Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


32. Chapter 32

Liam's POV

"Are you sure I can't talk you into staying?", I whisper to Katie as I hold her in my arms.

"Liam, I want to finish University and get my Degree. I'm sorry...", she says.

"I had a great time this summer, because of you...", I say.

"Me too, and who knows, maybe another place & another time, we'll see each other again...", she says before pressing her lips to mine. Lauie's saying her goodbye's to everyone as well. I know that Liv and Mia are disappointed with their decision not to persue a music career and to go back home. I think they liked having other girls around. Harry's a bit disappointed as well, he liked Lauie but she kept turning him down everytime he asked her out. That doesn't happen to him very often. "Niall, you better take extra good care of your beautiful wife and daughter...", Katie says, giving Liv a pat on the belly.

"And Zayn, keep Mia out of trouble!", Lauie adds, raising her eyebrows.

"That's like trying to keep a fish from swimming, but I'll do my best...", he teases.

"Come home for a visit soon. And take lots of pictures, we want to see you when you're as big as a house...", Lauie says to Liv. We all watch and wave as they make their way to the heli. A lump forms in my throat as I watch her go and we all go back in the house and gather in the front room.

"Ok guys, this is our last night of summer. Tomorrow Uncle Sime comes to go over the new Tour plans and to find out what you girls are doing. Have you decided yet?", I ask Liv and Mia. Liv is sitting on the floor between Nialls legs. He has his arms wrapped around her waist tracing circles on her baby bump. Mia is sitting on Zayn's lap on the sofa.

"I think my decision has already been made for me...", Liv says, pointing to her belly. "I don't think Simon will want 'all this'", she giggles.

"Why not? I do... Besides, it doesn't affect how you sing, and after the baby's born we can take some time off, together...", Niall says.

"I'm kind of just happy the way things are now. Did you know that 98% of celebrity relationships don't work out. It's hard enough juggling around one person's hectic schedule but when there are two... I want our daughter to have at least one consistant parent. I've thought about this alot Mia and my answer is 'no'...", Liv says, she mouth's the word "Sorry" to Mia.

"What about you love?", Zayn asks.

Mia sighs, "If Simon wants just me, I'd still like to give it a try...", she says, looking at Zayn.

"Are you sure?" Zayn asks her.

"I think I'd regret it, if I didn't", she says.

"Ok, Where this is our last official night of 'summer fun', we should head to the 'Ministry of Sound'. It has three dance floors and three bars. It's London's hottest nightclub...", I suggest.

"Um, count us out...", Niall says, as he helps Liv up off the floor. "I want to spend the evening alone with the most beautiful girl in the world..." Liv blushes and I can't help but smile as we watch them leave the room.

"Aww, isn't that sweet...", Mia says, pretending to stick her finger down her throat and gag.

"Well actually, I was hoping to have tonight alone with the most beautiful smartass in the world...", Zayn teases.

"Aww, it's not as sickening when you're the one saying it...", Mia says, pressing her lips to Zayns.

"What about you guys?" I ask, turning to Harry, Louis and El.

"I'm definitely in mate...", Harry says.

"I think El and I will pass too, if that's ok...", Lou says. It sucks being single sometimes.

"Just you and me tonight, Liam", Harry says, smiling. I roll my eyes. Harry decides to drive us to the club in his new Audi R8 Coup.

"Sweet ride. One of us has to not drink tonight mate, and since we're driving you're car, I guess you're the designated driver", I say happily.

"What's that?", Harry says pointing to a dead end street. He speeds up and starts honking his horn. We watch as three guys take off running. One of them seems to be pulling his pants up. Harry jumps out of the car, "Liam, come help me!", he shouts.

Kristin's POV

My heart is beating loudly in my ears as I run. How could a perfectly awesome night out with a friend turn so terribly wrong. My name is Kristin and I'm 19 years old. I have bright blue eyes and black hair with bright red streaks. I keep it longer on the sides and shorter in the back, so everyone can see the cross tattoo at the base of my neck. My best friend Julie and I are new students at the UOL (University of London), all the way from New York.

The semester is about to begin, this is our last weekend to party before academics become our lives. We decided to blow off a little steam by clubbing. We were at this place called 'Ministry of Sound'. It's the most popular club in London, attracting over 5000 people each weekend. Julie and I were dancing when I needed a bathroom break. Next thing I knew some guy pushed me into a stall and started man handling me. I kicked him in the groin and he doubled over in pain. I took my chance and got the hell out of there. I went back over to Julie to tell her what had happened, when I saw the douch bag from the bathroom again, with like 2 other guys flanking him, scanning the crowd for me. I froze as our eyes locked momentarily. I decided not to talk to Julie, no point putting her in danger as well. I'd text her later as I pushed my way through the club and outside.

I don't know these guys, so what the fuck did they want with me. I'm glad I have my black high tops on, because running in heels would of been a bitch. I run down the street glancing back only once and see they are not far away.


