", he says. I sigh, biting my lip. I want to snap at both of them but not in front of my mum and dad. I cross over the living room and open the door.

"MIA!", Sophie screams, as she throws her little arms around my waist. I'm shocked and speechless and overwhelmed. My chin quivers as I bend down, swoop her up into my arms and hug her tight. I can't hold back the flood of tears that consume my face.

"Sophie?!", I sob.

Zayn walks up behind me and wraps his arms around us both, "Merry Christmas", he whispers. I turn to face him, still clinging to Sophie.

I can't stop crying.

I wrap an arm around him and sob through my kisses "I love you so much...", I sob.

"LIV!", Sophie screams. I let her down and she runs over throwing her arms around Liv's neck. Liv's crying too as she hugs her tight. I wrap both of my arms tightly around Zayn's waist and just hold him.

I am so overwhelmed with emotion, I can't think.

All I can do is let him hold me while I cry into his chest. Looking around the room again, everyone else is crying right along with me.

This is going to be the best Christmas any of us have ever had.

Zayn's POV

Simon walks in after Sophie and I shake his hand. "Thank you for helping me out with this...", I say as I watch Mia and Liv hug and kiss Sophie. "Any problems?", I ask.

"Yes, but nothing I couldn't deal with. You sure you want to do this?", Simon asks me then.

"Look at them, Simon. Just like our song says, 'it was meant to be'...", I say as tears roll down my face.

"You really love her don't you?", he asks me.

"I really do. If I could give her the world, I would...", I whisper, walking over and sitting on the floor next to Mia and Sophie. Sophie gets up and wraps her arms around my neck and gives my cheek a kiss.

"Thank you, Zaynie...", she squeaks.

"You're welcome Sophie...", I whisper.

"Will you sing me a song?", she squeaks again.

"I think we can definitely do that, love...", I say, still hugging her. Everything about her just tugs at my heart and I know this is where she belongs, with Mia and I.

Niall grabs his guitar and starts strumming.

Stand Up - One Direction

From the moment I met you, everything changed

I knew I had to get you, whatever the pain

I had to take you and make you mine (take you and make you mine)

I would walk through the desert

I would walk down the aisle

I would swim all the oceans just to see you smile

Whatever it takes is fine (whatever it takes is fine)

Oh oh ohh oh

So put your hands up

Oh oh ohh oh

'Cause it’s a stand up

I won’t be leaving

‘Til I finish stealing

Every piece of your heart

Every piece of your heart

I know your heart's been broken but don’t you give up

I’ll be there, yeah I know it to fix you with love

It hurts me to think that you’ve ever cried (you’ve ever cried)

Oh oh ohh oh

So put your hands up

Oh oh ohh oh

'Cause it’s a stand up

I won’t be leaving

‘Til I finish stealing

Every piece of your heart

Every piece of your heart

Oh oh ohh oh

So put your hands up

Oh oh ohh oh

'Cause it’s a stand up

I won’t be leaving

‘Til I finish stealing

Every piece of your heart

And I will steal us a car

And we will drive to the stars.

I will give you the moon.

It’s the least I can do

If you give me the chance.

Oh oh ohh oh

So put your hands up

Oh oh ohh oh

'Cause it’s a stand up

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

You can call me a thief

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

But you should know your part

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

I’m only here

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

Because you stole my heart

Oh oh ohh oh (I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

So put your hands up

Oh oh ohh oh (I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

'Cause it’s a stand up

I won’t be leaving

'Til I finish stealing

Every piece of your heart

'Cause you stole my heart

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

Call me a thief

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

But you should know your part

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

I’m only here

(I’m a thief, I’m a thief)

Because you stole my heart

Kristin's POV

"Harry, Harry, Harry... You've been naughty...", I whisper, as I lay out all of the photos I've taken of him and her, since he said we needed a 'break'. My dorm room opens.

"Hey Kristin. What's with all the Harry Styles pics?", Julie asks me.

"This is Niall Horan's wife isn't it. She's really pretty, huh?", she asks, picking up one of her pictures. I grab it out of her hand.

"What do you want?", I snap.

"Since when have you become such a fan? You never were before", she says. "This is their tour date schedule isn't it?"

I grab it out of her hands and stand up facing her. "Why don't you just leave before I do something I might regret...", I growl, glaring at her. I see her put her hands up and surrender.

