Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


33. Chapter 33

Liv's POV

"What do you want to do tonight?" I ask, as Niall guides me out of the front room and to our bedroom. He sighs as he wraps his arms around me and pulls me close.

"I know what I want to do...", he says, kissing my neck.

"Mmm, that feels nice...", I say, wrapping my arms around his neck. Then he nibbles on my ear and I can't help but giggle.

"Do you want to do what I want to do?" he teases.

"Um, I don't know... what do you want to do...", I tease back.

"Make love to my beautiful wife. All. Night. Long...", he says in this low sexy voice.

Oh my...

My face flushes and my stomach flip flops. "Let's make love now...", he whispers and plants a soft kiss on my cheek. "Then, we'll have a picnic on the bed, and I'll feed you some chocolate covered strawberries...", he continues.

A groan escapes my lips.

"Then, we'll make love, again...", he whispers and plants another soft kiss on my forehead. "Then we'll have a bath together, naked...", he whispers, and I bit my lip. He has no idea what he's doing to me. I'm wet with anticipation. "Then, we'll make love again in the tub...", he whispers. He positions his lips right next to mine but not making contact, and then runs his tongue across my bottom lip. I'm trying to catch my breath, but holy wow, I couldn't be anymore turned on right now. My hormones are already in 'overdrive', because of the pregnancy. He stands there looking into my eyes with his deep blue ones, my face flushes and my body trembles. "How does that sound to you?", he whispers, smiling this amazing smile.

"Oh, um okay, I mean t-that well...really, really good...", I whisper.

"Well then, let's not waste anymore time talking about it then", he says, before pushing his lips against mine.

Oh god... he tastes even better tonight for some reason. He runs his hands down my back and tucks them inside my pants, never breaking contact with my lips. His kisses are deep, his tongue glides in and out of my mouth. He runs his hands back up, pulling my t-shirt off as they go and let's it fall to the ground. I search for the end of his shirt, peel it off and throw it on top of mine. He runs his lips along my shoulders and up my neck, kissing, teasing. I slide my hands down the front of his pants and undo his button and zipper, his pants fall loosely to the floor. He runs his hands from one side of my waist to the other, his finger positioned just under the band of my yoga pants. He kneels down in front of me and slides them to the floor, stopping on the way back up to kiss my baby bump, it sends shivers right up my spine. His lips find mine again as he lifts me up and I wrap my legs around his waist. He turns me around and gently leans me against the wall. I'm panting now because I want him so badly.

I need him so badly.

Every inch of me aches in anticipation.

I gasp as he slowly pushes his way inside of me, filling me. He thrusts his hips gently against mine and I match everyone of his with one of my own. I'm moaning louder now, I just can't help it. "Ssshh...", he says, smiling through his kisses.

It feel so good.

He feels so good.

I let out a cry as the wave hits my body, once, twice, three times. His body shakes against mine as he lets go. "Wow...", he whispers in my ear still buried inside me. My heart is racing and I'm trying to catch my breath.

I smile at him, "This is going to be a great night...", I whisper, as he brings me over to the bed and gently lays me down on it. I gasp again as he pulls away from me breaking our connection and sending little after shocks ripping through my body. He covers me with the bed sheets and then slips his pants back on.

"I'll be right back, love...", he whispers, before pushing his lips against mine again and heading for the door. My body is exhausted and my eyes are getting heavy. I don't know if I'll be able to do that again tonight, but I'm damn well going to try.

Niall's POV

I come back into the room 5 minutes later carrying a picnic basket. I had pre-planned this evening, so El and Mia helped me pack it earlier. She sits up in the bed smiling holding a sheet around her, she looks completely undone but absolutely stunning. I love her so much I can't even begin to put it into words. I sit cross legged next to her on the bed. "Hungry?", I ask.

"Starving...", she answers, still looking quite flush. I pull out 2 take out containers from Nando's and see her eyebrows shoot up. "Is that Peri Peri Chicken?", she laughs.

"Of course!", I say smiling, as I hand her a container and a fork. I watch her as she lays back against the headboard and eats the entire container. She has a bit of sauce on her lip so I lean in and lick it off for her.

She groans and I push my lips against hers.

"Wait, I haven't had my strawberries yet...", she says, as I push the basket and containers completely off the bed and lay on top of her.

"Sorry, I just can't wait", I say and she giggles.

Zayn's POV

"You ready, babe?", I ask.

"Sure, where are we going?", Mia asks.

"It's a surprise. Do you trust me?", I ask and her eyebrows shoot up.

"I don't think you've ever asked me that before?", she says smiling. "If I didn't, I probably wouldn't still be here...", she says, matter of factly, before pressing her lips to mine. I pull out of her kiss and wag a finger in front of her beautiful face.

"Uh, uh. That comes later...", I tease, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her out the door.

As we get in the heli, she sighs, "Didn't your mother ever tell you that It's not nice to keep secrets, especially from the one you love..."

"Sorry love, put this on...", I say handing her a blindfold. She looks at it for a second and smiles.

