Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


10. Nikki disappears ... AGAIN

MONDAY. JUNE 4, 1987.


    I wake up and my head is spinning. Nikki is gone! They got her... AGAIN!! This is bad, really bad, what do I do? Ugh. And where are we it's dark and cold. We are back kin this stupid red trailer again? Or one of those rooms from before. 

    "Daniel!! Wake up!" I yell at him. "Nikki, is missing." I add to the rush. "They got her, again!"

    Then we fly up and hit the walls and ceiling so i know we are in the trailer on a bumpy rode.

    "WHAT!!" he yells at me when he wakes up. "Why do they keep doing this to us, why are they choosing us?" he asks me.

    "I wonder the same." I say "But, the darkness doesn't want anything to do with you guys, he just wants me." I say in disappointment

    "How do you know!?" he asks me. "How, just how." his voice softens and he sounds even more sad than before.

    "because i do." I pause and hesitate for a second. "Because he told me." I start to cry.

    "And you didn't tell us!!" he yells moving from sad to beyond angry. then he comes and hugs me.

    "I didn't want to scare you guys, I didn't want you to worry. You guys could get hurt, or even killed." I say to him.

    "Amelia, we have been doing this for so long. Ten years!! And this magic has only been about 2 weeks and we have gotten threw it together." He responds.

    "Yeah, well look where we are now." I say then I walk to the other side of the trailer.

    "I know. You're right," Daniel says and walks over to me putting his hand on my shoulder. "I just want you to now we are ALL in this together no matter what. Even if we all have to get killed or taken away or hurt. We are here for you and that is all that matters." He kisses me and smiles. "Amelia, I love you." Then I smile too.

    "I know, I love you too." I kiss him back.

    "Why does he want you?" Daniel asked me.

    "Beats me." I lie to protect him, but he notices.

    "Don't lie to me." He says sternly .

    "I'm not." I say and break the eye contact we had together.

    "Really? Then look me in the eyes and tell me you don't know." He says

    "Okay!" i say and look at him. "I do know why." I add

    "Well then. Why?" He asked me.

    "Oh, I can't tell you." I say like a seven year old would.

    "Oh really? Now why is that?" he asked me like a father.

    "Because I don't want to and I'm not going to," I say "That's why." I say bluntly.

    "Okay. Fine!" He says and he walks away.

    "Daniel wait." I say and he pauses.

    "What?" He says rudely. "Sorry." He apologizes.

    "I want to tell you. I just want to protect you even more." I say.

    "Stop protecting me!" He responds. "Just let me protect you." he walks over to me.

    "No. You are not in danger. You are not wanted so badly that the person trying to get you will do anything even kill your boyfriend,girlfriend, best friends, or your family. I am." I say noticing why they are always mad at the fact that i tell them not to take care of me or protect me. "Oh." I say.

    "Yeah. Exactly my point." He says to me.

    "I know, but don't protect me to much, alright?" I ask

    "Nope, I will protect you even more now." he says very childish.

    "Damn you." I say to him then we smile and start to laugh.

    We don't really know where we are going because the tracks, Narnia, and everywhere else has let us down. Even my own home let me down.




    "Let me out!!" Nikki yells.

    "Shut up you stupid girl!" Marcello yells.

    "Never." She says.

    "Are you another sarcastic one because your little friend is quite the" She cuts him off.

    "Her name is Amelia and quite the what Mr. Marcella." She asked.

    "Okay. Well, Amelia is a handful. So i have heard." He says uncertainly.

    "Are you hiding something?" Nikki asks.

    "No." He says

    "Ugh. What do you want with us? Why are you bothering us? Why can't you and your darkness partner in crime leave us alone?" She asks.

    "Well, well, well. Did Amelia not tell you?" He grins

    "Tell me what?" Nikki says sternly. While you can still hear the worry in her tone, she keep the same powerful face on ask before.

    "ha ha ha." He laughs. "This is quite funny."

    "First!" He says. "I am going to tell you what I have told no one, ready?" She nods. "Well, I am the darkness, I just created him to protect myself and I Marcello, the darkness," He says proudly. "I am going to take Amelia as my bride of all evil and she will carry my prophecy she will be the mother of my children. After giving birth I will kill her and send her to her doom." Then he lets out an evil bellow.

