Little Things 17+

When a mix up with their hotel reservation throws them into world wind romances with one of the hottest boy bands in the world. Will it be everything they dreamed it would be. Follow them on their adventure and see...
CREDIT- kelsea2253


1. Chapter 1

I hear my bedroom door burst open and my little sister throws herself on top of me, now when I say my “little sister”, I mean even though she is 18 years old and is in her first year of university, she’ll always be my annoying little sister. Amelia, she's petit with long curly brown hair. She loves shoes, clothes and animals. She’s smart, outgoing and funny…and the best sister anyone could ever ask for. My name is Olivia. I know what you’re thinking. Olivia and Amelia…did their parents do that on purpose? Well, yup they did. My mom is kind of quirky that way, but we love her anyway.

There is 3 years between my sister and I. Putting me at a whopping 21 years old. My sister and I look a lot a like. I’m not quite as petit as she is, but I do have the same long curly brown hair and brown eyes. I’m very shy and, quiet around strangers and I’m not much into fashion either. More of a ponytail, yoga pants and hoodie type of girl. But something my sister and I do have in common is that we both love “One Direction”. The walls in our rooms are plastered with their posters, and this year, for our birthdays (because they’re only 2 weeks apart), my parents gave us 2 tickets to Toronto to see them perform live at the ACC. I’ll never forget that day. They arranged to have an autographed poster sent to us by the boys saying they couldn’t wait to see us in June. This is our first vacation away together without parents. I guess they figured we were old enough now to handle it. They bought us round trip airfare and accommodations for 1 week. All we had to do was earn our own spending money.

I am in my last year of university at Dalhousie, when I finish I will graduate with my teaching degree. I have always loved little kids. I can’t wait to have my own some day. My mom is a pre-school teacher and I guess her love of kids just rubbed off on me. My sister and I both work at the local recreation centre. We run programs there for younger children in our community. Mia, runs the Drama, Volleyball and basketball programs, and I run the Preschool Story and Puppet, Girls Night Out and Ooey Gooey Art programs. We have both been working long hours but finally have saved up enough money for our trip.

I groan and try to push her off the bed. “It can’t be time to go already, it’s still dark out! Get out Mia!”

I call her Mia for short because when she was little she couldn’t say my name O -L-I-V-I-A, so she called me, “I-A” which, when pronounced correctly sounds like “E-A”, anyway, my mom thought it was cute and decided we could be “I-A” and “M-I-A”, remember I said she was quirky. Eventually, she grew up and my nick name changed to LIV (thank god), but hers stuck.

“You know we have to be at the airport 2 hours before our flight and our flight is at 5 am, sorry Liv, get your lazy ass up!”

“Ok, Ok, I’m up!” I was dressed and our bags were in the car within the hour. She and I are super excited. I heard my mom shout not to forget our I phones and chargers because she wants us to carry them at all times. Mothers. Mia had packed hers in her carryon already and I grabbed mine and stuck it in my carryon too. Mom and Dad drove us to the airport and stayed until we boarded the plane. We were still waving as the plane taxied down the runway. I felt my stomach do flip flops. I’m not the biggest fan of flying so I popped a Gravol. Mia was looking at me reassuringly.

“It’s all good Liv, just relax.” Nothing ever seemed to bother her.

It's a relatively short flight, about 3 hours or a little less. Mia slept for most of it and I popped my earphones in to listen to a little “One Direction”.

A wave of relief washed over me as we touched down in Toronto. We collected our bags and I sent mom a text to let her now we'd arrived safely. I would text her again when we were checking into our hotel.

As we exit the airport a line of taxi’s and shuttles are waiting for passengers. I walk to the closest one and ask if he could take us to the Hilton in downtown Toronto. The driver nods and puts our bags in the trunk. Mia and I get in and we are off. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to our hotel. The driver loads our bags on a hotel cart and calls the concierge to come and take it inside for us. We pay the driver and enter the massive hotel to check in.

“Wow, check this place out Liv. Let’s get settled and go for a swim in the pool!”, Mia says.

“Yeah, ok, I’m too tired to do much else anyway. Hi, we’d like to check in please. Last name is Lexington”, I say. While the front desk lady brings up our reservation I take the opportunity to send mom a text to let her know we are at the hotel checking in.

“Um, there seems to have been a bit of a mix up with your reservation.”

