Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


12. The Truck, Prom Wear, and Hospital?



    "Good morning," My mother says walking in with a third tray of food. "I made you all breakfast." She smiles.

    "Thank you mother," I say waking up and stretching. "I feel like that was the best sleep that I've ever had." I say smiling.

    "I think it's the first sleep that you've had in a long while." Nikki says.

    "I think it is for all of you." My mother says.

    "Well, we have a long day ahead of us." I say

    "Yup prom shopping," Daniel says. "Yay." He says sarcastically, then we all laugh.

    "What about the magic?" My mother asks.

    "No, today is prom shopping tomorrow is prom and the next day is graduation. No magic is going to mess this up for me. It is the end and beginning of my life so any freaking darkness, Marcello, anything or one can wait until afterwords to do whatever they want." I say sternly. Then we all laugh.

    "Okay that was funny, but i do get what you are saying." Nikki says.

    "I do too, we have so much to look forward to in the next 4 days and no shadow is going to change that." Daniel agrees last.

    "Well, glad to hear that, but I would like you to eat and drink some stuff. It has been a while. Then you can go out and shop for school stuff. I will give you a couple hundred dollars then you can go." My mother says to me.

    "Really!?" I say. "Thank you." I say then she leaves the room and we finish eating.




    "Mom. We are going to the stores now." I shout to her.

    "Alright, come get this money." She shouts back up the stairs to me.

"Coming." I say then Nikki, Daniel, and I grab our coats and shoes then we run down the stairs like elephants and I get my money.

    "Thanks mom." I say as I grab the money and hug her good bye.

    "Your welcome sweetie. Do you need some for your friends to?" She asks hugging me back.

    "No, this is way more than enough for all three of us plus you." I say then we laugh together while Nikki and Daniel watch like we are stupid. "Okay, well be safe and I love you." She adds

    "Love you too." I respond

    "Bye, Ms. Kawolski." Daniel says

    "Vanessa, but goodbye Daniel and good luck." My mother says to me.

    "Bye mom." Nikki says to her and my mom laughs after mistaking her for her real daughter.

    "Bye you three. See you soon, and goodbye." She says still laughing a little.

    "Bye." We all say as we wave and are off to the store.

    "What store to first?" Daniel asks.

    "I don't care," I say. "I already have my outfit.

    "Really?" Nikki asks.

    "Yeah, I didn't tell you?" I look confused.

    "No?" She asks

    "She is wearing sweats and a t-shirt with heels." Daniel says 

    "What!" Nikki shouts making me jump.

    "I know i said so to." Daniel adds.

    "You guys," I frown. "Stop it." I say in a 5 year old voice and we all laugh.

    "Lets go to The mall. I love it there. I don't know why, but the smell  is amazing.." Nikki says.

    "Okay, where?" Daniel and I ask.

    "Follow me," She says. "It's just around the block.

    20 minutes pass and we are finally there, we have been walking for an eternity. 

    "Yeah just around the block." I say.

    "More like the next 6 blocks." Daniel adds.

    "Shut up you guys. We are here so be quiet." Nikki says.

    "Yeah." I say

    "Yeah." Daniel says.

    "Lets just go inside." I say.

    "Yes." Nikki says.

    "Yay." Daniel says sarcastically

    "Okay Mr. Sass Master." Nikki says to him.

    I grab Daniel's hand and next thing i knew him and I were chasing Nikki like she was a little child running away.

    "Nikki slow your bubble but down." Amelia says

    "No need for speed." Daniel rhymes 

    "That rhymes." Nikki yells back.

    "Yup!" We both yell at her.

    "Stop!" We scream as the on coming bus comes speeding towards her

    "Nikki!" I scream practically crying.

    "Nikki!" Daniel yells as he lets go off me and sprints full speed to Nikki.

    Time has stopped everything has gone darker. My stomach is making many noises and I am crying now. If she dies, or even gets hurt. As Daniel and I yell various things to her Everything, noises, people, feet walking, cars every sound disappears as I run towards her and freeze, the truck is nearly 20 feet away. I am just standing here. I do nothing to save her, or stop the speeding truck. I just freeze and stare. My stomach twirls, my face goes green to white as a ghost. Then Everything is going in slow motion as Nikki turns around and yells what. The truck is 5 feet away as Daniel jumps up to push her out off the way but he is to late. This tall guy with golden hair jumps to save her. He pushes her and grabs daniel pulling him to the ground and protecting his and Daniel's head as the truck drives safely over them with out touching them. Nikki stands up slowly, gaining back her balance. Although still confused, time goes back to normal.

