A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
I decided to continue the story on wattpad so check it out my username is DulceM99


7. Chapter 6

Luis' POV:

I started walking with Giselle and Alejandra. Me and Giselle were talking, honestly she's fucking hot I would bang her but I got to admit Alejandra is a little hotter. I think of Giselle as a sister really so nah. We were entering the commons when I heard someone call Allie? Who da fuq is Allie?
Guy: "Hey Allie! " I heard some dude with a mow hawk say.
Alejandra stopped walking and so did we. I'm guessing she's 'Allie'.
Alejandra: "Hey Yovani what's up? " she smiled.
Yovani: "Come here." he patted the spot next to him on a bench.
She looked at me and Giselle then went over to this Yovani kid.
Giselle: "Come one I'll show you our friends."
She pulled my arm and walked me over to a bench across the commons from where Alejandra was. After she introduced me to everyone we all started talking and laughing. I don't know why but I kept looking to where Alejandra was and every time I did I would see her laughing with him or them playfully hitting each other and I felt mad.
Me: "Giselle who's that dude Alejandra went with? " I finally asked her.
Giselle: "Oh that's just Yovani."
Me: "Are they like dating or something? "
Giselle: "No, they're just friends. For now at least. "
I furrowed my eyebrows.
Me: "What do you mean?"
Giselle: "Well you can totally tell they're attracted to each other and they're always flirting so maybe they'll end up dating who knows."
I felt a knot in my stomach, what the fuck am I jealous? She's not my girl so I need to chill the fuck out. Plus she's way to bitchy for me to be honest she's too stuck up. Only thing I would want her for is to fuck.

Alejandra's POV:
When me and Giselle were walking with this Luis guy Yovani called my name and told me to sit with him so I did. Giselle and Luis left to where we usually sit.
Yovani: "Is that the new kid? "
Me: "Yeah." I rolled my eyes.
He chuckled.
Yovani: "Why'd you roll your eyes, you don't like him? "
Me: "Honestly he's annoying, you can tell right away that's he's so full of himself. "
He chuckled again and I joined.
Yovani: "That's kinda rude. " he chuckled again.
I shrugged.
Me: "Well it's true. He's pretty hot though."
I felt him tense and he rolled his eyes.
Me: "You know who he reminds me of?"
Yovani: "Who? "
Me: "You."
Yovani: "Oh really? " he asked with amusement filling his voice.
I nodded.
Yovani: "So you're saying that I'm hot?" he winked.
I giggled.
Me: "I didn't mean that, I meant that you can tell he's a player and so are you but yeah you're pretty hot." I shrugged.
He chuckled.
Yovani: "I'm not like that anymore Allie, how many times do I gotta tell you that? But thanks though. "
Me: "You're welcome and I guess if you say so. "
He playfully shoved me.
Me: "Hey!  What was that for?"
He shrugged. "For not believing me."
I hit the back of his head.
Yovani: "Hey! " he rubbed the back of his head and I couldn't help but laugh at his face.
Yovani: "Oh so you think it's funny huh? "
He playfully shoved me again.
Me: "Aye niggah! "
He laughed at my language.
Soon Gabbie and Maria were heading towards the bench we were on.
Me: "That's my cue to go." I said standing up.
Yovani: "You don't have to."
Me: "I don't want drama."
I hugged him.
Me: "I'll see ya later. "
Yovani: "Alright see ya. "
I left walking by the two bitches going to where Giselle and Luis were. I could hear them bitching at Yovani telling him 'What the fuck' and I heard Yovani tell them to 'Shut the fuck up.' I grinned and rolled my eyes. Bitches. I walked over to the bench where our little crew usually hangs out. It was just Giselle and Luis sitting on the bench. There was a space in between both of them so I sat there.
Me: "Where's the rest of the group? "
Giselle shrugged.
Giselle: "They just left, but any who I'm gonna go get food. " she got up and left leaving me and Luis by our selves.
Luis: "You wanna go to the courtyard? "
I shrugged standing up and walking with him to the courtyard. We decided to sit on a bench.
Me: "Soo.... Why did you move here?"
Luis: "Well my dad got a job offer here so we just moved." he shrugged.
Me: "Oh, well where did you live before here?"
Luis:  "Texas." he answered flatly.
Me: "Really what part? "
Luis: "McAllen." he said spreading his legs apart and putting his arm around me so it would be hanging on the bench.
Me: "OMG Really?! My grandpa and uncles live in McAllen."
Luis: "OMG Really?!" he said mocking my tone and rolling his eyes.
This niggah! What the fuck?
Me: "What the Fuck is your problem? "
He rolled his eyes and clenched his jaw which I thought was fucking sexy as fuck but he was being a little bitch. His eyelashes were long which made him look even sexier they would brush against his cheek every time he blinked.
He glanced at me before looking back at nothing.
Luis: "Take a picture it lasts longer. " 
I didn't even realize I was staring and I mentally slapped my self for doing so.
I looked away as I blushed. When I pulled my self together getting the blush to go away I turned to look at him. He had a smirk on his face that instantly annoyed me and it took every muscle in my body to keep my self from slapping it off his face.
I scoffed.
Me: "Shut the Fuck up. " I said rolling my eyes.
He snapped his head at me and clenched his jaw.
Luis: "You better watch who the Fuck you're talking to like that." he said through gritted teeth.
Me: "Or what?" I scoffed.