I pull out all the reservation paperwork including a confirmation number my mom had given me and hand it to her. “There should be no mix up, I have all my paperwork and confirmation numbers here.” The front desk clerk picks up the phone and calls, who I can only assume is, the hotel manager. I eavesdrop on her conversation which goes something like “yes, I realize that sir but they are pre-paid and have a confirmation number. Uh uh, I know that floor is closed but the hotel is fully booked otherwise. Uh, uh. I know sir but it won’t look very good for the hotel if we don’t honour their reservation. Yes sir, the initials on the reservation are AP. Very good sir.” I watch as she hangs up the phone.

“Could you accompany me to the managers office please”, she asks.

“What's the problem, just give us our room.” Mia snaps.

“Yes, but first there is a security check, please come with me”, she explains.

“A, security check?! To stay in a hotel?!” Mia snaps, and I can tell she’s getting pissed.

“Cool it Mia, don’t give them any reason to not give us our room. Let’s just see what the manager has to say. Remember, you get more bees with honey…” I say.

"Yeah, yeah blah blah. Shut up Liv,” she snaps again.

The front desk clerk leads us into a large office where a middle aged man with grey hair and a very stern face is staring at us. “Sit down”, he orders. We do as we are told and take a seat. “Here at the Hilton we pride ourselves in great customer service”, he begins.

“Well, you’re not off to a great start here are you…” Mia snaps.

“Sssh” I hiss, and shoot her a stare. “What exactly is the problem with our reservation Sir?” He clears his throat and begins speaking.

“It would seem that your reservation was taken by a “Trainee”, someone in training. That person didn’t realize that our 7th floor rooms would be, um, unavailable at this time”, he explains.

“Why, are all the toilets broken or something?” Mia snaps, again. Did I forget to mention, she has no patience, and no filter which means she often suffers from “Foot in Mouth” Disease.

“Look, sir we have been up since 2 am. We’re tired and quite frankly, none of this is our problem, We would like our room now please.” I say. I tried the patient route, but I too, was beginning to feel my blood boil. He sat quietly for a moment trying to decide what to do. “That’s it, come on Mia. Let’s go down to the local TV station. I’m sure they'll be interested in hearing the story about 2 young girls‘ first vacation in the lovely city of Toronto and what a horrible first impression the Hilton made”, I snap as we both get up to leave.

“Sit down.” he growls. He knows he’s sunk. He crosses to a filing cabinet and removes some papers. He places them in front of Mia and I. “Sign here and here”, he orders.

“What are these?” I ask.

“We have some very important guests staying with us this week, on the 7th floor. These are confidentiality agreements. Read them through carefully. They simply state, that you will not discuss with ANYONE, who is on the 7th floor, you or anyone else you may see there”, he says. We both sign on the dotted line and hand our agreements back to the him. “Here are your elevator passes as well as your room cards. The elevator will not move at all unless you swipe your passes first. Do not lose them because you will not be issued new ones. You must be respectful and quiet during your stay. No loud music or guests are permitted on this floor. Do you both understand? Or you will be kicked out of the hotel”, he says.

“Geez, the way you’re acting it must be the president of the United States or something!?” Mia says, sarcastically. He shoots her a nasty look. I can tell he doesn’t like her much.

“We understand.“ I say, as we exit his office. I turn to say “Thank you” only to have the office door slammed shut in my face.

"Rude much!", Mia snaps. We grab our bags and enter the “private” elevator. I can feel Mia looking at me. “Who do you think it is?” she says.

“I don’t know and I don’t care, I just want to get these bags in our room. They’re getting heavier by the second!” I mumble, swiping my elevator card and pushing the 7th floor button. Mia is babbling on about all the people it could be, I close my eyes and lean against the elevator wall, as I try to tune her out. I didn't realize how tired I was until right now.

Our vacation is off to a stressful start. I set my suitcase down to reposition my hand when I hear the ding of the elevator doors open. “Lets go”, I mumble, as I look behind to make sure she's coming. I step out of the elevator and crash right into someone’s elbow. “Owww, dammit! Watch where you’re go..!”

I stop short when I realize that standing in front of me are Niall Horan and Zayn Malik, from “One Direction“.

Nialls POV

Leave it to me, I was walking backwards complaining about there not being any Nando's in Toronto. Zayn was listening to me, rolling his eyes, I could tell he really wasn’t interested. I swung my arms without realizing that there was someone getting off the elevator. Not really my fault, there wasn’t supposed to be anyone else on this floor. Crap. She’s pretty too. “Oh my gosh! Are you ok? I’m so sorry. I didn’t see you there", I apologize.

