Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


13. Nightmare and getting ready for prom.



    I wake up to find myself still in the hospital.

    "Why? Why am I still here?" I ask aloud 

    The door is ajar and nurse Andrea heard me as she walked by. "Amelia, you are aloud to go home today. But, you have to keep a low profile."  She smiles while writing something on her clip board.

    "Alright?" I say more as a question.

    "Amelia, what's wrong. Are you questioning me?" She says concerned.

    "Why, no. Of course not. It's just, well, what do you mean by a low profile?" I ask looking at her puzzled.

    "Oh. You should stay in bed for some days, or be careful with the weather and stuff. Just don't get to cocky." She says to me.

    "Oh. Alright." I say then smile.

    "Alright, are you all settled now? Am I aloud to leave?" Nurse Andrea asks

    "Of course!" I say cheery "I would never keep you from what you need to do." I smile at her.

    "Okay then. You can get dressed and be on your way, just sign out." She smiles and walks out.

    I get up and find my clothes, then I get dressed. I walk out of the hospital room and into the lobby with pride. Then my pride fades when i have many security guards on me, and more to come.

    "What's going on?" I ask them.    

    "You can't leave unless the doctor says so." One guard says to me.

    "Yeah!" three more shout at once.    

    "Nurse Andrea says I am aloud to leave." I smile while tugging away.

    "No!" One guard yells.

    "You cannot leave." The one next to him says.

    "You're stuck here." The girl guard says.

    "Let go." I say frowning and pulling away.    

    "No!" The lady at the desk yells out. 

    My mom and Nikki run over. "What's going on?" My mother asks.

    "Let her go!" Nikki yells jumping up as a guard grabs her by her waist and pulls her back.

    "I said Let Go!" I yell angered and every one gets flung away from me.

    "Woah." The entire lobby and waiting room says looking at me.

    I walk to the front desk and smile. "Amelia Marie Kawolski," I say and she then searches for my name and clicks it franticly. "I just checked out." I say scrunching my nose. Then I exit the building.

    "What the Hell?" I ask myself.

    "Yeah. My thoughts too." My mother says walking to me.

    "What just happened?" Nikki asks me.

    "I don't know, but lets go," I say as I walk to the car. Then I realize it, some one is missing. And the some one is, is "Daniel!" I shout out my thoughts.

    "What?" my mother asks.

    "Where is he? Where is Daniel?" I frown.

    "Amelia," Nikki frowns. "He lost his sanity."

    "How! He is the most sane of us all." I shout.

    "Let her finish." My mom hugs me.

    "Okay." I say frowning.

    "Well, they took you away from him and wouldn't let him go with you," She frowns. "It was quiet the scene but he put up a fight, he wanted you back. Then he let it out. He accidently spoke about our magic, and the orb. Then, making matters worse, Marcello spoke: Evidently, Daniel spoke back and the guards came out. From there they took Daniel away and put him in the padded room so he wouldn't hurt any one, or him self for that matter.

    "What!" I yelled running to the door.    

    "Amelia! Wait" My mother said.    

    Nikki and my mom run to me but it's too late, I already made it threw the door.




    "Where is he!" I found myself yelling out for him.

    "Amelia, please don't do this here, right now." My mom says to me.

    "If you do this now, they will think that you are insane to and take you away." Nikki adds

    "I am not insane." I turn to her in furry. My eyes red with bags under, my hair is a mess, and i am in scrubs, i am all gross because i haven't showered, and i look like i have had the life sucked out of me. "I am not going insane, I am not crazy, I know this is all real. I know it is! I. Am. Sane." I say to her through my teeth.

    "We know Amelia." My mother starts.

    "But," Nikki cuts in. "You look like you are, and to them," She sakes her head and looks to the floor then back up to me. "And to them this is all nonsense. This is all insanity." She grabs my arm.

    "Lets go okay?" My mother renters the conversation.    "Okay. We can come back after we're all cleaned up." I force smile and we walk out the door.

     We head home and I get all cleaned up. My mother and Nikki are in the kitchen making food and stuff for us to have. Soon after we are finished eating we start to talk about what happened at the hospital.

    "So, Amelia?" Nikki says to me kind of worried. "Tell us what happened at the hospital." she said in a coax tone.

    "Yes. We would really like to know how you did that." My mother says frantically

    "Mom, calm down. It's alright. I honestly don't know how, but I did it. I am also going to use it to my advantage," I paused for a moment. "Against Marcello." I say hesitantly.

    "Alright then." Nikki says to me as she sips from her drink.

    "Well. Amelia, we have to get some rest today if you want to go to prom tonight." My mother says in a coax tone, but surprisingly calm and innocently.

    "No mom, we have to get Daniel first." I frown suspecting she knew I was going to say that.