"Jesus Kristin? What's your damage lately? You're seriously coming unglued! You might want to consider going to a therapist or something...", she snaps, as she leaves slamming the door behind her. I sit back down at my desk.

"If I can't have you, no one will...", I scream, picking up a pencil and stabbing the faces out of all the pictures. I grab the tour schedule and pull on my black hoodie before walking out the door.


I watch quietly from outside the back of the bus until I see them all come out. Liam, Louis and Zayn come first. Followed by Harry, and the bitch, and Niall. Poor Niall, doesn't he see what's right under his nose. Harry has his hand under her elbow and the sight of it makes me sick. She's such a needy little slut. I don't know what any of them see in her. She doesn't deserve Niall, or Harry. In fact, she doesn't deserve that baby either. I follow them as they walk into the back of the arena, just as the door is about to close behind them, I shove my foot in it's path. I am really going to enjoy this. I slide in behind them and close the door.

Niall's POV

Christmas was awesome. Liv and Mia had a great vacation with their mum, dad, Lauie and Katie. They helped us pick out furniture and supplies for the nursery. Her mum even threw her an impromptu baby shower. Christmas morning was so special, we all exchanged presents together, but the best part was easily Sophie's reaction to everything. Santa had never come to her before, and Mia made sure, it was a morning she would never forget. Zayn & Mia have filled out all the adoption papers so that she can stay with them permanently. Simon has been calling in favours from just about everyone he knows to make sure it happens. Sophie was allowed to stay with them until the New Year and then she had to go back to her foster home. Just until the hearing, which is scheduled for the beginning of March. Their plan, is for Mia to find a house and have her room ready for when she comes back. Unfortunately, that also means she has to stay back at the flat during this leg of our tour. Lauie and Katie decided to stay in London with her for a while longer, to help with the house hunt, while Zayn is away. The morning that Liv's mum and dad flew back home, was a tearful one. I hate to see her that upset. I wish I could make it so that she would never have to cry or hurt again.

As for the lads and I, our tour resumed at the beginning of January. Liv decided she would prefer to be with me still. I think she's worried about going into labour and me not being there, even though we're still touring the UK, and I'd most likely be able to make it back in time . I was actually relieved when she said she was coming back out with us. The thought of being away from her drives me crazy. She keeps to herself most of the time. Usually I find her curled up reading in an obscure corner of the bus or playing on her guitar, singing to the baby. She's even started doing a little song writing, although she won't let me, or anyone else, read any of it. During our evening performances she usually just stays on the bus and goes to bed early. She's 7 months pregnant now and all belly. I can tell she's uncomfortable. She's also started talking in her sleep. It doesn't happen every night, but when it does, we all just lay there quietly listening. Sometimes she dreams about the baby and we can't help but smile, but other times, she dreams about what happened back in Toronto. None of us like to hear her relive that nightmare. Usually, if I just pull her close and hold her, she'll settle herself down, but, there has been the odd night that she's woken up screaming. On those nights, it takes more than just a snuggle to calm her down.

I wish I could take those memories away from her.

"Love?", I whisper in Liv's ear, and rub her back.

"Uh huh?", she mumbles half asleep. She was feeling tired after rehearsals today so she laid herself on our bed in the bus.

"I brought you some supper...", I say.

"Thanks, but I'm not hungry...", she whispers back.

"Do you feel ok?", I ask. Harry appears at the top of the stairs now with Zayn following close behind.

"My back hurts, down here...", Liv says, rubbing her lower back. I glance at my watch, it's almost time for our show.

"Why don't you come inside the arena and lay in the green room? There's a big sofa in there and a TV where you can watch the show. We can check on you between songs too...", I say.

"Okay...", she whispers, sitting up.

I help her to her feet, grabbing her a pillow and a blanket. Harry helps me get her down the stairs and into the arena. We get her settled on the sofa and leave to go to our dressing rooms.

At least I won't have to go far to check on her.

Liv's POV

I haven't been feeling right all day today. I feel really tired and my back is killing me. I sit and watch the boys rehearse most of the day. Walking when I can't sit anymore, and sitting when I can't walk anymore.

I just can't seem to get comfortable.