“Kind of hard to see anything when your walking backwards, dumb ass!”, the small one snaps. Zayn stifles a laugh.

“She’s got a point mate.” I can see she has caught Zayn’s attention. He looks at her and smiles. “Wow, cute and feisty.” I hear him say. She rolls her eyes and turns her attention back to the injured girl.

“Are you ok Liv? Let’s see”, the fiesty one says.

“I’m ok, it’s ok. Ouch that hurts.” the injured one says.

"Here, let us give you a hand, where’s your room card? Help me with their bags Zayn", I say, as I grab hers and carry them down to their room. I swipe the card and we all enter. She sits on the couch while I grab the ice bucket in the room, dash back out the door and down the hall.

I come back in time to hear the fiesty one say “You’re going to have a black eye I think.”

“Great…” was the only reply. I grab a wash cloth out of their bathroom and put some ice in it. I take a step towards her.

“May I?” I ask and she nods yes. I gently place it on her swelling eye. Gosh she’s pretty. She has the darkest brown eyes, like pools of melted chocolate. Her long dark curly hair falls around her shoulders perfectly framing her face and she has a tiny freckle on her perfect nose. You wouldn’t even notice it, if you weren’t looking for it. I see her cheeks flush as I look at her.

“Really, I’m fine. You don’t have to stay.” she insists. Just then we hear a shout coming from the hall.

“We’re in here.” Zayn hollers back. Just then Harry, Liam and Louis walk through the door. I can tell she’s at a loss for words.

“I’m Niall Horan and these are my best mates, Zayn, Liam, Harry & Louis."

Olivia’s POV

“We know who you all are. My name’s Liv, and this is Mia, my sister,” I say.

“All the crap that manager put us through and it was just you guys. Nice... I’m going to go unpack.” Mia snaps.

I look up from under my ice, “Sorry about her, she doesn’t always think before she opens her mouth.”

“I think it’s refreshing. She‘s obviously not a fan.” Zayn says, as he peeks around the corner trying to catch a glimpse of her.

“Actually, she is. We both are. We’re both here from Nova Scotia, to see your concert Friday night”, I say.

“Wow, I’d hate to see what she’d say to us if she wasn’t a fan…” Zayn chuckles.

Niall clears his throat. “Um not that I mind, so please don’t take this the wrong way but what are you doing on this floor?” he asks.

“I can answer that!” Liam chimes in. “I just got off the phone with the manager of the hotel, apparently there was a mix up when they made their reservation. Something about a trainee booking in the wrong spot.”

“We signed the confidentiality agreement. We won’t tell anyone you’re here. We’re not loud either. You won’t even know we’re here”. I say. Just then Mia comes out of the bedroom in a, less than modest, white with black polka dot bikini. Her hair is up in a loose bun with a towel draped over her shoulder. Zayn and Harry stare at her silent.

“Speak for yourself sister dear…I live by my own rules”, she says. We all watch silently as she puts her flip flops on and walks out of the room.

“Um, we were supposed to go down to the pool. I should really get ready and go with her. The water will probably do my eye good. Thanks for the ice”, I say, getting up.

Just then Zayn pipes up and says “Why don’t we all go? We can just call downstairs and have them restrict access to the pool for an hour.”

“Good idea, Zayn.” Niall says, “Do you mind if we all go with you?” he asks, as he shoots me a smile that makes me blush.

“No, I don’t mind” I confess, biting my bottom lip nervously.

“Great! See you at the pool in about 10 minutes”, he says, jumping up.

All 5 boys disappear out the door. I still can’t quite process all that’s happened in such a short time. I cross to the mirror to examine my eye. It’s already starting to bruise, but the ice has kept it from swelling shut. "Nice... Oh well", I say before grabbing my bikini out of my suitcase and heading into the bathroom. It’s not quite as revealing as Mia’s, but I look great in it. I can’t wait to see Niall again, even if it is only out of one eye ;-).

Zayn’s POV

I hurry to put on my swim trunks. I haven’t been interested in anyone since Perrie and I broke up about 2 months ago, but I really like Mia. She seems different than most other star struck girls. I really want to get to know her better. I could tell that Harry took notice of her too, when she came out in that bikini. I need to talk to him before he goes downstairs. I want to tell him to back off. I rush out of my hotel room and run into Liam. “Where’s Harry?”, I ask.