    "I was afraid you were going to say that," She stood up and grabbed her jacket. "Alright, let's go." My mother says.

    "Okay!" Nikki and I shout as we stand up grabbing our jackets and walking out to the car.

    We get to the hospital and just sit in the car staring at the two sliding doors that stand in our way. Wow, my mind is running. Never thought this would be happening: me get Daniel out of the padded room is insane because he is not insane is the opposite. What did he do though? I honestly have absolutely no idea, but I will find out. I finally catch my breath and open the car door climbing out. Nikki and my mother stand up and out as well.

    "No guys." I say turning around.

    "No what?" Nikki questions.

    "Stay, I have to do this on my own." I sigh

    "No! I am coming with you, I can't just-" I cut her off putting up my hand.

    "You have to." I say closing the door harder than I expected and I walk into the hospital calmly.

    "Hello ma'am." The lady at the front desk said to me.

    "Hello, I am looking for Daniel, Daniel Navez that it." I smile politely

    "Yes, Daniel Navez," She spoke slowly as she typed his name into the computer. "Yes, Daniel. He is in the padded room ma'am you can't speak to him. I'm sorry." She said politely

    "Oh yeah because you are so sorry," I said with sarcasm. "you are going to let him out right now!" My voice grew louder and people started to look over to the situation.

    "Ma'am you really need to calm down." The lady said and stood up.

    "No, I want him now!" I was shouting.

    "Ma'am please calm down!" the lady almost yelled but hissed threw her teeth instead

    "Then give him to me!" I hissed back at her threw my teeth.

    "We can't. He is insane, schizophrenic that we know of." the lady insisted.

    "He is not!" I began yelling. "It's really, the Marcello guy, the magic orb, magic, it's all so real! It does exist!" I shouted at her.

    "Security! We have another one!" the lady said after she leaned over and hit the security button.

    "No! no no no no no!" I yelled at her. Now pointing a finger at her face i was 9 miles past angry. "I am not insane! You are." I breathed trying to calm myself.

    The lady motioned for the security guards to come over to me and they did. Two of them grabbed my shoulders, but I managed to get away with my adrenaline pumping. Soon there were 6 different guards holding on to me. They were so off. They just made me angrier. My face beamed red, heart raced rapidly, entire body shaking, fists, and now i was going to yell.

    "Get! Off! Of! Me!" I screamed and every single person flew back words hitting a wall, gurney, person, or some other item. I fell to the floor in seconds, but got up in half the time. I ran down the hall opening every door until bam! there was the padded room, locked! I struggled to get it open but time ran out, I saw all the guards run towards me and a bunch of nurses and some had needles, most likely to put me to sleep. that's to bad. I thought and smiled. I stared at the door and thought as hard as I could about getting it opened, then I saw steam and it flew backwards towards the wall, almost crushing Daniel.

    "Amelia!" he shouted. 

    "Daniel!" I said back and we hugged for a moment.

    "How did you?" He began to speak

    "Don't ask, no time. I will explain afterwords." I cut him off and pulled the safety gloves off. I grabbed his hand and ran out the door. 

    "Hey you!" the guard shouted at me." I grabbed Daniel and ran towards the on coming people.

    "What are you?" He asked.

    "Don't ask, you will see." I interrupted

    "Yeah, get over here!" the lady shouted.

    "You better move! Bad things could happen again!" I yelled and smiled at her.

    "Oh, crap," she murmured. "Move out of the way!' She yelled and every one moved over making the perfect path for Daniel and I.

    "How did you?" Daniel began to ask.

    "Don't even question." I interrupted him and we were gone.

    "Amelia!" Daniel finally gets to let out a breath of relief as he brings me to him and kisses me. All I did was smile while he kissed me and he smiled too. I love that I can make you smile no matter what happens he says still kissing me. I pull away finally, but look at him to let him know that it's serious time.

    "Okay, so Marcello? Rhetorical question." I put my hand up to stop them from speaking. "Marcello is the darkness, he is the evil. So now what? The green orb hasn't helped much just gotten us ughed up so what? Any ideas?" I asked without hesitation.

    My mother leaned in to the huddle we some how got into with out knowing and told us to forget it and go to Prom and Graduation and the after parties because all Marcello wants is Amelia, big crowd, no him.

    "Mother." I sighed.

    "What? I am being honest. If there is a big crowd Marcello isnt going to just take you away right then and there." She pointed out.

    "I know but that is different, he can be anyone!" Nikki said slightly ruder than she expected based on her facial expression. "Sorry." she added.

    "It's fine, understandable too." My mother looks at us.

    "If I could interrupt girl moment number infinity, I would like to say that Marcello won't be at the activities." he said and mumbled "I hope" under his breath. "So lets relax. Prom is a few hours away, lets go get some rest." He said proudly and smiled. 

