A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
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4. Chapter 4

"BEEEEEP!" 3rd period. 

Yovani: "Do you want me to walk you to your class."

Me: "If you want."

Yovani: "Well who do you have next?" he asked as we walked out of the classroom. He held the door open for me.

Me: "Mrs. Flowers."

As soon as I answered him I saw Maria and Gabbie Melendez walking towards us. I hated Gabbie she was the fakest person ever and she was one of the people that would bully me.

"Hey Yovani!" they yelled in unison.

Yovani: "Hey." he said chuckling.

Gabbie threw herself at him.

Gabbie: "I missed you!"

Maria: "So did I!" Maria hugged him after Gabbie got off of him.

Yovani: "I missed y'all too. But I'll see you guys later I don't wanna be late for class." I think he noticed that I was uncomfortable. They ignored me the whole time though Gabbie did give me a look. But I appreciated not being talked to by them cause I didn't like them.

Gabbie: "Okay, remember to sit with us in the commons."

Yovani: "Okay." he chuckled.

"Bye Yovani." they said in unison and hugged him again. When they left I rolled my eyes. I guess Yovani noticed cause he laughed while looking at me, his laugh made me smile. He walked me to my class making me laugh all the way there. 

We got to my class.

Yovani: "I'll see you later." the look on his face looked like he was debating whether to hug me or not.

Me: "Okay bye." I turned and went into my class.

In third block.....

I took a seat and as soon as I sat down Joseph Johnson my crush from 8th grade walked in. He's a really nice person and he funny. He looked at me with wide eyes and quickly went back to his normal face.

Joseph: " Allie long time no see." He winked.

Me: "Ugh... I got to deal with you now?"

Joseph: "It's okay we all know you secretly love me." he winked again.

Me: "Whatever helps you sleep at night." I smirked.

He chuckled. For the rest of class we caught up and he made me laugh a lot as usual. Time flew by in that class. The bell rang for lunch.

Me and Joseph were walking towards the staircase when I heard Yovani yell for me.

Yovani: "ALEJANDRA!" he yelled.

I turned and so did Joseph.

Joseph: "Sup Yovani."

Yovani: "Sup." they did a bro handshake.

They started talking. I thought he wanted to talk to me?

Me: "What did you want?" I asked him.

Yovani: "Oh I just wanted to walk with you guys." 

He got back with his conversation with Joseph. I was walking ahead of them when I spotted


Me: "Zack!!" I yelled as I through myself on top of his back.

He chuckled.

Zack: "Hey Allie!"

I hopped off of him and we hugged.

Zack: "Your'e gonna be in the commons right?"

Me: "Yeah why?"

Zack: "Cause I have a meeting for ROTC, so I gotta go but I'll be back during power 'b' (our school calls our lunch time POWER it split up for 45 minutes for power a and 45 minutes for power b, they give us that time so you can make up absences, go to tutorials or just hang out or of course have meetings with the after school activities).

Me: "Kay Zack I'll see ya later." I hugged him.

He left and Joseph playfully pushed me from behind.

Me: "What the hell Joseph!"

Him and Yovani chuckled.

Joseph: "Why did you leave me and Yovani?"

Me: "Cause you and Yovani were having y'all's own conversation."

Joseph: "Well that was rude."

Yovani: "Yeah Allie that's fucked up."

Me: "Whatever." I rolled my eyes.

We reached the courtyard and Joseph said good bye and he hugged me and did a bro handshake with Yovani. Me and Yovani walked to the commons and stopped at his bench.

Yovani: "Where are you gonna hang out."

Me: "With Giselle why?"

He rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

Yovani: "Oh..I was gonna ask you if you wanted to hang out with me here."

I looked over at the bench, Maria and Gabbie were there.

Me: "Ehh.. I'd rather not."

He looked disappointed.

Me: "But only cause you know..." I added while looking over at them.

He chuckled.

Yovani: "Alright then I'll see ya later." he said pulling me into a hug.

After we hugged I walked over to the bench that me an my friends usually sit at. I didn't see Giselle, I just hung out with Gabby, Felipe and Heather we talked about random shit and made each other laugh. Soon enough the bell rang for Power B and Giselle came running to me.


Me: "What!!?" I said laughing.

Giselle: "There's this really hot new guy look come here." she said pulling me off the bench.

We made our way to the courtyard.

Me: "Where's he at?

Giselle: "Over there look!."



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