A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
I decided to continue the story on wattpad so check it out my username is DulceM99


2. Chapter 2: First Day of School

I was wearing a ruffle skirt that at had flowers on it it was a light pink color I had a white tank top tucked in it and I wore white flats that had a little bow on each one. I straightened my dark brown hair and let it down. I wore pearl earrings (always did) I wore a silver necklace that were just circles hooped on each other I wore it just for style.  I grabbed my bag  when I heard my mom yell for me to 'hurry up'. I quickly did my makeup which was just foundation, mascara and eyeliner. I looked in the mirror pleased with my appearance and went outside into the car which my mom was waiting for me. It was August and it wasn't cold and it wasn't hot it was perfect weather. We waited for my bus at the bus stop and I felt like throwing up, I was so nervous I hope everything goes good. Me and my mom had a little discussion she told me not to be playing around too much and not to get distracted in my school work. Finally my bus came and I got out the car.

"Bye Ma see ya later. Love you. "

"Love you too and take care of yourself. " she smiles.

I smiled back in reassurance. My parents are so overprotective. I got on the bus to be greeted by Mrs. Langdon, my bus driver from last year.

"Good morning.... " she greets with a bored tone. Her eyes widen when she turns her eyes to see me and I just smiled. "Krystal nice to see you again you're gonna sit in seat 9 across from Maria."

 Maria is Antonio's (my ex) cousin they're really close. Me and her used to be best friends but since me and Antonio broke up she's hated me ever since. I don't really care who hates me or doesn't, it honestly doesn't bother me at all. I walked to my seat ignoring all the stares I got.

"Hey Krystal!" I heard someone call after me and tap my shoulder. I turned to face one of my really good friends Gabby, she's so funny and when someone's in a bad mood she knows exactly how to cheer you up. Her sister is my brother's girlfriend and they have two kids together and ever since they got together me and her have been really good friends.

"Oh my gosh! Hey girl!" I smiled.

"You look so pretty Krystie." (a nickname all my friends gave me).

"Thanks girl so do you." I smiled.

She got up from her seat and sat next to me we started catching up and she asked me how I lost weight, I told her by working out a lot and eating less. She told me that Giselle was gonna be riding our bus but she missed it,  typical Giselle always missing the bus or coming to school late. The rest of the way to school we made each other laugh a lot. When we got off I noticed this cute boy that rode our bus he was my height but he was really cute.

"Who's that? " I asked Gabby while still looking at the boy.

"Oh that's TJ remember he used to go to SSS (that's where Antonio goes to school, I made a lot of friends with people over there cause of him).
I looked at him again, I remember now.
Me: "TJ! " I kinda yelled.
He turned to face me and had a shocked look. He looked at me up and down and furrowed his eyebrows.
Tj: "Alejandra!? "
Me: "Yeah." I smiled.
TJ: "Damn girl long time no see!  I didn't even recognize you." he smiled pulling me into a hug. I smiled back knowing exactly what he meant by 'I didn't even recognize you'.
We all started walking towards the stairs to get into the building. Maria was walking behind us with her friends.
TJ: "How you been?" he asked with a little concern in his voice.
Me: "Great actually!" I answered a little too loud so Maria could hear me. TJ: "Really!?  I thought you were still a little sad cause you know.... " he trailed off. I knew exactly what he meant but I was actually fine I got over Antonio it took a while but I realized he wasn't worth my tears.  He was one of the inspirations behind to me loosing weight, so I could show him what he was missing.
Me: "Nah I ain't even stressin' over that shit. " I answered with a smile.  He smiled back and I could feel Maria staring at me from the back. We walked towards the commons I could feel everyone staring. TJ hugged me and left to go with his friends. Then I saw all of our friends huddled near a bench. I saw my guy best friend Felipe he saw me opened his eyes wide finally realizing who I was he ran towards me to give me a bear hug.
Felipe: "Oh my gosh I missed you soo much, how come you didn't text me or anything?! " he pouted.
Me: "Well as you can see I was focused on one thing only." I said pointing at my body.
He eyed me up and down.
Felipe: "Yeah.. " he laughed awkwardly. "..you look good." he smiled. I smiled back.
Me: "Thanks. "
Zack: "Allie?!" I heard Zack yell in confusion.
Me: "Zack?!" I copied him and made the same facial expression making Felipe laugh.
He playfully rolled his eyes.
Zack: "You look great!" he eyed me head to toe.
Zack was cute but the only thing I didn't like of him was his gauges.
Me: "So I've been told." I winked at Felipe causing him to blush a little, he was a light brownish color but you could still see when he turned red or blushed.
I chuckled and Zack pulled my into a hug. I greeted my friends Heather and Kayla. Speaking of the name 'Kayla' I have a problem with this girl called Kayla Hernandez cause she was all over Antonio while I was dating him and she would try to break us up all the time. I just don't like the bitch and she's a freshman now. Great! *note the sarcasm*
"ALLIE!!!" I heard someone yell. This could only be one person. I turned around to face my best friend Giselle, she's so pretty she has long black hair that reaches just to the top of her butt and it's naturally straight. Mine just reaches half my back. She ran to me and gave me a bear hug while  jumping up and down.
Me: "Calm down Giselle." I said laughing.
Giselle: "OMG I'm so excited I missed you so much boo! Dude your skinny as Fuck now! "
I chuckled. 
Me: "I missed you too and thanks. "
Giselle: "Let me see your schedule! "
I handed her my schedule. She took her out and compared it to mine.  She said we have only 4th period together which was Chorus. I checked with my other friends and it seemed that we all just had 4 period together. I have advisory with Heather.
"BEEEEEP! " the bell to advisory. I walked with Heather and we talked all through advisory, before I knew it I was in first block nobody in the that I knew already. The bell rang for second block I walked in to Mrs. Paige's room for biology. I looked for my assigned seat and sat down, I knew everyone there cause they were in the same grade as me. I saw Sarah she was a friend from last year we waved at each other and smiled. I looked at the empty seat beside me curious to see who was gonna be sitting next to me. Holy shit!

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