Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


35. Chapter 35

Zayn's POV

After Simon left we all made our way back to the house. It's a little past 2 pm. "We should probably start packing up some stuff...", I suggest to everyone. I take Mia's hand in mine and kiss the rings on her finger. "Let's go, love..."

"I'm really going to miss it here, it's so private and peaceful. Do you think we could come back sometime?", she sighs, as I close the bedroom door.

"Maybe next summer", I answer her, pulling her in close to my chest.

"Zayn?", she whispers.

"Yeah", I whisper back.

"I'll sign one too, if you want...", she whispers. I pull her away from me and look deep in her eyes.

"Mia, I don't want you too...", I say.

"But, maybe he's right about this part. I mean if something were to ever happen between us, we don't know how we would react, maybe if we pre-planned it then you wouldn't have to worry...", Mia explains. I push my lips against hers to shut her up.

"I love you. I don't want to talk about this anymore...", I say.


The next 4 weeks seem to fly by. The lads and I are busy with rehearsals. The girls come with us some days and stay at the flat on others. They seem to have adjusted well to the temporary move in the flat downtown. Everyone in the world knows Mia and I are married now, and everyone in the world knows that Niall and Liv are expecting a baby. There have been a few hateful remarks, but the lads and I, have done our best to keep the girls sheltered from the worst of it.

Simon has had both Liv and Mia in the recording studio a few times, plugging away at their first album. Yes, you heard right. Both have decided to give it a try, after alot of convincing by Niall and Simon. They're in no way ready to open for us yet, but they already have quite a fan base. We leave to start our tour in 2 days and Simon is sending us to go check out the tour bus he's planning to rent, to make sure it's comfortable for everyone.

"Are you ready, love?", I ask.

"Yup", Mia says, walking out of our bedroom. She's wearing a pair of black skinny jeans and a black 'Ramones' t-shirt with a black leather jacket and heeled black ankle boots. Her hair is cascading down around her shoulders in loose curls. It keeps falling in front of her eye on one side and she keeps tucking it behind her ear. I wrap my arms around her waist and pull her close kissing her soft lips.

"You look like quite a bad ass in this outfit. It's turning me on", I whisper. She just smiles at me and pushes her lips on mine.

"Let's go get Niall and Liv. We don't want to keep the other boys waiting", she says. We walk downstairs and knock at their door.

"Come in you guys...", Niall calls. We open the door and see him sitting on the sofa flipping through the channels. "She's not ready yet", he says, smiling.

"I'll go help her...", Mia says and walks down to their bedroom. I plop down on the sofa with Niall and we start watching TV.

Mia's POV

"Liv?", I say pushing the bedroom door open. She's standing in front of the mirror in just her yoga pants and a tee.

"I look gross", she says, trying to stretch her t-shirt over her bump. Unsuccessfully, I might add.

"No you don't, you look beautiful", I say.

"Mia, look at me. I'm only 3 months along and it's already difficult to tie my own shoes!", she says, tears pooling in her eyes.

"Part of the problem Liv, is that you refuse to go buy yourself some clothes that fit. You're still trying to squeeze yourself into your old ones. That's just not going to happen. Not until this little one comes out..." I say, patting her significantly larger baby bump. "After we look at this bus, let me take you shopping. Please. I can help you feel better about this whole thing. Trust me...", I say, wiping her tears and hugging her. I take her hand in mine and we walk out the door. "Hey Niall, I think Liv needs to get herself a few new things. Can we go, after we look at the bus?", I ask.

"I've been trying to take her for the past 2 weeks! Of course we can...", he says, eagerly as he puts his arms around Liv and pulls her close. She blushes and looks down. He tips her chin up with his fingers and presses his lips to hers. "You're beautiful and I love you...", he whispers. She hugs him back.

"Touching. Let's go...", I say, trying not to gag, but secretly loving it on the inside.

As we drive through London in Zayn's car, he notices a car trailing us. "Ok guys, paps are out today. Just be prepared when we get to the rv place...", he says. We pull onto a lot and drive to the back of the building. Harry, Liam and Louis are already there waiting for us. Harry steps over to the car and opens Liv's door to help her out as Niall, Zayn and I all get out together. Zayn takes his place beside me and entwines my fingers with his. I glance back and Niall has Liv's hand in his. Harry walking closely beside her on the other side. She and Harry have really developed quite a brother/sister relationship over the past few weeks. It's having a positive affect on him. He's even been dating this UOL student, named 'Kristin', and he seems to really like her. He's definitely not as much of a player as he used to be.

Zayn's grip on my hand gets a little firmer as I see 3 paps running in our direction. "Hey guys", he says. "Snap your pics and let us through, okay?", he says, as we stop and smile. Then Paul comes walking out of a bus followed by Preston and Sean, and clears our path.

