Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


6. Red Trailer Ugh

WEDNESDAY. MAY 30, 1987.


    I wake up and see some one standing at the exit and entrance to the trailer, so i get up quickly and try to run out, but before i even get lose they slam the door shut and we are trapped in.

    "Daniel!!" I shout while i shake him in his sleep. "Wake up!"    "Huh, what?" He wakes up and yawns. "What happened!? Why does it feel like we are moving?" He shoots out a million questions at once

    "Because we are someone has locked us in and now we are being carried off to some unknown place.

    "Nikki!!" Daniel shouts as He and I shake her to wake her. "Awaken!" I shout and then she speaks.

    "Huh, what?" She wakes up and yawns just like Daniel had done. "What happened!? Why does it feel like we are moving?" This time, she shoots out a million questions at once

    "Because we are someone has locked us in and now we are being carried off to some unknown place." Daniel says this time, before i could even open my mouth.

    "What!" She screams.

    "Yeah, well how do we get out? What are we supposed to do now?" I ask worried now more than ever. "I am scared, what if we are being taken t some place, like a cliff, and then they just push us off, and then PLUNK we die, Kaboom!! we explode and go all over the place. Do you want that!?" I scream. i speak a lot faster than i had expected.

    "Amelia, Amelia, calm down okay?" Daniel says as he pulls me into him. "We are going to help you, we are going to get out of here." 

    I start to cry and Nikki sees so she comes over and hugs me too. Then the van stops moving and Everything is dead silent. Everything stops even Nikki, Daniel, and I stop breathing for a moment, then... The door opens.




    There's the figure. I reach out to grab it but i can't seem to, my hand just goes threw it, and my heart skips a beat and i scream.

    "What just happened?" I ask Nikki and Daniel in a small whisper.     

    "We don't know." They both say in a small whisper and shake their heads.          My heart is beating so fast and my head is spinning. Then it throws something at us and we all jump back falling to the end of the trailer. It is green and glowing. I reach down to grab it but Daniel stops me.

    "What are you doing?" He says.

    "I am going to grab it and see what it is. What else?" I say.    "Well, what if is harmful?" Nikki questions.

    I just shake my head and then I reach down and grab it. Up shoots sparks and flames. Darkness, land light are flying all over the place, then we all drop the green glowing thing and kick it to the front, as we back away from it and hide together the damp, dark, corner.


THURSDAY. MAY 31, 1987.


    "Amelia, wake up. Time for school. You had the past few days off, I know, but you have school today." My mother shouts up to me at 5:21-am.

    "I am up, don't worry, ma." I shout back.

    I get up out of bed and my legs feel like gel-o as i stumble to my feet. I have a head ace from yesterday. How did i get here? What was that green thing? That green glowing thing was magic, it was an orb of magic, some supernatural, weirdo, freak thing. I just wish i could get the answers to my questions, but they are all too crazy. I walk down the stairs and grab for the front door and twist the handle. Then i walk out of the hou-. 

    Then i wake up from the dream that feels like reality and go back to the life that feels like a dream.

    The green glowing thing is still sitting there, right in the spot we kicked it to.

    "You guys wake up!!" I shout "We are still trapped in this stupid red trailer, and i think it has begun moving again." I say while shaking Nikki with my left hand and Daniel with my right.

    "Huh, what?" They both wake up saying together and yawning all at once.

    "We are still in this freaking trailer, I want to get out already!" I scream over the sounds.

    "I know, we both know." Daniel said.

    "Amelia, don't worry. We are going to get out of here." Nikki says.

    "Alright. Now how do you intend on us doing that." I ask.

    "Well, we could open this door and jump out." Nikki says bluntly 

    "Alright, alright, smart ass." I say back to her.

    "Well then, lets do it." Daniel says.

    I go to the door with both Nikki and Daniel.

    "Wait," Daniel says. "Let me open it, just in case, okay? You just go stand in the back." He points to the back as he grabs the door handle. He hesitates, and takes a deep breath, then he opens the door.

    Whoosh the wind comes in fast, and cold. Feels like it's 8 o'clock at night. I shiver because it's so cold. It feels like a winter day. Like i am skiing in 30 degrees temperatures. Daniel takes a deep breath and looks at us, then Nikki and me take a deep breath and hug each other as he practically flew out of the trailer, tumbling to the ground, summer salting many times until he comes to a complete stop, he looks okay to me then he stands up and runs to the trailer, and sticks out his hand to grab mine. I grip his hand tight and jump down to him safely, then Nikki repeats with the same cycle.

    Once we all plummet to the ground with out being broken we all run to the front of the trailer that is moving a lot slower than it seems when you are in the moving vehicle, and when in the front we see the drivers seat and passenger seat where no body was. The trailer was moving on it's own. Then Nikki speaks out something that i could barley get out. She was slurring her words and stuttering.

