Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
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24. Chapter 24

'Little Things' - (17+) Mature Content - Please Be Advised

Chapter 24

Liv's POV

I open my eyes early Friday morning. I can't believe how quickly the week has flown by. Niall's family left Wednesday and my mum and dad flew back to Nova Scotia yesterday. I was sad to see them go , but we did get to spend 4 wonderful days together. They got to know Niall and his family and everyone got on very well. I hold up my left hand and look at the diamond on my finger, I'm still having difficulty calling Niall my husband. It seems foreign to me somehow. I look over at Niall, he's still sound asleep beside me. My god he's perfect, and he's mine, all mine. As I look at his lips, and his bare chest, my cheeks flush and my pulse races. I gently lift the sheet obstructing my view of his lower half. I lick my dry lips. I glance to his eyes to make sure their still closed. I ache as I take him all in with my eyes. Then without warning hands wrap themselves around my wrists and pin me down to the bed. "What do you think you're doing?", Niall whispers, smiling.

I shake my head, "N-nothing", I say a tad embarrassed . He positions my hands above my head so that he can hold both of my wrists together with just one of his. I can't help but squirm underneath his naked body. He runs his free hand along my jaw holding my face as he presses his lips to mine.

"Should I stop?" he whispers. All I can muster is a quick shake of my head. He moves his hand further down my willing body and groan escapes my lips. He slips 2 fingers inside me as I try to squirm free of his grasp. He holds me in place as he lets his fingers dance. Oh my god, it feels amazing. My body climbs as he plays with me relentlessly, and just when I think I can't hold it back any longer, he moves his fingers out and slids himself completely inside of me. I shake and tremble as I explode around him. My entire body, so sensitive. He moves in and out, using his hips now and the wave starts again. He's still holding my wrists in place as we peak together this time. He collapses on top of me letting my wrists finally go.

"W-What the hell was that?" I pant.

"It's your fault. You were being 'dirty' so I thought I'd try it too", he says smiling. "Are you ok?", he asks pressing his lips to mine.

"Um, hell ya", I say, laughing.

"Are you ready to find out today?", he asks, finding my lips again.

"I'm still scared", I say.

"Me too", he says, kissing me again.

"If you don't stop kissing me, we're going to miss the appointment", I mumble between his kisses, pushing him off of me and making a break for the bathroom. He's hot on my tail as he grabs me around the waist and pulls me back to the bed. "Niall!", I scream, laughing.

After a quick shower, I pull on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Pull my hair back in a pony and throw on a pink nike baseball hat, pulling my hair through the opening at the back. Some lipgloss, my sunglasses and I'm ready.

I think.

My stomach is in a big twisted knot. I feel my phone vibrate in my back pocket and I take it out. Someone leaked pictures and a headline that reads "One Direction's Niall Horan Weds Mystery Girl" on Twitter, and my twitter and FB wall has been going crazy ever since. It's amazing, and scary, how quickly the fans knew everything about me. There have been a few nasty comments, but for the most part, they've all been very complimentary, how beautiful I am, what a lovely couple we make, what's the name of my band, how terrific my voice is, where can people buy our cd. The text is from Niall, "It's time to go." I put on my pink low cut converse sneakers and head for the door.

Niall, Mia and Zayn are all waiting for me downstairs. "Ready?", Mia says and gives me a hug.

"No", I say with a smile and we all walk down to the heli together.

"After your appointment, Zayn and I want to take you somewhere", Niall says cryptically.

"Where?", I ask.

"We want you to come look at houses with us", Zayn says, smiling. I never really thought much about where I would be living after the summer was over. The cottage is only a rental but it feels like home to me already. I'm going to be sad to leave it.

Niall's POV

The four of us walk into a very professional looking office about 45 min later. As we check in at reception Liv is whisked away by a nurse to collect a blood sample. She emerges 5 minutes later and sits in the chair next to me. She looks great in her hat and sunglasses. As she crosses her long, lean legs, my face flushes. "Not the time Nialler!", I think to myself. I wrap my hand around hers and we wait, in silence. It's early, 7 am to be exact, and we're the only 4 in the waiting room. The nurse appears "Olivia? You may all come down to the private waiting area, other patients will be arriving soon and we'd like to maintain your privacy", she explains. We all rise and follow her down a long white corridor that opens into another waiting area. Mia and Zayn get comfortable. "When your appointment is done you may leave out this private entrance. Dr Hodges is ready to see you now", she says. Liv and I follow her across the hall into another office.

"Liv... Niall, have a seat. How nice to see you again. How is your arm, love?" he asks.

"Better, thanks", Liv says quietly.

"May I?" he asks, taking it in his hands and examining it. "It looks great, you've been using the cream I gave you..." he says. "I've sent your blood sample down to the lab, we should have it in about 10 minutes, but in the mean time, I'm just going to get you to lie down on my table over here and lift up your shirt.", he says. Liv does as he asks, her hand in mine the entire time. He undoes the button on her shorts and pulls them open exposing the soft skin of her abdomen. "Liv, this is an ultra sound machine. It allows me to have a look inside your body", he explains. He shakes a bottle of something and squeezes it on her stomach. She jumps as it touches her skin. "Sorry, I know it's cold", doc says as he pushes, what looks like a scanner from a department store, down in the middle of all the goo and starts moving it around. I watch him as he moves it all over her stomach, looking at the little tv screen beside him. I glance at Liv, she's pale. It seems to take forever before he finally clears his throat to speak. "Well, I don't see anything that would indicate to me that your pregnant Liv", he says.

"Y-you don't?", she says.

He hands her a wipe, "You clean yourself up. I'm going to go get your blood results", he says. I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

I was so sure.

She was so sure.

I look at Liv as she sits up. "You disppointed?", I ask. I see tears spring to her eyes and she can't hold them back.

"I already loved it", she murmurs. I cry with her too, hugging her, mourning the child that was never ours.

"Lets try for real, Liv", I whisper through our tears. Dr. Hodges comes back in just then.

"Everything ok in here?", he asks.

"We're just a little, disappointed", I answer, still holding Liv.

"Well, don't be. Congratulations, you're definitely pregnant...", he says.

"B-but the ultrasound?", I stammer.

"Sometimes if it's really early the ultrasound doesn't always pick it up. I guess I should have told you that first. On a positive note, at least now you know how you really feel about it", he says laughing.

I hold Liv's face between my hands, "We're going to have a baby, Liv", I say smiling as I wipe the tears from her eyes and kiss her soft lips. I pull her in to my chest and hold her tight as our tears turn to ones of joy...

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