    "Daniel!" I scream and run over to the spot Nikki and Daniel almost died as time finally seems caught back up to itself.

    The truck moves away and I say Nikki standing up wobbling a little but alive. And then I say Daniel on the ground with some guy.

    "Daniel!" I yell in joy and run at him bending down to him as the other guy stands up and start to walk away.

    "Hey, you," Nikki says to him. "You saved my life."

    "Call me The Man of Bravery." He responded

    Nikki laughs. "What is your name?" She asks him


    The truck stops. And  a tall man gets out.

    "I am so sorry!" He yells. "Are you okay?" He asks.

    "Yes we are fine." Nikki says

    "It is really okay." I say.    

    "What! You guys we could've just died." Daniel yells as he goes on and on. I cut him off finally.

    "But, we didn't so it's okay. We are fine sir thank you." I interrupt

    "Yeah, thank you." Nikki says.

    "Yeah." Daniel says sarcastically so I smack him.

    "Owe, and I am sorry sir, it's fine." He apologizes.

    "Alright, sorry. Have a good day. Goodbye now." The truck driver says.


    "Are you okay" Daniel asks me.

    "Am I?" I didn't almost die." I respond.

    "Are you?" He asks 

    "Yes. I am indeed okay," I say "Are you okay?" I ask him again

    "Yes, I am fine thanks to him." He responds pointing to the mysterious guy.


    "Oh, I am the guy who saved your life." He says.

    "Really?" Nikki asks raising an eye brow "What's your name?"

    "Eh, Just call me Him." He says then he runs away.    

    "Wait!" Nikki yells reaching out to him, but it's too late and he is gone

    "Nikki, come here." I say.

    "Who was that?" Daniel asks when she reaches us.

    "I have no idea." She says looking into the distance hoping to find him, but she doesn't.




    As we walked into the building we talked about what just happened. And I really wonder, what did just happened?

    "Nikki! You could've died." Daniel says.

    "But, she didn't." I say.

    "But, that is besides the point!" Daniel yells.

    "You guys, leave it alone okay?" Nikki says.

    "Nikki you need to learn not to run off all of the time." Daniel says.

    "I am sorry Nikki, but I agree with him." I say.

    "I know, I know," Nikki sighs. "And I'm sorry for that." She adds apologetically.

    "Can we just get inside?" I ask impatiently.

    "Alright, lets go." Daniel says.

    'Me first!" Nikki yells.

    "No!" Daniel and I yell together.

    "I was just joking you guys." She says laughing, but fading he laughing away as Daniel and I both look at her angrily then we all laugh. 

    "Alright you in the middle." Daniel says

    "And us on the outside." I say finishing his sentence and we smile at each each other.

    "Lets go." I say then we all walk into the mall.

    The moment we walked in I was shocked. Nikki was the first one to gasp and then she ran up to millions of different dresses that she thought she liked, but then.. She saw the most amazing one she has ever seen before.

    "This one." She said smiling as she grabbed hold of it

    "You sure?" I asked

    "Yes, I am sure. This is the one and I want it so badly. Yes, I said want instead of would."  She said 

    "Well, it is beautiful. And it does suit you well." 

    It was a beautiful dress. Light purple with an embedded golden strip along the waist line. It is a long dress that is not tight, but is not fluffy. It is just a simple long dress that is loose and flows out to the bottom. It has one strap and the other is just over the shoulder she loved it. So, she put it on and loved it even more. She said it was comfortable and beautiful. And indeed it was.

    "Nikki you look , well, you look stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, amazing!" I go on for a while, but Daniel cuts me off.

    "Yeah Nike amazing. Sold." He says pointing up then we all smile.

    "How much is it?" I ask her.

    "Oh, um. Never mind it isn't the one i want." She says

    "What's the price Nikki." I say sternly.

    "I will check." Daniel says walking over to the other dresses like hers.

    "What is it?" I ask again and look at Nikki who looks to the floor.

    "126 dollars and 72 cents." He smiles

    "Not that bad." I say.

    "Really?" Nikki asks.

    "Yes, really. Considering I have 400 dollars." I show her the money.

    "You really don't mind?" She asks again.    