    "Of course she told me." She lied but he doesn't buy it.

    "Well, see now that is where you are wrong. She didn't tell you. She never would have or will tell you because she wants to protect you. She doesn't want to risk you getting her for her own safety and protection." He says without hesitation

    She just frowns and looks to the ground, knowing that he is right and knowing that she cannot change the fact that it's true.

    "Ugh, I just want to leave." She says.

    "Exactly." He says.

    "I can just leave now. La-" he cuts her off.

    "I wouldn't if I were you." He says    

    "What do you mean?" She asks with a snazzy voice.

    "Because I put a magical lock on this place. Your stupid spell can't do anything down here.

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza." she whispers then a shock rises up threw her and makes her fall to the floor. "OW!!" she yells out. "Why the hell would you do that?" She adds.

    "Well, I warned you. And I can't just let you get out... Again." he says like a child would when asking a question.

    "Well, yes you very well can. Just open the door and send me home!" She yells.

    "Are we saying that?" Daniel and I ask.

    "No I can't." Marcello says.

    "huh what? Oh, Yeah say it on three. Bring the thing." Nikki responds to them.

    "Okay!" They shout back.

    "What are you doing!?" Marcello says angrily.

    "ONE!!" Nikki yells.

    "Stop this!" Marcello says.

    "TWO!!" Daniel and I say.

    "READY!?" I ask.

    "Stop this!" Marcello asks again.


    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza." Daniel and I say together, but Nikki did not. "NIKKI!!" we yell. "You didn't say it." We add.

    "I know." She responds

    Up rises the wind and swirls the leaves. The light fades away and everything seems gloomy. Then before we move threw time we get stuck. Like we can't keep moving threw time and threw the air to where Nikki is. 

    "Nikki!!" Daniel and I yell out. Everything here is black and white. It is quiet and there are no living things. No people. Just Daniel and I and we are clueless. MY stomach knots and my head spins. I feel like I m about to vomit, but I don't.

    "You guys!!" Nikki yells. "I can hear you, can you hear me? If so where are you?" Nikki yells.

    "I told you stupid girl. This place is blocked off. Your silly spell your little rhyme does not work here so if you would... Shut up!' Marcello says to her and walks away.

    "Yeah Nikki. We can hear you. We are stuck in some astral plane. It is dark, black and white, there is nothing just Daniel and I. I honestly can say I'm a bit frightened." I say to her.

    "Get us out Nikki, so we can set you free and defeat the darkness." Daniel says to her.

    "Marcello actually." She mutters.

    "What?" I ask.

    "Marcello is the darkness. And he said, and-i-quote ' I am the darkness, I just created him to protect myself and I Marcello, the darkness," He says proudly. "I am going to take Amelia as my bride of all evil and she will carry my prophecy she will be the mother of my children. After giving birth I will kill her and send her to her doom.' Amelia why didn't you tell me!?" Nikki says to us.

    "I was going to but," I hesitate.

    "But she wanted to protect us." Daniel finishes my sentence for me. "She told me, but i forced it out of her." He says to protect me from the wrath of Nikki.

    "well, I can't argue with that. You are Daniel, and you don't lie." She said. "But it is time to be more serious. We have to get you here so we can get me out and have us all make it to prom, together." Nikki says

    "We know, but it is really late," daniel says. "I want Amelia to get some sleep tonight, doctors orders." He adds.

    "I am not letting Nikki spend a night in that dreadful place!!" I shout at him.

    "I have to." Nikki yells, "I don't mind it. It isn't the first time." She adds.

    "Exactly!" I say. "Why do it again?" I add

    "It is fine. Really." she says.

    "But, I-i." I stutter

    "Am going to deal with it and get some sleep?" Daniel says.

    "No." I respond

    "That wasn't a question." Daniel and NIkki say together. Although they are astral planes apart they still find a way to talk at the same time.

    "Okay, fine!" i say angrily. "But, first time tomorrow we are leaving to find her." I say as a condition.

    "Fine." Nikki says 

    "okay." Daniel agrees.

    "Good, well lets go to sleep."

    Then we all fall asleep.

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