"Right up those stairs", he says to us, in his deep gruff voice.

"Watch your step Liv", I say, as we enter the huge red bus. Simon's already there waiting for us. He shakes the boys hands and kisses me and Liv on the cheek.

"How's the littlest 'directioner' doing?", he asks, smiling and giving Liv's tummy a pat. "You look tired Liv. Niall are you taking good care of her?", Simon asks, concerned.

"I'm trying", Niall answers.

"Ok, this is the one I picked out. Have a look around and let me know what you think...", he says. It has a kitchen, bathroom with stand up shower, sink and toilet, and seating area for 10-12 people on the main level, then, you walk up about 6 stairs to the upper level, where there are 2 larger bunks, one at each end, with queen sized beds, and in the middle there are 8 single sized bunks, with loads of storage.

"It's bigger than our last bus", Liam says.

"Think you'll be comfortable", Niall asks Liv.

"I probably won't be comfortable anywhere before to long...", she sighs. Niall gives her a squeeze.

"It's good Simon, thanks", I say.

Liv's POV

I step outside the bus to get some air and Harry follows me out. "You ok, love? You look pale", he asks. I shake my head and tears fall.

"I don't know what's wrong with me Harry", I sob, as he pulls me in for a hug.

"I do, love. This!", he says, smiling as he puts his hand on my belly.

"What if I get so big that I can't use that tiny little bathroom?", I sob, and he chuckles.

"Then, we'll get you a bucket or something...", he teases, and I can't help but laugh. He kisses the top of my head. "It'll all work out. You'll see...", he says.

"Harry!", someone yells from inside the bus. "I'll be back", he says disappearing inside. I wipe my eyes and walk around the bus admiring it. It's quite huge and very red.

"I guess that's why they call it the "Big Red Bus", I mumble to myself. I turn to head back inside and I'm flooded with guys and camera's. They're all shouting at me for a picture. "Let me through, please...", I say, as I try to get around them to go back inside. They're blocking me at every turn and I start to panick. My breathing starts to pick up and shallows, as I wrap my arms around myself. "Let me through, please...", I shout, as my head swims and everything and everyone blurs out of focus. I lean against the bus to keep from falling.

"Hey! Get away from her...", someone shouts, as my knees buckle and I slide to the ground. That's the last thing I remember before I'm swallowed by darkness.

Niall's POV

"Harry!", Lou shouts, and he reappears back inside the bus.

"She alright?", I ask.

"She looks pale, but I think so. She's worried about not being able to fit in the loo...", Harry answers me chuckling, and we all laugh.

"I'll see if they have a bus that has a bigger loo...", Simon says, as he takes out his phone and dials.

"What's that?", Liam asks, as we hear shouting outside. We exit the bus to see a crowd of about 10 paps all crowded around Liv. I can't even see her.

"Let me through, please!", she shouts. Liam runs off to grab Paul and the others.

"Hey, Get away from her!", I shout, as I try desperately to push my way through the crowd. Sometimes I really hate the paparazzi. She leans against the bus with her arms wrapped tightly around herself as she falls to the ground. "Shit! Liv!", I yell.

By now Paul and the others pretty well have the crowd controlled as I pick Liv up and carry her back in the bus and lay her on one of the benches. "Water...", Mia says, handing me a bottle. I can tell she's worried.

Harry's outside yelling profanities at the pap, "Stay here, love...", Zayn says, as he steps off the bus.

"Olivia, love?", I whisper. Kneeling beside her, holding her hand in mine. "Should we call an ambulance?", Simon asks, concerned.

"Yes, please...", Mia says. Simon hangs up and calls emergency services.


We get to the hospital a short time later, and the doctor checks Liv out before coming out to get me. "She's awake, now. Come in. I'd like to talk to you both together...", he says, and my pulse quickens.

"Is my daughter ok?", I ask.

"Yes, for now...", he answers.

"Liv...", I say, walking over to her bed and pulling her into a big hug. "You scared me half to death", I whisper.

"Sorry", she mumbles.

"Ok, so basically when you're stressed, your blood pressure shoots up, which stresses the baby. You have to try to keep yourself calm for the duration of your pregnancy. The nurse will be in to go over some breathing techniques with you. Try to avoid stressful situations and environments. For the next couple of weeks, I want you on bed rest...", he finishes. I look at Liv and see tears spilling out of her eyes.

"Will this eventually go away", I ask.

"Probably not until she delivers, but we can manage it quite easily. What we don't want is for it to worsen, as it could lead to premature delivery or worse, miscarriage...", he answers, matter of factly.

"Thanks Doc", I say, as he leaves.

I lay down on the bed with Liv, pull her close to me and let her cry. "Everything will be fine", I whisper. I just hope I'm right.

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