    "Nikki. It is beautiful and I wouldn't doubt buying this dress for you right now so you could wear it to prom." I say cheering her up.

    "Okay." She finally gives in.

    "Lets check out." I say.

    "Now? You guys didn't get anything yet." Nikki says confused. 

    "Yeah. I know, but will check you out first and then go look around more for us." I say reassuring her.

    "Oh, okay then." She says smiling then she goes into the changing room and comes out in her normal clothing holding the dress.

    "Ready?" Daniel asks.

    "Yup." Nikki responds.

    We walk up to the store clerk and Nikki puts the dress onto the counter. The clerk rings it up and looks at us like we are crazy.

    "This is expensive." the clerk says.

    "We know. 126 dollars and 72 cents?" I ask holding out 150 dollars in front of her. She grabs it and opens the cash register.

    "23 dollars and 28 cents is your change. Enjoy the dress, have fun at prom?" She says more like a question.

    "Thanks." We all say together and smile

    I hand her 5 dollars for a tip. "Keep it." I smile

    "Thanks," She smiles "And you guys must be really close friends." She says

    "Yeah. You could say so." Daniel says smiling.

    "You talk the same way, at the same time, and laugh the same. Even your smiles are alike." She says.

    "Wow, you are good at this." Nikki says.

    "Yeah, This is my life." She says.

    "I am glad you enjoy it." I say

    "You know what they say, if you like it love it," The clerk smiles. "Hope you stay friends for a while. And I'm Mindy." She says sticking her hand out to shake ours.

    "Nikki." Nikki says shaking her hand.

    "Daniel." Daniel says shaking her hand next.

    "Amelia." I says and smile shaking her hand last.

    "Nice to meet you all." She says

    "You as well." We all say.

    "Good luck finding your other items." Mindy says waving us off to go.

    "Thanks." We all say and smile, then wave and walk away.

    "Well, we always meet some one new." Nikki says.

    "Yeah, two people today." Daniel smiles.

    "Yup," I say. "Well, lets go find my dress!" I say.

    "What!?" Daniel says shocked.

    "Did you just say dress with an exclamation point?" Nikki asks.

    "I did." I say smiling as I skip away form them.

    "You guys!" I shout out.

    They both run over to me worried. "What!" They both yell

    " I am fine you guys, it's just this dress." I smile

    "What about it?" Daniel asks.

    "It's perfect." I smile.

    This dress is Red. It has a one sleeve. It is a tight around the bust and waste but is loose from the hip down. it is a long dress and it is beautiful. the sleeve is tight on the shoulder but has a small flare. It has ruffles from top to the hip down, And it has a small opening by the left leg. Nikki and Daniel can tell I am in love with it. They wonder why I am just getting a simple red dress with sleeves, but then again they know i didn't even want to wear a dress in the first place.

    "Gorgeous." Nikki says

    "Babe, you are so beautiful." Daniel says. Then he grabs me and pulls me too him. Then he kisses me.

    "I love you too." I say smiling.

    "Really?" He asks joking.

    "Yeah." I say then we start to kiss again, longer this time.

    "Get a room!" Nikki says, but we smile and keep kissing, but I pull away.

    "Why did you stop?" He asks.

    "We are in a store and making out is disgusting sometimes, especially in a dress." I say.

    "Okay." He responds understanding what I was saying.

    "Wow, that was easy." Nikki says.

    "He is an understanding guy." I smile and look at him.

    "Yeah, I am." He smiles at me.

    "Oh, come here." I say then he does and i kiss him one more quick time.    "Yuck, that's gross you guys." Nikki says

    "Oh, hush bubble but." I laugh

    "So, this is the one?" both Nikki and Daniel ask together.

    "I am sure of it," I smile "Lets go check out." I say then I go to the changing room change and come out in my normal clothing and holding my dress.

    "Ready?" Daniel asked.

    "Yup, I am paying so whatever." I say.

    "How much?" Nikki asks.

    "104 dollars exactly." I say.

    "Wow, that's cheap. Compared to my million dollar one." Nikki frowns.

    "Nikki I didn't care about the cost." I reassure her.

    "Okay." She says and forces a smile looking back up to Daniel and I.

    "Lets go." Daniel says.

    "Okay." I smile.

    We walk back to where we met Mindy. "Hey Mindy." I smile.

    "Nice to see you again." She smiles.

    "We have another dress to get." Daniel smiles.