“I saw him get into the elevator a few seconds ago. Why?” he asks.

“Damn! Too late!” I mumble, as I take off down the hall for the elevator. These things are always slow when you’re in a hurry, so I decide to sprint down the 7 flights of stairs.

I'm panting by the time I catch up to him. He's just about to enter the pool deck.

“Harry! Can I have a minute? Look mate, I really want to get to know Mia better. I would appreciate it, if you backed off, ok?” His smile fades and disappointment sweeps across his face.

“Oh sure Zayn. No problem.” he replies, as the others all arrive. Just then, shouting erupts on the pool deck and we all enter to see what’s going on.

Olivia’s POV

By the time I got to the pool Mia was already swimming around. “Hey!” I call to her.

“How’s the eye?” she asks, swimming over to me.

“It’s fine, listen, the guys are coming down to swim with us. Try not to be to rude, ok? My eye is fine and besides, it was an accident anyway”, I say. I hear the pool doors open and turn around expecting it to be the boys. Unfortunately, the hotel manager is standing there looking more annoyed than ever before.

“Out of the pool ladies” he shouts.

“What? Why?!” Mia snaps.

"It’s reserved for the next hour", he says.

"Oh, we were invited to be here by the guests on...", I begin to explain, but he just cuts me off.

“Out of the POOL, NOW!” he shouts. Just then, the doors to the pool swing open and the boys come in. The hotel manager turns to them “I am just clearing the pool gentleman, if you’d care to wait outside. I’ll call you when…”

“No need to clear these ladies out, we invited them to be our guests”, Niall says, cutting him off in mid-sentence.

“But sir, you don’t even know these girls, they're just mouthy trash…” he snaps, looking at me, up and down. I can't help but shiver. I can see Mia getting out of the pool and I know she’s pissed.

“Now, wait just a minute you son of a b…” she snaps, lunging towards him but Zayn intercepts her and holds her close.

“Sir, these 2 ladies are our special guests. Not just in the pool but in the hotel as well. For the rest of their stay here we want them to be treated like we would be treated, or else we won’t be staying here again on our future visits to Toronto. Are we clear”, Liam says, calmly. I can see the managers face flush a deep shade of red.

“As you wish Sir.” he growls, as he turns to leave.

“Before you leave, I think you owe these girls an apology, for the 'mouthy trash' comment.” Niall says.

“It’s ok Niall, no big deal.” I say quickly.

“I agree Niall, it was very rude”, Zayn says, while still holding on to Mia.

“I apologize ladies, my comment was rude and out of line,” he grumbles, and with that he storms off the pool deck. I turn to see Niall looking at me.

“Are you ok, you’re shaking a bit”, he asks.

“Yeah, fine...I just get a bad vibe from that guy. He gives me the creeps" I say.

“You look great by the way. I like your bikini”, Niall says, changing the subject. Suddenly, Harry and Louis let out a Tarzan yell and jump into the pool with a big splash. Niall and I chuckle and jump in as well.

Mia’s POV

Who does that jerk think he is calling us mouthy trash. I scale the wall of the pool expertly and land on the pool deck. I’ve had enough, and I lunge. Just then Zayn steps in front of me and wraps his arms around mine, effectively pinning them to my sides. “Hey, let me go!”. After the dick of a manager apologizes and leaves I turn and direct my hostility out on Zayn.

“Let me go now!” I shout.

“Ok, ok. I just didn’t want you to do anything rash. I’d be bummed if you got kicked out of the hotel and I didn’t get a chance to know you better”, Zayn says.

“That may work on the rest of the female population Zayn Malik, but it won’t work on me”, I smirk as I back up until I feel the edge of the pool under my feet. Then, without breaking eye contact with him I jump backwards into the pool. God he’s cute. Maybe I need to give him the chance to get to know me better. This is kind of a once in a life time opportunity. I dive under and resurface in front of him. “Ok, DJ Malik. Let’s get to know each other better, but I can tell you now, I’m a handful.” I say, laughing as I swim away from him. I look back to see a wide grin appear on his face.

Liv’s POV

An hour later we all exit the pool laughing and joking. We all go up in the private elevator together. Mia and I say our goodbyes and enter our room. “I can’t believe this Mia. I really like Niall. I mean, he's always been my favorite, but I never realized just how much we have in common. He’s quiet and shy and sweet and H-O-T!” Mia was watching me dance around the room.

