A New Beginning.

Alejandra Martinez is a Mexican-American that lives in a little town in Four Oaks, she used to be fat but over the summer she lost a lot of weight. What happens when she goes back to school with a whole new look? Will her friends still like her? Will she get revenge on her bullies? Will she fall for one of her bullies? Or will she find a new love?
I decided to continue the story on wattpad so check it out my username is DulceM99


5. Author's Note

Soooooo like I don't even know if people are even interested in this book but I'm going to keep writing mabye tomorrow I'll update not sure yet. A lot's been going on in school and I'm stressed as fuck with all these assignments but whatever. Maybe tomorrow I'll update sometime this week though that's for sure. Right now I'll update a little. 

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