    "Alright," She grabs the dress and rings it up. "104 dollars exactly." She says

    I hand her 110 dollars and she opens the cash register. "6 dollars is your change." She hands it to me.

    "No, 6 dollars is your tip." I smile pushing it to her.

    "Wow, thanks again." She says.

    "Your welcome." I smile back.

    "Daniel, Nikki, ready to go and get a suit for you." I point to Daniel.

    "I already have one." He looks at me crookedly.

    "Really interesting, but you are getting a new one, now lets go." I say grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the tuxes. "Thanks Mindy, see you soon!" I shout then we are gone.

    "You guys this one." I say to them.

    "What, no." Daniel says

    "Yes! It has the red bow tie attacked, it will match my dress perfectly!" I say excited.

    "Okay, okay." He says grabbing my hands to calm me down.

    "Ew, I just jumped with excitement." I say

    "Ha ha we." Nikki says.

    "Never again." I said.

    "Please never ever again." Daniel says.

    "I promise." i respond

    "Lets go check out again." Nikki said.

    "Yup." Daniel says.

    Then we run back down to the cash register. "Hey Mindy. Again!" i smile

    "What to get this time?" She asks.

    "Just a plain tuxedo with a red bow tie attacked." Daniel tells her.

    "Okay 48 dollars please." She asks.

    "Just 48?" Nikki asks.

    "Yup." Mindy says.

    "That is so cheap." Nikki sighs.

    "It's okay!" I say to her.

    "Alright!" She responds.

    I hand Mindy 50 dollars and let her keep the change. "Thank you Mindy for all your help today." I say.

    "Mindy, would you like to come over to have dinner with us later?" Nikki asks her.

    "I would, but my... Wait! My shift ends early today, how about 4 o'clock?" She asks us.

    "Yeah, perfect." I smile and hand her my address.

    "Okay, thanks you guys." Mindy says

    "No problem." We all say together.

    "See you then." She smiles.

    "Yup." Daniel says

    "Bye." All four of us say together. Then Nikki, Daniel, and I walk out.

    "Ready to go home?" I say to them.

    "Yup, I'm ready." Daniel smiles.

    As we are walking home we discussed what we were going to do with our hair and make up for prom.

    "I am not doing anything with my hair and I am not wearing make up." I say sternly and again.

    "Come on, please?" NIkki asks.

    "Daniel tell her that I am not doing any of that stuff." I say to Daniel

    Daniel walks over to me grabs my hand and kisses me. "Amelia, do whatever you want." He says.

    "Thanks for the help." I say and frown.

    "Amelia, lets just experiment." Nikki says to me.

    "No." I say again.

    "Please!" She shouts.

    "Do not have a childish temper tantrum right now, Nikki." I say to her.    "I am not going to I just want you to do something with yourself." She says.

    "Amelia i beautiful with out all that stuff anyway." Daniel says.

    "See what I mean." I say.

    "I know you are! It's just one night where you get to get all dressed up and be-" Nikki says then I cut her off.

    "And be what? Be somebody that you're not." I say then I walk ahead.

    "Amelia!" She yells to me. "That's not what I meant." She says to me running to me and grabbing my arm.

    "I know it's not, but that's what I mean." I say.

    "Amelia, you are beautiful, but it is okay to feel like a princess even for one night." Daniel says.

    "I don't want to be a princess though. I want to be me." She says 

    "We know." Daniel and Nikki say together.




    "Woah." I say getting dizzy and everything goes black then white for a second. "You guys." I say almost falling to the ground.

    "What?" They say running over to me and grabbing my arms to balance me.

    "What's wrong?" Nikki asks.

    "Are you okay?" What happened?" Daniel asks quickly.

    "I don't, I don't know." I say then I fall to the ground and everything is gone.

    "Amelia!" Daniel yells bending down to tend to me.

    "Amelia?" Nikki asks shaking me.

    Daniel picks me up and runs to a bus stop with Nikki next to him and me in his arms. We get on the bus and ask to go to the nearest hospital. 

    "Right away." The driver says then he drives off to the nearest hospital.

    "Thank you sir." Daniel says.

    "No problem," The driver says "And good luck with everything, I hope she's okay." He adds.

    "Alright, lets go." Nikki says.

    Nikki and Daniel then run to the hospital door. 

    "Quick we need a doctor. Amelia Kawolski. She has been here before. She fell in the woods and had a head issue so we need a doctor right way, please, her doctor, Please!?" Daniel says.

