Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


11. Getting Nikki and Mom back.

TUESDAY. JUNE 5, 1987.


    When I wake up it is still dark our so I check the time on my phone that is still alive, surprisingly. 3:12 a.m. 

    I stand up an reach to touch the sky. Still nothing. No people, not a living thing, just Daniel and I.

    Daniel turns over to put his hand over me, but feels that I'm not there and gets up worried.

    "Amelia?" He asks for me.

    "What? Oh, Daniel." I say.

    "Why are you awake?" He pulls out his phone and checks the time. Shocked he speaks. "It is 3:14 a.m!! Why are you awake? It has only been 4 hours since we went to sleep." Daniel says.

    "I am just worried." I said.

    "About who?" He asked.

    "You," I say. "Who else?" i ask looking at him like he is some idiot that just asked the dumbest question in history.

    "Why me? You are the one that needs to be worried about. Not me. You are the one in danger, not me." He says

    "Exactly, the darkn- I mean Marcello wants me and you are protecting me. He wants you dead!! He will kill whoever, destroy whatever, anything that gets in his way he is determined to get rid of just to get to me." I say.

    "I do NOT care. I am going to stand by you until my life ends." Daniel says back to me.

    "I know YOU Don't care, but I do and i do NOT want you to die because of me, stop protecting me!!" I say then I turn around and run off. "Just protect yourself." I yell as i run off.

    "Amelia, wait!!" Daniel yells.

    Soon I am at a big building. Daniel is still following me and son I can hear him creeping behind me. Then I walk up to it. It is a big statue, it's all black shaded. The day is still cold and dark because it's only 3:30 a.m. 

    The wind is whistling and the air is whispering to me. "touch it." It says. "You know you want to." It says. Something in my gut tells me not to touch it because I get a bad vibe from it. This big thing does not seem like a good idea but i still walk up and touch it anyway. 

    Something comes from the sky as I do. It blows down. Daniel circles the corner to see me getting carried away. Then wind gets stronger and keeps whispering to me. 

    "Why did you touch it?" it said. "You stupid girl." It added on. "Now you will have his child." This makes me freeze. Marcello? Why? Just leave me alone. I am not going to consume your child, I am not going to be your wife and become queen of all evil.

    "Daniel!!" I yell because I spotted him at the last moment.

    "Why is he here!!" The dark shadowy figure says to me.

    "Because it is destine to be. I am not meant to become a queen of evil. I am everything that is good and kind in this world. Nikki and Daniel are too. Just leave us let us be in peace. I pull out the green orb and hold it to the sky. Then i say a spell from a book i show i watched years ago. 'I am light and too strong for you to fight. All shadows dwell just leave me I won't fall. Let me be, let me free. I want to be who I am and light up everything'." I say.

    "What!?" The shadow says and then he sinks down. His power drains and his energy disappears when he turns into nothing but the darkness of the realm.

    I plummet to the ground. Screaming along the way. "Daniel, do NOT let me hit the ground. I don't want to be a part of it." 

    "I won't, I promise." He says sticking his arms out following me to catch me.

    Then I fall landing directly in his arms. I let out my deep breath and let out a sigh of relief. "Thank you for not letting me fall." I say to him and smile.

    "Never in my wildest dreams would i let you hit the ground." Him still carrying me bridal style we get back to where we originally where. 

    "You know we have to get out today." I say to him.

    "Don't worry. I know." He says

    Still holding me up he kisses me. This time it is sadder, he is not as happy as usual. I stop.

    "What's wrong?" I ask him.

    "Nothing." He says confused.

    "Lets be truthful here." I tell him.

    "Okay. It's just that I am worried about you. What if you die. What if he does get you? What if Marcello gets you then you become his bride, have his child, and he does kill you sending you to your doom?" Daniel says to me.

    "You won't." I say then I jump out of his arms. "You have been protecting me and right now Nikki is the one in danger. Not me." I force a smile.

    "I guess you're right." He says also forcing a smile.

    "Can we just focus on getting to Nikki?" I ask him.

    "Yeah, sounds like a plan." He agrees with me.

    "Okay. Any ideas?" I ask him

    "No. I am sorry, I haven't thought about it much." He says to me.

    "It's fine. I have an idea." I say and smile.

    "Lets hear it." He says.

    "Okay. If we hold the green orb and just focus on Nikki and getting to Nikki maybe it will take us to her." I mention.

    "Really? You think?" He asks in disbelief.

    "I really do." I say with excitement.

    "Okay. Lets do this." I say     

    "Okay." I pull out the green orb and hold it up to the sky. "Grab on." I say. and he does.

    This time the wind doesn't howl, the leaves don't twirl and the air doesn't speak to me or whistle. All i can hear is Nikki. I can see her every where. I am remembering every memory in the ten years I have known her. Grade school third grade to now, the last 4 days of being a senior in high school, my last few days as a child, a teenager soon becoming a young adult, freedom. Finally.

    "Nikki." I say, the wind starts to howl and whistle.

    "Nikki." Daniel says, the air breaths.

    "Nikki." I say again, now the air is whispering her name too.

    "Maria." Daniel says, then the darkness rises over us. 

    "Del'Ray." I say, "It's working." I yell. "Only Nikki.

    "Nikki Maria Del'Ray!!" Daniel and I say together, smiling.

    "We love you." I say., and then I hear her humming and singing even louder

    "I love you, Nikki Maria Del'Ray!!" Daniel and I say together. this is when we twist around into present. My stomach Flips, and my heart stops, then i see Nikki.




    "Nikki!!" Daniel and I both shout aloud.