“So what you’re saying is, is that you really like him then?!” she laughs.

“Shut up! Yes, I REALLY do! And what about you Miss “Ok, DJ Malik, let’s get to know each other better…flirt... flirt…” I laugh and bat my eyelashes at her, “You have no shame!”.

“Shut up!” she shouts, and we both dance around the room giggling like crazy people.

Just then, the phone in our room rings. Mia grabs it, “Hello? Huh, oh … sure …we’d love to. We’ll be ready in an hour.” she hangs up the phone.

“Who was that?” I ask.

“We’ve just been invited to dinner by Niall and Zayn. Want to go?” Mia asks.

“Um, duh, absolutely!” I say, as I run into the bathroom and grab the shower first. This is turning out to be an awesome vacation! Mia is almost ready and I still can’t decide what to wear. My usual yoga pants/hoodie and pony tail just wont do. I don’t have many fancy clothes so I pull out the only dress I brought. A little black mini and my Toms. Not to fancy, but not to casual either. I decide to wear my hair down but straighten it. A little cover up to hid the bruise under my eye, liner, mascara and lip gloss and “voila”, I’m good to go. Mia is wearing a silver glitter mini skirt and bright pink cami, with a silver cardigan over it. Her hair is braided off to the side with just a few loose strands falling on either side.

There is a knock at the door and I run to grab it assuming it’s the boys. My smile fades quickly though, when I see the hotel manager standing at the door.

“Good evening ladies” he says, as he pushes his way into our room.

“What do you want now?” Mia says, her smile has faded as well.

“There have been some noise complaints about this room. Loud music, breaking glass etc…” he says.

“Well as you can see, there's no broken glass in here anywhere.” I say. Mia and I watch him as he walks over to our mini bar area, takes a glass off the counter and throws it at the wall grazing Mia’s head in the process. I see her fall to the floor, dazed. I run to help her up. “ What the HELL! Get out of here now before I call the police!” I yell. Just then, all 5 boys come running in our room with Paul their bodyguard close behind.

“What happened?” Niall yelled. Zayn seeing me struggle to pick Mia up rushes over to lend a hand.

“He said he got noise complaints about our room, loud music and breaking glass. Then he picked up a glass and threw it at Mia!” I shout, my heart beating a mile a minute. I could see a little trickle of blood dripping down the side of Mia’s face. I hear Paul tell Liam to call 9-1-1 for the police and ambulance. The manager turns to Paul and takes a step towards him.

“I’ve had enough of this asshole”, Zayn says, as he grabs the telephone off the hotel desk and hits him in the head with it. He falls to the floor like a rock. Out cold. “Take him downstairs, Paul, and make sure he leaves in cuffs because we are definitely pressing assault charges.”

He sits on the couch next to Mia and I get her a wet facecloth for her head. “Do you think I need stitches?” she asks, a little less dazed. Zayn checks her head.

“Nope, I think it’s just a scratch. It’s already stopped bleeding", he says.

“Well, that was exciting!” Harry says as he, Liam and Louis go back to their own rooms.

“Um, do you guys mind if we take a rein check on dinner, to be honest, I’m a bit shaken up over this whole thing. Nothing like this ever happens in good old, boring Nova Scotia!” I say. Niall pulls me into a huge hug. Gosh he smells good.

“How about we order room service in and watch a movie here tonight?” he asks, not letting me out of his hug. That sounds nice.

“Sure,” I say.

The police collect our statements and the emt’s double check Mia’s head, Zayn was right no stitches, the four of us are alone again. Niall picks up the phone.

“Yes, I’d like to order room service please. What are the specials? Ok, just a second…There is Steak, Chicken, or Fish.” he says, as he covers the phone with his hand and waits for our decisions. I love to hear him talk. He has such a wonderful accent, it makes my insides quiver.

“Chicken!” Mia and Zayn both say at the same time.

“Me too, please.” I say.

Niall uncovers the phone “4 chicken dinners please, and 2 bottles of your best wine. 1 red and 1 white. Thanks", he says, hanging up.

“I’m technically not allowed to drink that you know…Legal drinking age is 19 here”, Mia says. I look at her and laugh…

“Yeah right!” I respond, knowing that just last weekend she partied with her friends and had a few drinks.

“The food will take about 45 minutes.” Niall says, as he extends his hand to me. “Let’s you and I go for a walk.”