I run to the end of the block and round the corner only to find the street blocked off by a chain link fence. I decide to go for it and start climbing. I was almost to the top when I feel someone's hand grab my ankle and yank me back down. I fall back to the ground, hard. "What the hell, man!", I yell, shaking my head trying to get my bearings. He and his asshole friends just hovering over me smiling. "What the fuck do you want?", I shout again. The one guy licks his lips. Bile rises up in the back of my throat.

"You're pretty...", he says, with a growl.

"Yeah, well you're an ugly asshole...", I shout getting to my feet and trying to make a run for it. One of them grabs me around my waist as I kick, scream and thrash around. Then one guy starts to undo his belt buckle, that's when I realize just how much trouble I'm really in.

"Hold her down!", he shouts, while the other two grab my arms and pull me back down to the ground. He unzippers his pants and fumbles with the button and zipper on my black skinny jeans. I scream and kick and hit him in the groin again. He doubles over in pain. I manage to get one of the other guys hands close enough to my mouth to bite down as hard as I can. "You bitch!", he screams. By now the other guy is back on top of me and I feel the back of his hand connect with the side of my face. I'm out of it now, but I can still hear them laughing and feel them as they pull my pants down, but I can't fight back. The world is spinning violently around me and I feel like I'm going to be sick.

I hear honking and one guy say "Car man! Run!", and then nothing.

Harry's POV

"Help me mate...", I say to Liam as I pick the girl up off the ground. Liam pulls her jeans back up, buttons them and we put her in the back of my car. I don't think I've ever driven so fast in my life. Liam and I carry her in, "This girl needs help...", I say to a nurse.

"What happened?", she asks.

"We found her in an alley, 3 guys we're trying to rape her...", I say.

"Lucky for her you were there. Put her here...", she says, pointing to a bed.

"You can go have a seat in the waiting area, I'll come talk to you when we check her out...", she says.

"I hate hospitals...", Liam groans. I know how he feels.

"I just want to make sure she's ok. Then we'll go...", I say. He sits back in the chair. The nurse comes back out about 45 minutes later.

"She's awake, you can go in...", she says.

"Is she alright?", I ask.

"She will be...thanks to you both", she says smiling. I knock on her door before ducking my head in. "Can we come in?", I ask.

She nods her head yes, "My knights in shining armour, I presume?", she says smiling. She has the most amazing blue eyes I've ever seen on anyone, anywhere... ever and she's really pretty. Her dark hair contrasts her fair skin and her dark pink lips perfectly. "Thanks for saving me back there. I would definitely have been screwed had you both not shown up, no pun intended. I'm Kristin Williams...", she says smiling, holding her hand out to me. I take it and look at Liam for a second. "And you are...?", she asks.

"You're kidding, right? Not to sound arrogant or anything but very few girls your age don't know who we are...", I say, sounding really arrogant.

Liam slaps my back, hard, "Ha, Harry you're such a kidder. What he means is a...most people...uh, nevermind... I got nothing...", Liam sighs and sits down.

"Ok, so your name's Harry and you are?", she presses.

"I'm Harry Styles and this is Liam Payne", I answer her, searching her eyes for a spark of recognition.

"Are you ok?", she asks, looking at me like I'm crazy.

"Yeah, sorry. I just can't believe...Nevermind. So you're good, yeah?", I ask.

"Yeah", she answers.

"Ok then, I-I guess we'll be going...Um, nice to meet you", I say, not really wanting to go.

"You too. Thanks again", she says smiling, and gives us a wave.

As Liam and I make our way back out of the hospital, I stop, "Liam, I have to go back for a sec, I uh, forgot my keys", I say. He rolls his eyes.

I knock on her door again "Come in!", she says. I peek my head in just as she's pulling a black 'Rush' T-shirt over her lacy red bra.

"Oh, sorry", I say, blushing an embarrassing shade of red.

"It's fine. Did you forget something?", she asks.

"Um, yeah. My keys...", I say scanning the room.

"Do you mean these ones?", Liam says, as he pulls them from my back pocket. I blush even more.

"Oh, yeah. Ha! They were in my pocket the whole time...", I say, trying to sound believable. "Are you going somewhere?", I ask.

"Yeah, they're letting me go. Nothing they can do for a bruised cheek and ego...", she answers.

"Can we um, give you a ride somewhere then. I mean, since we're leaving too...", I offer. The nurse comes back into the room just then.

"I just need your signature on the discharge paper, love. Aren't you a lucky girl, being saved by two members of 'One Direction'...", she says smiling. I see Kristin's eyes widen as she signs her name to the form, she looks up at us and smiles.

"Now, I understand. I'm sorry. I spend most of my time with my head in books, but my friend Julie has a poster of you guys on the ceiling over her bed... I guess I didn't recognize you because you weren't hanging upside down...", she says, laughing. Liam and I both chuckle.

"So, about that drive", I say.

"Sure, you can take me back to my residence", she says, putting on her high tops and smoothing out her hair.

About 20 minutes later we're pulling up outside her dorm. "Thanks again...", she says getting out. I jump out of the car.

"Can you put your number in?", I ask her handing her my phone. She takes it smiling.

"You probably have every girl in London's number in this thing", she says.

"Yours is the only one I'm interested in right now...", I say smiling, as I get back in the car and drive away.

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