Her eyebrows shoot up again before she smiles and says "Oh, Mr. Malik this deserves a 'dirty'!".

I blush at her words. "Um, maybe later...", I say, as she ties it around her eyes.

"Is this really necessary?", she complains.


"Why?", she asks. I can't help but laugh.

"I'm trying to be romantic and you're ruining it!"

"Oh, okay. I'll stop...", she says.

"Thank you..."

It's quiet for literally 5 seconds and then, "Zayn?".

I shake my head, chuckling, "Yes my love?".

"Are we almost there yet?", she asks.

"Shut up love...", I say, pushing my lips against hers. She wraps her arms around my neck, giggling. I love to hear her giggle.

"Ok, watch your step...", I say, taking her hand. "Take your blindfold off...". I watch as she lowers it so that it's hanging around her neck.

"Oh my! The London eye! You brought me to the "London EYE!", she yells, jumping up and down, wrapping her arms around my neck. I press my lips to hers then turn her around so she can take in the view. I wrap my arms around her waist.

"Look over there, that's the River Thames...", I say, pointing. "This is Europe's tallest and most popular Ferris Wheel. It's also the perfect spot to steal a kiss, sip champagne and overlook all of London...", I say.

"You sound like a tourist brochure, but I love that you brought me here. Thank you...", she whispers.

"Let's go...", I say, taking her hand. The wheel looks amazing at night because it's decorated with hundreds of lights.

"What if we get mobbed?", she asks, hesitantly.

"Not going to happen, it's all ours for the next hour..."

"Seriously?", she asks.

"There are certain advantages to being a celebrity, love...", I answer, trying not to sound arrogant.

We climb in the one of the seats and the operator fastens us in. He then hands us each a champagne glass and half fills them. "Ready?" I ask.

"Absolutely!", she says and I can tell she's super excited. I hear her gasp as we get to the top and she looks out over the river and all of London. "Oh my, this is breathtaking...", she whispers.

"So are you...", I say, smiling. She looks deep into my eyes.

"How can I be so absolutely, positively, utterly, in love with you, Zayn? It's so strong that it scares me...", she whispers. Tears spring to my eyes as I run my hand along the side of her face.

"Mia, I've never felt this way about anyone before, either. I can't even begin to tell you how much you mean to me...", I say, pulling her towards me and pushing my lips against hers. My heart just feels like it's going to explode. We spend the next hour kissing, sipping our champagne and staring at a beautifully lit up London.


It's only about 9pm by the time we make it back home. The house is dark and quiet. "What should we do now?", she murmurs, pulling out the blindfold I gave her earlier. I smile as I lead her up to our bedroom.

Mia's POV

I start kissing him before we're even in the privacy of our own room. "Do you trust me?", I ask, batting my eyelashes at him and he nods his head 'yes'. I kiss his neck, and chest opening his shirt as I go. I take the blindfold and wrap it around his eyes. He shivers as I run my fingernails up and down his back. I unbutton his trousers and pull them to the ground. Then I push him backwards so that he falls onto the bed. I peel off my clothes as he waits patiently and listens. I sit on top of him and I can feel just how excited he is. This is my chance at a little payback for what happened at the slide. I kiss his neck and nibble at his ears. He moans as I run my tongue along each of his fingers and suck. I move further down and kiss his chest, running my tongue further and further down. He's shaking now, as I take him in my mouth. His hands grasp my hair as his moans get louder.

"Oh my god!", he whispers. I know he's close so I stop. He groans his displeasure. I sit on top of him and position myself so that he's just at my opening. Then I grab his wrists and hold them down. He thrusts against me in an attempt to gain entrance but I keep myself just slightly out of reach. "Mia, don't. Please, I need you..." he says, somewhat panicky.

I put my lips at his ear and say, "It's not so nice when it's happening to you is it love..." He squirms beneath me, as he struggles against me. I can't help but giggle. Then I give him what he's craving so badly for, as I plunge myself onto him, deeply. He cries out in relief as I let his wrists go and move my hips against his.

He rips off his blindfold, his cheeks are quite flushed. "I can't believe you did that...", he says, smiling.

"Which part?", I ask, giggling. He quick, swift rolls me over so that he's on top of me and grabs my wrists. I giggle. He leans in and pushes his lips on mine exploring the inside of my mouth with his tongue. He lets my wrists go then and entwines our fingers, putting his forehead against mine. It's then that I see tears rolling down his cheeks. "What's wrong?", I ask him, startled.

"I don't want to be separated from you, ever. I'm scared of what will happen after tomorrow...", he says, as I kiss away his tears.

"We'll find a way to stay together...Don't worry...", I whisper, wrapping my arms around the back of his neck and running my hands through his hair. My mouth finds his again and we thrust against each other in perfect rhythm until the wave hits us both at the same time. He rolls over, pulls me onto his chest and kisses the top of my head.

"Together. Forever...", he whispers.

"Together. Forever...", I whisper back.

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