“A walk in the hotel? Sure.” I say, and take his hand. He leads me to the private elevator and swipes his elevator card. He hit’s the roof button and up we go. As the doors open we're surrounded by a roof top garden and pool, with a breathtaking view of the city. “Wow, I didn’t know about this! It‘s the most beautiful thing I‘ve ever seen!” I say, turning to Niall, he's looking at me. “What?” I ask, suddenly self conscious.

“It’s not the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen", he says.

“Oh, well, you’ve probably been all over world and seen a lot more things than me…”

“No, I mean… You’re the most beautiful thing, I mean, girl I’ve ever seen”, he says. I can feel my face flush an embarrassing shade of red as I bite down on my bottom lip. Looking down at my hands I don't know what to do.

“You're insecure, Don't know what for, You're turning heads when you walk through the door, Don't need make-up, To cover up, Being the way that you are is enough. Everyone else in the room can see it, Everyone else but you.” Niall sings to me.

“That was kind of corny you know, but in a good way. Thank you”, I say. Niall smiles at me and leans in close. Our lips meet and fireworks go off inside my head. He’s so gentle and his lips are so soft. If this is a dream, don’t anyone pinch me, because I don’t want to wake up.

Mia’s POV

After Liv and Niall leave for their walk, I can feel Zayn staring at me, “Thanks for helping us out…I really appreciate it.” I say. Zayn smiles at me.

“Ah, no smart ass remark for once. Anytime, that guy's nothing but a jerk.” he says. I kick off my Toms and settle back on the couch, swinging my legs up and resting them in Zayn’s lap.

“Well, I guess now’s as good a time as any to get to know each other better.” I say and smile at him.

We sit and talk until there's a knock at the door, “Room Service!”, an unfamiliar female voice calls.

Zayn jumps up “I’ll get it” he says, opening the door. The girl pushes in a tray with 4 huge platters covered by silver domes. Zayn lifts the lid on one and takes a whiff. “Smells like chicken!” he says. He replaces the lid, gives the girl a tip and escorts her to the door. “Should we eat or wait?” he asks. I smile and lift my legs back off the couch so that he can sit back down.

“We have all night, let’s talk some more. I’m not really that hungry now anyway.” I say. We talk for hours, about everything…hopes, dreams, past romances, heart break, futures and families. I don’t think I’ve ever talked to one person for so long before. “No one has ever taken the time to get to know me like this.” I say.

“I can’t imagine why.” he answers.

“Usually, they’re more interested in trying to get with me, than getting to know me” I chuckle. I can see Zayn’s face blush.

“I can understand that too…” he says. “Would it be out of line if I kissed you right now?” he asks. I look at him for a moment, then take my legs off his lap and tuck them underneath me. I lean in close to his lips, his breath smells like mint. He’s still watching me as he closes the gap between us. Our lips meet and my insides feel funny. I place my hand on his chest and can feel his heart beating, quickly. This is like nothing I’ve ever felt before. I can feel his hands on either side of my face. He’s so gentle. The door swings open just then, and Niall and Liv walk in.


Liv’s POV

“Ahem”, I clear my throat to let Mia and Zayn know that we’re back. I’m glad we interrupted because they looked just a little too heated.

“Ah, FOOD, I‘m starving!” Niall shouts.

“It’s probably cold now.” I say blushing.

He smiles at me, “We can just put it in the microwave. Do you guys want to watch a movie?” he asks.

“I’m kind of tired actually. It’s 2 in the morning and I think I’d just like to rest my eyes.” Mia says, as she lays her head against Zayn’s shoulder.

“Aren’t you hungry?” he asks. We can hear a soft snore escape her lips. He plants a kiss on the top of her head and gently picks her up trying not wake her. “I’ll just put her on the bed” he says and carries her into the bedroom. I look at Niall.

“Are you tired too?” he asks.

“A little, but I’ll try to watch a movie with you anyway” I say. We sit beside each other on the couch as he takes the remote and orders the movie “Valentine’s Day”. I rest my head on his shoulder as the credits begin. That’s the last thing I remember, because I too, fall fast asleep.

Zayn’s POV

I lay her gently on the bed. God, she’s so pretty. I really like this girl and that kiss was incredible. As I sit on the edge of her bed I think to myself that I could watch her sleep forever. I cover her with a blanket and lay next to her. I can feel my eyes getting heavy. I wrap my arms around her as I drift into unconsciousness. There is no place I’d rather be.