I miss Mia, I wish she were here with me. I miss my mum. A lump forms in my throat and I take a drink of water to wash it away. Finally, when the guys break for supper I feel a wave of relief wash over me. "Niall, I need to go lay down...", I say. He helps me back to the bus where I lay on my side, on our bed propping a pillow under my belly for support. This feels a little better, I think, as I drift off to sleep.

Niall wakes me a while later, he brought me my supper. I can't eat, I feel nauseous and my lower back is killing me. Niall has a show tonight so I do my best not to make a big deal, I don't want to worry him before he hits the stage. Harry and Niall help me to the green room. I'll just lay down here until they're done for the night. "Thanks...", I mumble, as they try to get me comfortable. Niall kneels down in front of me.

"Liv you look pale, are you sure you're alright?", he asks, concern all over his beautiful face.

I put on my best poker face and say, "Yes. I'm fine just tired..." They all stare at me, doubtful. "Go, really. I'm good...", I say, trying to sound reassuring. Niall leans in and pushes his lips to mine, then they all disappear out the door. After a couple minutes of adjusting my pillow, I fall back into a deep sleep.


I wake, to a sharp pain ripping through my entire body some time later. I sit up quickly and try breathing my way through it. That's when I notice someone standing in the far corner of the now darkened room. "Aagh!", I scream in agony, as I pant to try to catch my breath. "Help me please. C-Can you g-go g-get my husband...", I plead, as another sharp pain paralysis me. It's the worst pain I've ever felt in my entire life, and to call it the worst pain of my life doesn’t even begin to do it justice. Just as I recover from one blow another rolls through my body, crashing down and knocking the wind out of me again. "Aagghh", I scream, louder now. I never expected to be one of those women who scream during labour, if this is labour, but it's almost like some primal instinct has taken over. I can't open my eyes, I'm all to consumed by what's happening to the inside of my body. "HELP ME PLEASE!", I scream. Hot tears flood my face, as someone flicks the light on to the green room. "Harry! Get Niall, quick!", I scream. I pant as he stands there staring at the person in the corner. My vision clears just long enough for me to see... Kristin. "Aaagh!", I scream again and the pain rips through me again as I crumble back against the sofa. I feel like giving up.

I whimper and beg now for someone, anyone to help me.

Something hits the blanket. Harry's phone. He's standing almost directly in front of me so that he's blocking her view. I hit his speed dial with a shaky hand, hit send and pray it's Niall's number as another stabbing pain consumes me. "Aagghh! Please god...", I shout.

Harry's POV

"What are you doing here?", I say to Kristin, trying to keep my voice calm. Liv's behind me crying in pain, but I don't dare move to get Niall. As I stare at the knife in her hand, I know my only choice is to keep myself between her and Liv. I reach slowly into my back pocket and pull out my phone, tossing it lightly at Liv. She's in so much pain I hope she's able to use it. "What are you doing here, Kristin?", I ask again. I see only hate in her blue eyes now, when I look at her.

"She did this to us...", she screams at me.

I shake my head no, "No Kristin. Liv is like a sister to me, remember I told you that..."

"Liar!, I see how you look at her. No brother ever looks at his sister the way you look at her! You love her!", she screams. I glance back at Liv, she's crying and It's killing me that I can't help her. I hear another scream pass her lips as her breathing becomes more shallow.

"Harry, please...", Liv begs.

"SHUT UP!", Kristin screams.

"What do you want from me Kristin? For me to tell you you're right. Fine, you're right I do love her and not like a sister, but like you, I will never be able to have what I want because she doesn't love me back...", I shout, hoping Liv's to out of it to hear what I just said.

The door to the room opens just then and I take full advantage of the distraction. I lunge at Kristin grabbing the knife. She and I wrestle with it, until Paul wraps a huge hand around Kristin's wrist and gives it a snap. The bone breaks with a loud snap and Kristin screams in pain as the knife falls to the ground. "Get her out of her Paul and get Niall!", I shout as I run over to Liv.

"Sssh, It's ok. Everything's going to be ok?", I say, picking up my phone and calling for an ambulance.

"Aaagh!", Liv screams again and I hold her hand.

"Liv, remember your breathing. In through your nose and out through your mouth. Slow and steady. C'mon Liv do it with me, please...", I beg, tears streaming down my face.

This whole thing is my fault.

I did this.

"I'm so sorry...", I whisper, as Niall and the others come running in.

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