Luis' POV:
I felt her staring at me just to make sure I glanced at her and looked back at nothing.
Me: "Take a picture it lasts longer. "
She quickly turned the other way and I took a look at her to find her blushing. Ha, gotcha. I smirked and looked back at nothing. I saw her turn her head to me again from the corner of my eye.
Alejandra: "Shut the Fuck up. " she said rolling her eyes. I know damn well this bitch did not just tell me to 'shut the Fuck up'.  I hate when people fucking roll there eyes at me and when people try to tell me what to do.  I snapped my head to look at her and clenched my jaw.
Me: "You better watch who the Fuck you're talking to like that. " I said through gritted teeth.
Alejandra: "Or what? " she scoffed. I clenched my jaw. This little bitch has some balls.
Me: "Look you don't fucking know me and I would recommend you not to fuck around with me, alright?"
She scoffed. Okay this bitch is getting on my nerves.
Alejandra: "In your dreams I would fuck around with YOU. Get over yourself, not all girls drool over you. "
I laughed.
Me: "Okay, " I said sarcastically. "Cause you definitely weren't drooling over me just a minute ago." I smirked.
She blushed.
Alejandra: "No I wasn't! "
I chuckled.
Me: "Right cause that blush of yours says something way different. " I said caressing her left cheek with my right hand. I couldn't help but notice the light shock I got when our skin made contact. Her cheeks were a darker shade of pink now and honestly it was cute. I got lost in her light brown eyes that had a hint of green as I kept caressing her cheek. I mentally slapped myself. "Luis get your shit together man!" I yelled at myself in my head. I pulled my hand away from her cheek and smirked.
Me: "Ha! Told ya. "
Her mouth was in a shape of an 'o' and I couldn't help but chuckle.
Alejandra: "You're a dick you know that."
Me: "Yeah I got one between my legs it's a big one too might I add. " I winked.
Alejandra: "Ew you're fucking gross." she made a disgusted face.
I chuckled.
Me: "Aw come on babe quit trying to deny it, " I lowered myself to her ear. "I know you want me." I said seductively into her ear. She shivered and got goosebumps as I blew a little air to her ear, I smirked at her reaction.
She cupped my face with one of her hands as she brought her lips to my ear.
Alejandra: "I might want you, but not as much as you want me 'babe'. " she seductively said into my ear mocking me and nibbling on my earlobe. She started kissing my jaw getting closer to my mouth I closed my eyes waiting for her lips to come in contact with mine. She kissed the corner of my lips and quickly pulled away. I shot my eyes open to see her standing up.
Alejandra: "Ha! Like I said not as much as you want me. " she chuckled.
She slowly walked away from me and stopped she turned her head back at me.
Alejandra: "See ya around 'babe'. " she winked at me.
My mouth was in shape of an 'o' and she chuckled and walked away.
What the fuck just happened? I'm gonna get her back no bitch teases me like that and gets away with it.  If she thinks she can get away from me that easily she has another thing coming to her.  Watch out  Alejandra, the games just started.

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