Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


5. Mother is gone!

TUESDAY. MAY 29 1987.


    I wake up to find myself in my hospital room, again.

    "Now why am I hear?"  I ask everyone.

    "This is just a check up." the doctor says

    "Oh." i reply quietly

    "Yeah, i carried you home with Nikki." Daniel says vacantly

    "What happened to your voice?" I asked Daniel

    "I don't know but i think all my yelling, screaming, laughing, an talking is not helping the situation." he says in a low whisper.

    "Oh, makes a lot of sense, I feel the same way, with all the screaming and yelling i have done, Daniel. I don't think running around in the freezing cold rain helps." I smile and laugh a little 

    "I know." He smiles

    "Wait, you have been in the cold rain and have been yelling though told not to?" the doctor asks angrily.

    "No." I say suspiciously.

    "Amelia!!" My mother yells. "This is serious." she flashes me a concerned, but more angry look.

    I frown. "Yes, I have been for two days, doctor." i say in disappointment

    "This is not good." He shakes his head. "I will check the results. Hopefully they come out okay." he frowns and walks to the door.

    "We could only Have Hope." My mother says then Nikki, Daniel, and I share a long look of concern. We all remember and unfortunately, this is not and was not just a silly dream.

    "I Hope she is okay." He says then he walks out.

    "Why were you out in the freezing rain screaming and yelling?"

    "We were bored so we went out and yelled out things we could not confess to anyone. We gave our secrets away, to the forest, to the owners of the forest and to each other." I smile knowing how convincing i sounded.

    "Well, alright. but stay warm for the next month or you could get a brain tumor, even cancer!!" she said

    "I know, i know. I will be fine, i will stay warm. Nikki and Daniel will make sure too."

    "Okay." she kisses my head and leaves.

    "We are going to find out what happened to us still, right?" Nikki asks even more excited than usual.

    "Yes! Of course." we laugh and then the doctor walks in..




    Our  laughing fades away when the doctor speaks, this is bad news i think. Then he speaks.

    "We found out that you have a tumor. It isn't bad, yet. However, it is pointing in a bad direction. it is going to get worse. A lot worse," He sighs "If we don't et you into surgery right now it will be too late," He frowns then looks at me. "So, what do you say?" He asks me.

    "Well, seeing as i could get cancer or even die," I pause and think a minute. What could happen? What if something goes wrong? What if it is all ready too late? What if surgery goes wrong and i die?  Anything could happen!! But.. If i don't do this i could die, and still be wondering, with surgery i still have a chance to find out what happened, and why. "I am going to do it." I force a smile, but it hurts too, my entire body has gone week. I feel like i am going to turn too mush, but i get up and the doctor takes me to the x-ray first. Everyone leaves and i am tested. 

    I am in surgery right now. "I have a question." I say to the lady procrastinating 

    "What is it?" She replied you could tell she knew i was stalling.

    "Well, what if something goes wrong?" I say the first thing that comes to mind.

    "Okay. I see you are nervous but stalling wont change the outcome of the surgery just of how your brain reacts compared to how long the tumor is spreading. And i have done this millions of times, thousands of people get tumors and go threw this machine, threw this type of surgery and 9 of 10 of them survive or come out better then they went in. So don't worry and just close your eyes, and stay still." She says and then looks down "Ready?"

    "Okay but what if i am that 1 of 10 that doesn't come out okay or alive?" I say worried.

    "You will be just fine, now lets go in okay?" She says "Ready?"

    "Okay, I'm ready." I closed my eyes and stayed still. Now I am in surgery and i am frightened, i still feel like mush, but 2 hours go bye and i am perfectly fine still. now i feel like i am the sun. Like i can shine on everyone and light up everything, and that i can avoid that shadowy darkness, and get rid of it forever. I get out and turns out i am perfectly fine, I don't have a tumor any more.

    "Amelia!!" everyone shouts when i walk into the hospital room.

    "I am fine. The tumor is gone!!" I shouted.

    "Ah!" they all shout then tower me in hugs and kisses. Especially mom.

    "I know, me " seriously??" They just keep hugging me. "Okay, now I'm annoyed," They keep hugging me. "Okay, okay." I say and hug them back then they all release their grips on me.

    "That's great new!!" Nikki shouts.

    "I am so happy to hear this." Daniel says then he leans in to me and kisses me.

    "Thanks for caring you guys, it really means allot. I am just glad that i am not dead, and i am happy now more than ever because i can go back outside!!" I say excited.

    "NO!!" My mother yells. "You are not aloud outside for the next five days the doctor said." she says sternly

    "Oh, right." I say frowning. "Well, i can go outside soon!!" i smile "That makes me happy too."

    "Good." My mother says then we walk to the car and drive home, with Daniel and Nikki.

    "Mom, can Daniel and Nikki sleep over?" I ask puppy dog eyed.

    "Um, i don't thi-" she looks at me and feels bad "Well, alright." she says hesitantly

    "Yay." we all say in different ways and then i lean over and hug her.

    We get to my house and we all run up to my room. "Feels like i haven't been here in years." Nikki says as she scans the room.

    "Because you haven't been, you have been missing. And i haven't been here either same with daniel because we have been searching for you!" I say in a small tone of anger.

    "Well then." she says, dang it i upset her what do i do now? I ask myself.

