A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
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10. Chapter 9

Luis' POV:
After I walked out when the final Bell rang I walked to the courtyard.
"Luis!" I heard a girly voice yell for me. I turned around to find this girl that I met in my second block her name's Kayla.
Me: "Hey Kayla what's up?" Kayla is very pretty but she's too skinny and she ain't got shit of ass or boobs.
Kayla: "Dante wanted me to give you his number cause he forgot to."
Dante is this guy in our second block he's funny as fuck and he's laid back and chill.
I saw Alejandra walking and when she saw me see her I smirked and she rolled her eyes.
Me: "Really Kayla or is this just your way of asking for my number?" I wiggled my eyebrows.
She giggled and playfully hit my shoulder I chuckled seeing Alejandra dead staring at us.
Kayla: "No Luis for real he told me to give you his number let me see your phone."
I took my phone out and handed it to her. I saw that Yovani guy going up to Alejandra and hugging her they were talking and I caught her looking at me while they were talking I smiled.
Kayla: "Here." she handed me my phone. "I threw my number in there as a bonus." she winked. I inwardly scoffed 'Thirsty hoe' I thought to myself. I chuckled at my own comment in my head and she smiled. I saw Yovani put his arm around Alejandra and they walked to the bus parking lot. I walked with Kayla and this guy Chris that's in my second and third block. He told me he has a crush on Giselle. Maybe I should hook them up? I gave Chris a bro hug and hugged Kayla I watched as Yovani and Alejandra were flirting and I felt so angry I wanted to punch him in the face so bad. He walked away from her and she sarcastically smiled at me and got on bus. I clenched my jaw and got on my bus.
As I got on the bus I was greeted by this guy that was in my third block. I forgot his name.
"Come sit back here man." he motioned with his hands to sit back there. I nodded and sat in the seat across from him.
Me: "What's up dude." I gave him a bro handshake.
Guy: "Nothing much, you don't remember my name do you?"
I chuckled.
Me: "Not really." I laughed.
He chuckled.
Guy: "It's Fernando dude."
Me: "Right, I knew it started with an 'F' I wanted to call you Frank but I didn't wanna sound stupid. "
He laughed.
Fernando: "Nah it's cool. So I saw you hanging out with Alejandra during power."
Me: "Yeah..you know her?"
Fernando: "I don't know her know her but I can tell you what I do know."
I smirked, this is gonna be I interesting.
Me: "Oh yeah and what do you know?"
He shrugged.
Fernando: "I know that she's hot."
I scoffed.
Me: "Yeah well who doesn't?"
He shook his head.
Fernando: "Nah but did you know last year she wasn't? "
I furrowed my eyebrows.
Me: "What do you mean?"
Fernando: "She used to be fat and ugly as fuck. She dated this guy that goes to a school in Smithfield named Antonio, he's like fucking popular there. Little did she know that he only went out with her cause of a bet."
Me: "Damn, she seems so confident like she's always been hot and she knew it. What kind of bet?"
He shrugged.

Fernando: "Nothing special really, he did it so they could make fun of her."