    "G-guyssss!!!! There is no one driving this trailer." she spits out nervously.

    "We know." Daniel and I say together. Then we all turn around and run away.

    "WAIT!!" I jump into the trailer to grab the green glowing stick. 

    "What are you doing!?" Daniel yells.

    The trailer is about to drive itself right off a huge cliff. Daniel and Nikki are yelling at me to jump out already, to get out of there already. But I insist on grabbing the green glowing item.

    "No, I need to get it!!" I yell over the rumbling of the trailer over rocks. Nikki and Daniel are chasing the trailer reaching out to me, the n the trailer drives right off the cliff with me still in it.

    "NO!!" Nikki and Daniel scream on the top of their lungs together and then they kneel down and look over the cliff as they do so  i jump up out of the trailer and fly over their  heads, and then i plummet to the earth and tumble all over the place. They get up and wipe their teary-eyes. Then they run over too me.

    "Amelia!! Are you okay?" Nikki asks me.

    "Amelia." Daniel runs over to me after Nikki practically poofs over to me. 

    "I'm okay, I'm okay. Guess what?" I say to them and ask them in excitement.

    "What?" they say at the same time, with some excitement quit like myself.

    "I got it." I say perky and stick up the glowing green thing and i smile. "We can practically do anything with this thing!!" I shout with some impatience to try it out. "We could start a war, we could start a tornado, we could stop world hunger, or solve cancer. We could do ANYTHING!! and i want to try it out." I say in a whisper like someone is listening to us.

    "Okay!!" Nikki agrees with joy.

    "Well, I don't you guys, remember before. It could be dangerous." Daniel says, always the counter idea.

    "Come on, Daniel. What could happen?" Nikki and I say together.

    "Famous last words. Well, I don't know, but we could blow away the world!" he yells loud and clear. "Sorry, I just don't want to lose you guys, you are all i have, and I don't want to experience losing either of you... Again." He adds on as an apology.

    "We understand, but something could happen if we don't try it out." I say

    "it was given to us for some reason unknown, but i know that it was given to us for a reason. And i think we should at least try to figure out what that reason is or why. Right?" Nikki adds on as we look at each other and smile. "I am sorry Daniel, but i have to agree with Amelia on this one." She reaches over and touches my shoulder, then we hug.

    "What do you say? You in?" I ask him and out my hand down, Nikki puts hers on top of mine. Then we look at Daniel and wait for him to add his own. At first he doesn't he just stands there and stares at us. Hesitantly he puts his hand on top of Nikki's and we smile. 

    "Go team, um... Team. Help me out here." Nikki says.

    "Go team.. Um." I think a minute.

    "Esperanza!!" Daniel shouts out.

    "Yeah!!" Nikki and I shout out together.

    "On three," Daniel says. "One, two, three!!" he says.

    "Go team Esperanza!!" We all say together and then shoot our hands up into the air and smile at the stars that light up the night.

    "Well, what do we do? How do we get to the tracks?" Daniel asks 

    "Well, we have to say the Hope saying, but we all have to say it together at the same exact time. I think it will help if we all hold this green thing." I say with a bit of doubt.

    "Ready?" Nikki says with a look of disbelief in her tone.

    "Ready." Daniel and I say more as a question than an answer.

    "Okay." i say as i hold up the green magical item. 

    Nikki and Daniel grab on, the sparks shoot up, the light and darkness make a DNA strand and everything shoots from the glowing ball of green color. WE all fight to keep hold of the item.

    "On three!!" I shout. "One... Two... Three!!" I scream over the sound of wind and leaves swirling around us as we hold the green magical item. 

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza!!" we all scream together and close our eyes with terror, i feel that bad feeling coming back up into my throat, but i hold it down and keep my eyes sealed shut, then POOF!! I feel us fly threw time and then i feel like i am going backwards, but i am not, i am not moving. I peek out of my eyes and we are standing on the tracks, all in one piece. 

    "Guys let go!!" I scream, they can't hear me, so i pull them out of it and tug it away from them, then they drop it and snap out of it. 

    "What!!" Nikki yells then the sound dims down, everything goes back into the green item.

    "Oh," Daniel says "Sorry we went out of it."    

    "Oh, you don't say!?" i say 

    "That is not funny!!" then we all laugh and have a group hug and then we all sigh with relief.

    We are at the tracks and it is getting darker and darker as the sun sets into a million different colors. We lay down on the tracks and huddle together in the cold. I shiver because of it. and then i fall asleep right after something feels like it just went threw me. Like a ghost entered my body. But i ignore it and go to sleep.

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