    I walk over to her and give her a long big hug. "I am sorry that i snapped at you Nikki. I just was saying that you Daniel and I all haven't been here and it feels good to be home, all together. I am not mad that you got taken or lost or hurt, I am sad that it had to happen to you and us all. I am just glad to have you back, okay?" I say sincerely, and she can tell because she leans over and hugs me, then she starts to cry.

    "I tried to reach you guys. I said to have hope and i said the 'the key to our hearts is hope' thing because i thought it would give you hints to go to the tracks, to the spot ii was taken and say that together, but i guess it didn't work." She frowns.

    "But, It did!!" Daniel jumps in.

    "It really did," I say "We were in those dark empty rooms and all of us heard you say it, or some one say it, then we all said it and POOF!! we were back at the tracks together.

    "You mean.. That is how we all got there, you heard me say 'La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza.'" She smiles then white glowing and gold sparks appeared around her and lifter her up. "What is happening!?" she yells.

    "What IS happening?" Daniel asks.

    "It is a spell!! The "the key to our hearts is hope' in spanish thing is a spell, it is what carries you away, that is why you are being brought away now!" I say in excitement but frightened.

    "Well, how do i stop it?" She screams over the sound.

    "I don't know i guess we all have to say it, right?" Daniel asks

    "NO!! you can't what if it doesn't work? You guys could get stuck some where and we don't want that." Nikki yells out.

    "I don't care it is worth a try, it is worth not losing you, Again!" Daniel and I say together.

    Daniel and i grab hands then join Nikki to the triangle. Light shoots up through the triangle then darkness and they mix together. 

    "Ready? On three." I say

    "Okay." Daniel says.

    "Ready!" Nikki shouts "Just stop this already." 

    "Okay," I yell again. "One, Two, NOW!!"

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza." We all say together again like a song, but this time it feels like magic, it feels real. however, it feels fake to. this is stupid, since when did i start believing magic? I know it is NOT real, but i still try. It, however, works. The golden sparks slow and disappear in to the darkness that arose threw our triangle, and the white light goes into the darkness to, then the light shoots up and out bouncing al over my bedroom, and then the darkness swallows it and we all get forced to the ground, we fall down and scream then the lights h=turn out and my mother runs up the stairs. It sounds like she feel back, and then she screamed. The lights came on and the house stopped shaking. It was silent, everything was all over the place.

    "MOM!!" i scream. i get up and run to the door to see if she was there, but she wasn't. She want at the bottom of the stairs, and then i searched the house, she was no where to be found, and i began to worry. 

    "MOM!!" i scream out again. "Where are you!? Please answer me!!" But there is nothing. No one answers and then Nikki and Daniel grab my arms as i try to run out the door.

    "Amelia!!" Nikki shouts. "You can't go out there, doctors orders." She says "You don't want cancer."

    "Yeah, well i don't want to lose my mother, even more." My eyes start to water and then i am crying, i pull my arms from their grip and walk out. "You can come if you want, but i want support i don't want disbelief from you, either of you." I shoot my eyes back and forth between them.

     "Promise." Daniel and Nikki say together, "But put on a jacket." Daniel responds. "A heavy one." Nikki adds.

    "Alright, can you go grab me one please?" I say looking at NIkki who runs upstairs and grabs the biggest jacket from my closet.

    "Really, this one?" I say and hold it in disgust.

    "Yes, or you go alone." Daniel says.

    "Well, alright. It will keep me warm anyway." I put it on and run out of the house.

    "Are you guys coming?" I ask looking at them with desperation in my eyes.

    "Oh, yeah." They say as they run sown to me and we all walk to the tracks.

    "Well, she isn't here lets get going now." Nikki says worried.

    "Why the rush?" Daniel asks

    "You didn't sit in a dark empty room for 48 hours maybe more, it is harsh!!" She frowns. "I thought you guys gave up and that i was going to die then and there. That is how bad it was." she gets teary-eyed

    "We would never stop looking." Daniel says and he walks over to hug her.

    "I never would have stopped even if i had to look forever." I force a smile and hug her too.

    "Okay, thanks." she smiles and you can see the warmth grow threw her. 

    "And now, we are going to do the same with your mother." Nikki says to give me some faith.

    "We could only hope to find her." I say.

    "Have hop, it is the key to you, well my, um... All of our hearts. You know?" Daniel says.

    "True Daniel, I know, we all know. That is all we can do, now we just have to try."

    "Well, lets get to it!!" Nikki shouts and we run to the spot we all disappeared at.

    "Well, what do we do know?" I ask

    "I don't know." Daniel says.

    "How do you think we could find her?" I ask hoping for an answer so i look at Nikki.

    "I don't know," Both Nikki and Daniel say together. "But, we plan on finding out, well... helping you find out." Nikki says and smiles.

    "Well, lets get into this trailer, and we can wait there." I mention.

    "Sounds like a plan." Daniel says

    "Well? Hop in." Nikki says and she jumps into the trailer.

    It is dusty and dirty in here, different from the time i kissed Daniel. A lot different because that time it was happy, this time it is worry that we all have. worry for the safety of my mother.

    Daniel sees that i am worried and hugs me. "Every thing is going to be okay. I will make sure of it." he whispers to me then kisses my forehead. 

    We all sit against the back wall of the red trailer and wait. We all fall asleep while sitting there. Comfortably but worried we sleep, together. I am on Daniel's chest like always and Nikki is actually closer to me than i thought she would be. But we are all comfortable and then morning comes.

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