    "Shhhh" Daniel said to me.

    "Oh, right." I said back. "Nikki, wake up." I whisper shaking her repeatedly.

    Soon she wakes up. "Huh, what happened? Where are we? How do you guys get here?" She shoots out thousands of questions to us.

    "Okay we used the orb and only focused on you. ALL our times together, and our life together. The ten years we have spent together and the ten years of memories we have shared together. The lief we shared times we had, both good and bad, everything. I just focused on you and now here we are." I said to her

    "Oh, makes sense." Nikki says.

    "Yeah, I did it too." Daniel says.

    "Okay. Well, thank you guys for trying to save me but there is no way out of here magically at least." She says.

    "That was without the green orb that he doesn't know about." I say.

    "So you think." She says.

    "I know." I respond.

    "You don't, he could know some how." She says.

    "Whatever, i say. It is worth the try." I say and pull out the out the green orb.

    "Okay." Nikki says.

    "I'm in too." Daniel says.

    Then we all grab the green orb.

    "Now all we are going to think about are the train tracks."

    "Okay." Both NIkki and Daniel say.

    "On, well, Now!!" I say.

    I think of the tracks. My first kiss, with Daniel and with anyone. Nikki being taken more than once. Daniel turning into Marcello, the red trailer, The darkness, those dark rooms and how nothing existed but me, walls, a ceiling, and a floor. Just remember the first time we came to the tracks and the first time we fell asleep on them. THere is always a first time for everything. And a last. There is also, always a last first to everything. A last first sleep and a last first find. there it is. So I just remembered everything about the tracks and then... POOF!! we were on the tracks




    "Woah." I say.

    "Yeah." They both say.

    "You guys." I say.

    "Yeah." They both say.

    "I don't think, I-i." I am cut off when I fall to the floor and everything goes black.

    "Amelia!!" Daniel yelled.    

    They pick me up and fan me awake.

    "I am fine. Just got dizzy. Too much travel for me." I say still gaining control of my sight and body back.

    "You sure?" Nikki asks.

    "Yeah, you fell hard." Daniel said.

    "I am good." I say. can we just go back to my place and eat and drink some stuff then go to sleep? I am really tired."

    "Alright, lets go." They put their arms around my shoulders and help me then we walk home.




    "Mom?" I ask wondering if she is still there or if Marcello decided to take her too.

    "Yes, sweetie?" She asks then she walks around the corner. "Amelia, what happened?" She asked me about why Nikki and Daniel were carrying me.

    "Oh, I fell down when we were doing the spell to save Nikki." I say.

    "Amelia!" Daniel yells at me. 

    "What?" I ask forgetting that he doesn't know my mother knows.

    "Why did you just tell her that?" He asked me.    

    "Oh, yeah. You weren't here when she got back. She knows everything now and it is okay." I say

    "What's okay? She knows about it." He says.

    "Yes keeping her safer." I respond with some anger.

    "How!" He yells.

    "How?" I say "Because now, she is ready for whatever happens, and now she knows why i have been gone, and about every thing." I say with more anger.

    "No, this is all your fault!" He yells. "This was supposed to be a secret, out thing." He adds.

    "Yell, well what was i supposed to tell my mom, that she hit her head and went out cold?" I say most angry.

    "Yes!" He yells at me.

    "I can't believe your blaming me." I say with no a softer tone. Then i walk to my room with Nikki and shut the door behind me.

    "What did I do?" Daniel says to my mother.

    "You messed up." She says to him then shakes her head and walks back to the kitchen.

    "I know." He whispers to himself then he walks up to my room.

    "Amelia?" He asks then knocks on the door.

    "Go away." Nikki says for me.

    "Yeah," I say. "I don't want to see you."

    "Please lets talk." He says.

    I walk to the door and open it. Then he just kisses me, but i push him off.    "What? You think a stupid kiss is going to make every thing better?" I ask.

    "No?" He asks.

    "No, exactly." I say to him.

    "I am sorry Amelia." He says.

    "Nikki can we have a moment?" I ask.

    "Yeah." She says then she walks out of the room.

    "Come on in." I say pointing into my bedroom.

    "I didn't mean any of that," He lets out a sigh. "I just thought this was going to be our little secret," He says frowning. "And I know that telling your mother was a good idea, and now that she knows," He pauses. "She is going to be safer. I know that know. I thought about it all, and you are right. I am sorry." He says grabbing my hands.

    "I know you are. And I am too. I over reacted and for that, I am sorry as well." I say to him.

    "I love you, Amelia." He says to me.

    "I love you too, Daniel." I say to him. Then he kisses me.

    "Nikki!! You can come back in no-" I open the door and I am cut of when Nikki falls into my room. "Well, that's what you get for eaves dropping." I say then we all laugh.

    "Okay so we are all made up. Can we get to sleep now?" I ask.

    "Yeah, of course." Daniel says.

    "Goodnight." Nikki says staying on the floor.

    "You can sleep on the bed you know." I say to her.

    "I know." She says then she gets up and plops on my bed.

    "Daniel, you can too." I say.

    "Okay." He says just standing there.

    "Well?" I ask him "Are you coming?" 

    "Yeah." He seems hesitant, but I ignore it.

    Soon Daniel, Nikki, and I are all asleep. Just like we are at the tracks Nikki is farthest away, I am wearing Daniel's jacket and I am on his chest, but tonight he sits awake, watching to protect us.

    "Sweetie," My mother walks in stopping mid sentence. "Oh, you're asleep. Stay safe, goodnight, I love you all." She whispers then blows a kiss and walks out.

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