    As expected we all got in my mothers car and went home. When we got in the house I went upstairs and changed into more comfortable clothing as did everyone else and we all hoped in my bed. 

    "Guys, I am going downstairs to watch t.v." Nikki smiled at us and winked at me as she went out.

    "Get out!" I joked throwing a pillow at her.

    "girls these days huh?" Daniel smiled and kissed my cheek. Then he put his arm around me and I fell asleep. Daniel however, stayed awake watching me sleep.




    "Get off of me!" I screamed kicking Marcello off and to the ground.

    "You little-" He started to curse.

    "What!" i scream at him. "Little what?" I asked again. "Exactly." I shouted back at him and ran off.

    He got off the ground and looked to me. I tripped.

    "Ha!" He shouted coming behind and grabbing me by the waist brining me to my feet. Then he grabbed at my neck. He was chocking me, I couldn't breathe and almost died when I woke up.

    Daniel was shaking me lightly to get me to wake up. "Amelia, wake-up. You're having a nightmare." He frowned at me when I turned quickly and frightened towards him.

    "What! Oh, sorry." I relaxed.

    "Amelia, are you okay?" He asked with concerned eyes.

    "Of course, just some silly dream about spiders." I lied.

    "Don't lie," He shook his head. "Your face is red and heated, you're burning up," He put his hand to my head to see. "and you're sweating." I frowned because he was right. I was having a horrible nightmare, I couldn't admit it though. And I was all the things he mentioned.

    "I am okay," I sighed and kissed him softly on the lips to show him that I was, but he still didn't believe it.

    He got up and swooped me up. "Daniel, Put me down! What are you doing?" I struggled to get free of his grip.

    "I will put you down once you tell me the nightmare." he argued.

    "Fine," I agreed. "Put me down first." I smirked.

    "You throw a hard bargain. Well, alright first kiss me." He smiled.

    I put my hand to he jaw and pulled him to kiss me. "Happy?" I smiled and he put me down. "Very." 

    "Okay, good." I said smiling, then i ran out of the room.

    "Woah not to fast." He grabbed my arm pulling me back into the room and looked at me asking the question once again.

    "The nightmare? Now." He spoke broadly.

    "It was Marcello! Okay, he was on top of me and then i got away and he was chocking me, next thing I know I am in bed looking at you." I said quickly.

    "You know you can tell me anything right? Even this. Don't hold anything back." He said kissing my forehead once more and then he carried me to the bed where we lay, as usual, together and fall asleep for some time.

     "Wake up!" Nikki screams at Daniel and I.

    "What!" Daniel jumps up. "Oh, Nikki you scared me." They laugh together while I lay asleep.

    Daniel leans over and kisses my cheek. "Amelia wake up, we have an hour to get ready." He whispers in my ear, but I don't wake up. 

    I lay on the bed shaking and mumbling under my breath. I was having a nightmare and Marcello was the reason. 'Get away!' I screamed in my sleep. 

    "Amelia? Amelia, wake up!" Daniel yelled getting up and running to my side trying to wake me.

    When I wake up I yelp as I spin onto Daniel's lap. "What?" I asked him suspiciously.

    "Amelia? Are you alright?" My mother asks walking to see what was going on.

    "Yes mom, I am fine." I smiled to reassure her, however, Daniel and Nikki know what happened. I get up and walk to the closet grabbing my prom dress.

    "Amelia? What was the dream about?" Daniel asks me.

    "Nothing!" I snap. "I-I'm sorry." 

    "It's okay." Nikki responds for him.

    "C'mon you can tell me." Daniel whines

    "Later." Is all I say. I can't ruin Prom tonight, I cant. So I will tell them later.

    "Alright." They both say and understand.

    Between and hour and two hours we are all dressed and ready.

    "Amelia!" My mother shouts.

    Startled I jump and yell back. "Yes mother!"

    "Sorry, you're just so beautiful." she smiles

    "Awe Mom." I smile and we hug.

    "Daniel, Nikki!" I say walking into my bedroom from my bathroom.

    "Huh?" Nikki asks as her and Daniel turn jaws dropping. From all four of us.

    "Amelia! Amazing." Nikki says.

    "Nikki you are so fudging gorgeous!" We hug.

    "Daniel, Nikki, you look quite lovely." My mother says smiling and hugging them.

    Daniel and Nikki already said their 'you look goods' to each other so now it was Daniel and my turn.

    "Amelia." He gasped.

    "Thanks." I say smiling and hug him.

    "No, you are a perfect beauty." He says when we stop hugging.

    "Not to bad yourself." I laugh and kiss his cheek.

    "Ready to go!" Nikki says.

    "Of course they are." My mother adds and we all laugh.

    Then we were off to prom.

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