    "Calm down sir." The nurse says.    

    "I can not calm down. She needs a doctor." Daniel says.

    "Daniel, it's fine. Calm down." Nikki says putting her hand on his shoulder.

    "No!" He yells.

    The doctor walks over to him and grabs the girl putting her on the gurney where the doctor roles her away.

    "No!" He yells again. "Amelia." He cries out. 

    "Sir, she is going to be fine." The nurse walks up to him confused.

    Daniel is sweating now, and crying. He can't handle. He is going insane. His sanity has run out. He is breathing deeply and looks a mess.

    "No, what's happening?" He cries.

    "Sir, I think you need to come with me." The nurse says

    "You can't take him!" Nikki yells

    "He needs help." The nurse says.

    "No, Amelia does! Why is this happening to us. Why did I have to be one of the people to discover magic, a green orb, the darkness. I hate this magic. I just want things to be normal, but no I have to go to a magical battle with Marcello or Amelia is going to get pregnant and then kill." Daniel says.

    The nurse thinks he is crazy. "Security!" She yells. The two security guards come up an grab his arms. "Take him to the special unit." She says.

    "You can't put him in there! He isn't crazy," Nikki yells. "Please! Just give him back to me."

    "Ma'am please go sit in the waiting room. We are just going to take him in and take care of him, then we will see if he is fit to be released." The nurse says.

    "Okay." She sighs.

    "Lets go. Daniel right?" The security guards ask.    

    Still crying he doesn't answer. He is shaking and sweating and has tears coming down his face. "We will kill Amelia." He hears. 

    "Marcello!?" He yells. "Don't hurt her," He says dropping to the floor. "Just ;eave us alone."

    "Sir," The nurse walks over. "Please calm down." she asks

    "I will not." He says looking up with red eyes, stuffy noes, and a puffy eye sockets.

    "Okay." She says then she pulls out a needle and sticks it into his shoulder. Then he drops to the floor.

    Daniel is in the room where crazy people stay and he is sleeping. I guess he went insane. Nikki is calm though she fell asleep in the waiting room a long while ago right after my mom showed up and the fell asleep with her. It's 2:48 am and I just woke up in a hospital bed. The same one as always. Why am I here, again? I ask myself. Ugh. Then I yell out. "WHY!" I scream.    A nurse runs in. "Amelia, calm down. It's okay." She says.

    "No." I say and start to cry then I am bouncing around and twisting and turning all over the hospital bed, then my nurse grabs my arms and hold me still. "Shhhh" I can hear her say and then I can see the light. Next thing I knew I could hear the machine at a flat out tone. Beep. Is all I hear, then I see him. "Dad?" I whisper while the doctors are attacking thing to me trying to bring me to life. 

    My mother and Nikki see commotion and run to my room. "What's happening!?" My mother yells.

    "What's wrong with her?" Nikki asks as she moves her hair out of her face.

    "She has stop breathing, we stopped receiving a pulse." The doctor says.

    "Dad?" I whisper again this time I am sure it's him. "Dad!" I yell this time.    "Her father is dead!" My mother says.

    "So, does that mean?" Nikki asks

    "No, She was just speaking she is defiantly alive out there some where, but where?" Both the doctors and nurses look at me as well as my mom and Amelia.

    "Your in heaven." He smiles at me.

    "What!" I scream at him. 

    "Well, not exactly." He says reassuring me that I might not be dead.

    "Then where am I?" I snap at him now crying.

    "In the astral plane." He looks at me and sticks out his hand, so I grab it.

    "Ready?" He asks me.

    "For what?" I answer with a question.

    "No it isn't your time yet." He says to me. 

    "Promise?" I ask

    "Promise." He answers and smiles.

    "Okay." I smile back at him.

    Then as I grab his hand he pulls me into a hug. It seemed like forever since I hugged him and now that I am, I am happy. Then The light fades away and I can't help but back away from him. Something was pulling me away so I stuck my hand out for him. "Daddy!" I yelled then I open my eyes and everyone is hovering over me.

    "What!" I yell jumping up from my slumber.

    "Amelia." Nikki and my mother say hugging me all at once.

    "What?" I ask them.

    "Amelia. Are you alright?" Nurse Andrea asks me

    "Yeah, why?" I say to her.

    Then she looks at me and frowns. "Well, Amelia. You just died." 

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