Me: "Damn well her and that Antonio guy, are they still dating?"
Fernando: "Nah they broke up a like a month before the summer. She found out he was cheating on her through like half the time they were dating."
Me: "How long did they date for?"
Fernando: "Like a year. At first he treated her good to make it seem like it was real. After a good six months he started catching feelings for her so he started treating her like shit and cheating on her. When she found out he was cheating on her she broke up with him. He told her that he didn't give a fuck anyway cause he had other bitches that were lined up waiting for him. He told her that the only reason he went out with her was cause of a bet."
Damn that nigga's a douche.
Fernando: " I know he has feelings for her but he wanted to put a front so he wouldn't really fall for her. After that well I'm guessing she lost weight fixed herself up and now she's fucking hot and almost every guy is drooling over her."
Me: "Damn and I thought she was just some hoe playing hard to get."
Fernando: "Nah she ain't a hoe that's for sure. Ha Antonio is gonna feel like a dumb ass for letting her go once he sees her again."
Me: "Have they fucked?"
Fernando: "Nah I don't think Antonio would've fucked her cause she didn't have that body when they dated. "
Me: "Well sometimes that doesn't matter."
He gave me a 'You fucking retarded' look. I shrugged.
Me: "To some people that doesn't matter as long as they like or love the person."
He scoffed.
Fernando: "Well that's definitely not the case with Antonio, trust me. I'm sure she's still a virgin. And I can bet you that once Antonio sees her he's gonna try to get her back and knowing how Alejandra is I doubt she'll take him back."
Me: "What makes you say that?"
Fernando: "Alejandra's a smart girl once you fuck her over she don't forgive or trust you easily, it would take Antonio a long ass time for her to forgive him."
Me: "Wait how would you know I thought you said you didn't know her."
Fernando: "Well I guess you can say I do since I'm good friends with Antonio and I know bout their relationship from beginning to end. Me and my girl would hang out with them a lot. I know he likes her but he's just acting like he don't."
The bus stopped.
Fernando: "But anyway I'll see ya tomorrow." he said getting up.
Me: "Yeah." I said as he got off the bus. 
For the rest of the bus ride I listened to music. I couldn't help but think bout the stuff that Fernando told me about Alejandra and Antonio. Alejandra seems different from all the other girls. The bus stopped and I realized we were at my house. I got off and walked the little path that led to my house. Our house is pretty big I guess I mean my dad is and electrician and my mom's a lawyer so yeah they get good money but they don't spoil us and I'm glad they don't. I have 3 siblings my oldest brother is 19 and he moved out and lives with his girlfriend now. I got a little brother named Omar he's 9 and a little sister named Victoria she's 11. I walked into the house nobody's home my parents are working and my brother and sister are at school. I ate a little snack and watched some TV. About 30 minutes later I heard the door bell. I walked up to the door and opened the door to reveal my older brother Carlos.
Me: "Hey what are you doing here?" I asked pulling him into a bro hug.
Carlos: "What I can't check up on my little brother or what."
Me: "Shut the fuck up you know damn well you ain't here cause of me."
He chuckled, I turned and walked into the living room. I sat my self on the couch and he sat on the couch across from me.
Carlos: "I'm for real I came to check up on you, I don't want your dumb ass to be gettin' some girl pregnant."
Me: "Yeah well I ain't that much of a dumb ass to get someone pregnant unlike other people." I faked a cough.
Carlos: "Man shut the fuck up. " he threw a pillow at my face. "We both decided it which is different."
I rolled my eyes
Carlos: "You my friend are fucking every girl that comes along your way or am I wrong?"
I smirked.
Me: "You are wrong actually I choose which I girls are hot enough to have my dick in them my nigga. Plus I always got condoms, I'm not stupid Carlos."
Carlos: "What the fuck man no need to go into details!  And for your sake I hope you ARE being safe."
I laughed.
Me: "I am."
Carlos: "Good but you know, you're gonna have to settle down sooner or later."
I rubbed the back of my neck.
Me: "Nah...?"
He raised an eyebrow at me.
Carlos: "Are you questioning it? You met a girl didn't you."
Me: "Yeah I met a girl, I meet girls everyday stupid." I scoffed.
Carlos: "Quit being a smart ass, you know what I mean."
I chuckled.
Me: "I mean there's this one girl she's bitchy though."
Carlos: "Well that's the kinda girl you need with an attitude like YOURS."
Me: "What the fuck does that mean?"
Carlos: "Luis you're a dick sometimes man and you need a girl that has the balls to put you in your place."
Me: "Man shut the fuck, no bitch is gonna have me whipped like they got you."
Carlos: "Nigga I am not whipped."
Me: "That's something a whipped person would say." I smirked.
He rolled his eyes.
Carlos: "What ever so what's this chick's name?"
I sighed.
Me: "Why do you wanna know man?"
Carlos: "Cause me and you need to bond and what better way than over girls?"
I breathed in and out slowly.
Me: "Her name's Alejandra, happy?"
Carlos: "That's a pretty name is she hot?"
Me: "Duh she's hot."
He clapped his hands together.
Carlos: "Have you asked her out?"
Me: "No? I barely met her today and she don't like me."
Carlos: "Why do you say that?"
Me: "I mean I know she wants me but I think she just wants more than just to fuck."
Carlos: "So you just wanna fuck her?"
I ran my hand over my face and sighed.
Me: "I don't know man."
Carlos: "Quit being such a pussy dude."
I chuckled.
Me: "Welp, you are what you eat am I right?" I shrugged.
Carlos and I laughed so hard that we started crying.
Carlos: "That was a good one, I might have to use that one." he said laughing.
I gave him a cheeky smile.
He looked down at his phone and stood up.
Carlos: "Alright well I gotta go."
Me: "Whipped nigga." I made a whipping sound.
He rolled his eyes.
Carlos: "You're just jealous cause I'm gettin' some pussy tonight."
I laughed.
Me: "You sure are man but after you clean the house and take care of your baby and make dinner. I ain't gotta do none of that shit to get some pussy." I said while patting his back.
He rolled his eyes as we walked to the door.
Carlos: "What ever man, but for real ask that girl out if you really like her and tell everyone I said hey."
Me: "Eh... I'll think bout it and yeah I will." I said giving him a bro hug.
Carlos: "Love you man see ya later."
Me: "Love ya too." I said waving. He got in his car and left, I went back inside and went into my room. Maybe I should settle down? I don't think Alejandra would want me as a boyfriend though, I'm not even sure if I want her as a girlfriend. I fell asleep with Alejandra being the last thing on my mind.

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