Morning came too quickly and I wake to see two beautiful brown eyes staring at me, in horror. “What’s the matter?” I ask startled.

“What are you doing here? Did we, you know?” I can tell she’s visibly upset.

“No! NO! I would never take advantage of you like that. You fell asleep on the couch last night and I carried you into bed. I laid down next to you for a minute because you’re beautiful when you sleep, and I must of just drifted off. I’m sorry. I’ll go.” I say feeling terrible that I upset her. I get up from the bed to leave.

“Wait, please don’t leave. I just thought…well, it’s just that I’m still a… well, I’ve never really been with anyone before. Understand?” she stammers. God, this girl is perfect.

“We just met Mia, I’m not really one to jump right into the sack with someone. That’s more Harry’s thing.” I chuckle as I say it. Harry would kill me if he knew I said that. “How’s the head this morning,” I say trying to change the subject.

“Oh, good. No headache or anything,” she says, her body relaxing. I can hear banging on the door of the room and go to answer it. I notice Niall and Liv asleep on the couch with the TV still on.

I open the door to Liam, Harry and Louis. “C’mon mate we have rehearsal this morning!” Liam says, as Harry blows past me. He walks over to Niall and gives him a smack across the face to wake him up.

“C’mon mate, time to go”, Harry shouts. I see Niall take a swing at Harry in an attempt to shoo him away.

“Ok, we’re coming. Let me just go tell Mia we’re leaving.” I say, before going back in the bedroom. "I'm sorry, we have rehearsals today. I have to go. Can I call you later?" I say, leaning in and pressing my lips to hers, they taste like strawberries. She nods her head yes.

As we all leave the room, Harry gives me a nudge “Got laid huh, with her saucy mouth I bet she was good?”

I spin around and push him into the wall, “Shut up, Harry. She’s not that kind of girl”, I shout.

Liam steps in front of me “Hey, back off mate” he says. I turn and storm off.

“Screw you if you can’t take a joke mate!” Harry shouts, rubbing his shoulder.

I hear Liam and Louis both say “He’s right mate, it wasn’t funny. If you talked about Dani or El like that, we’d of punched you in the face.”

“Ok, geez…sorry Zayn…” Harry calls after me.

I turn around not breaking my stride and flip him the finger.

Nialls POV

I wake up to Harry smacking my face. Jesus, he can be such an ass sometimes. "I'll call you later, ok?" I say to Liv as we leave their room. As we walk down the hall, I see Harry lean over and say something to Zayn. Zayn whips around and shoves Harry against the wall. Shit. Zayn storms off down the hall, and gives Harry the finger. Should be an interesting rehearsal I think to myself.

I just hope it all goes smoothly because all I can think about is getting back here to spend more time with Liv. As we get into the limo, I notice Zayn is already in the car. He’s looking out the window seriously pissed. “I’m sorry mate, really. Sometimes I just don’t think before I open my mouth. I might be a little jealous too. She does seem like a really great girl, they both do. I give you permission to mess up my handsome face if I’m at all disrespectful in the future.” he says, giving Zayn a playful punch on the arm. A smirk creeps across Zayn’s face, as he turns around and punches Harry back on the arm about 10 times harder. Harry grabs his arm and the smile that once was there is now long gone.

“I’ll hold you to that…” he says, as he chuckles to himself. Harry is quietly looking out the window, rubbing his arm.

Liv’s POV

“So, how was your evening with Zayn?” I ask. She blushes.

“He’s not like anyone I’ve ever met before. It was fantastic. We talked for hours and kissed. He’s a great kisser. What about your time with Niall?” she asks.

“I can’t even put into words how special he makes me feel. I can’t wait to see him again tonight. So, what should we do today?”, I ask.

“What about going to do a little shopping. I’ve been dying to check out the mall here, besides I‘d like to get something new to wear on my next date with Zayn”, Mia replies.

“Good idea. Let’s go," as she and I leave our room I see someone duck around the corner at the end of the hall. “I thought this floor was closed?”

“It is...just us and the guys, why?”, Mia asks.

“I’m sure I just saw someone go around the corner at the end of the hall,”

“Probably just the room cleaners,” Mia says.

“Yeah, you're probably right. Let’s go.” We get into the private elevator and push the down button. I’ve never been much of a shopper but for some reason, the thought of buying something to look good in for Niall, has ignited the shopping spark.

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