Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


1. Finding the tracks

FRIDAY. MAY 25, 1987.


    Amelia!" I can almost hear him calling my name. "I am over here!!" I yell out "Daniel!" but I know he can't hear me over these concrete walls. They look as if they've been here for millions of year. My stomach is turning and I can't see anything, It is so dark and gloomy down here, its like I'm dead. Stuck on the astral plane where nobody else exist where there is nothing, it is just a big black hole and all that's left is me...

    Okay, I was at school it was a beautiful Friday one of the last fridays at High School and everyone is cheering and laughing about how (Someone's band), is coming too perform at prom. It was just 2 weeks before graduation. Right before prom, the after party, graduation, the after party, all of it! 2 weeks until my life begins and ends all at once. I am was just day dreaming all during Ms. Madison's class, she is the science teacher and I really have no idea of why she is teaching us a completely new topic when we only have two weeks of school left technically only one week that's left because of all the decorating and set up for prom, graduation, the awards ceremony, all of it!! Then Nikki snaps me out of it thankfully. Because Ms. Madison is talking to me.

    "Amelia," she looks at me crookedly "well?"

    "Yes, Ms. Madison?" I figured she caught me staring to space which I was and she most likely asked me a question.

    "What is an Atomic Mass?"

    "Oh, An atomic mass, it is... Um..." I can tell she knows I am lost, but then Nikki bumps my shoulder coughing the answer to me. Then I stick out my shoulders. Fix my posture and say it broadly say the answer. "Oh, Of course. 'Atomic Mass is the mass of an atomic particle, sub-atomic particle, or molecule. It may be expressed in unified atomic mass units; by international agreement, 1 atomic mass unit is defined as 1/12 of the mass of a single carbon-12 atom (at rest). When expressed in such units, the atomic mass is called the relative isotopic mass.'" (wikipedia; Atomic Mass, sentence 1)

    "Okay, well keep your eyes on the board please, not out in space, thank you." she said rudely but discouraged because I knew the answer. She had then went back to teaching the rest of the class. Writing notes and pictures all over the board, I swear she made us write so much that my hand could fall off, but if it's worth graduation, then it's worth it. We were all told to copy them down, but no one listened. We are all ignoring her except for Nikki and I because I was just caught and I didn't want to be told that I couldn't go to prom, or even graduate! That would be insane and I would probably cry. I am pretty sure that my mom would kill me.

    Soon the bell had rung and we all got let of school early to go to the location for the prom so we can start our set up early. I guess it's alright, considering we won't have to listen to our teachers, and quite honestly I think they are relieved about it too. Nikki ran to the bathroom while she was finishing I got all the way to the second floor.

    "Hey, Amelia!" I hear, knowing the only people who talk to me are Daniel and Nikki and this is a girls voice so I knew it was Nikki, and before I even knew it I was saying hey before I turned around. 

    "Hey, Nikki!" I shout back even though she is right next me.

    "Lets go get Daniel?" Nikki asks me. I think that he just had trigonometry with Michella so he should be downstairs, room 246?" She adds before I can answer. I have never really told Nikki that I liked Daniel, but I hinted it and I have no doubt that she hasn't figured it out, so she practically knew the answer.

    "That's it! Okay, lets go." I say before I grab hold of her arm and literally drag her down the stairs and across the lobby and threw the halls. We were laughing all the way as we hit people that make rude comments, but it doesn't matter because it is our last year here!

    "Hey, Daniel!" Nikki and I shout simultaneously. Stunned he turns around.

    "Oh, hi!" He shouts back, again we are all right next to each other. 

    "You guys, I have an idea." Nikki whispers

    "Well... Come on lets hear it, Nike" Me and Daniel say together. We look at each other and smile. I love how he smiles. Every time he does I get this feeling in my stomach where time stops and the only people are me and him. Everything around us and behind us disappears and leaves forever. I love his fluffy brown hair that has this cowlick in the front making it necessary for him to flip his head for it to move it out of his eyes, the most amazing eyes i have ever seen, and i swear every now and then they are even more green than the day before. Sometimes they even turn blue. Whenever we look into each others eyes his turn blue, and my face glows, but I have learned how to control it. I've only had 10 years of practice. I think sarcastically to myself and smile.

    "Okay, well I saw this abandon train track outside of Narnia!" 

    "The bridal trail?" Daniel replies

    "Yeah, that," she looks at him and they laugh. "Any way, I think we should go there and hang out, we might not have much time to do so after graduation and it is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." She adds to make us want to go with her.

     "I'm in. I know that it's true, you know that we might not see each other much in college or whatever. And I most defiantly want to make the best out of my next two weeks or so with my best friends. We have to promise to keep this Friendship... Forever"

    "Well, I guess I'm in too," Daniel says hesitantly. Him always being protective and caring. "You have convinced me." He adds

    "Okay, come on!" and she runs out the door. 

    "What!" I yell 

    "Now!" Daniel yells and we run after her together. We are at the trail, and we get to the tracks. 

    "Wow," I say in amazement. "This really is beautiful!" It is a little messy, but it's abandoned so that makes sense. The tracks are wooden instead of steel, just showing their age. While they are firmly put onto pebbles in the ground. The view is amazing. We all sit on the tracks and and can see that there is a lake out in the open with trees with many colors and plants. I can see the most amazing thing ever. 

    "Nike this is perfect!" Daniel says. 

    "This is now, officially our place. We will call it... Amistad para siempre. La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza. which means Friendship for ever. The key to our heart is Hope. in spanish. And it is true." 

    "I think we should just call it Amistad para siempre. Because we will have friendship for ever." Daniel implies. 

    "I think they are both perfect, but for time sake we should use Daniel's idea."

    "Okay." Nikki agrees.

    "Amistad para siempre." We all say at the same time. The words slide off my tongue like air. I wasn't trying to say them, but it came out and i was glad about that. We were all in perfect pitch, like me and Nikki were the harmony and Daniel was the melody. It was perfect. this was perfect. And for the first time this month, I don't feel rushed, or screamed at. I don't feel like I am being pushed or shoved. Ignored or bullied. Annoyed by teachers. Hassled for my stuff. I feel perfect, because right here right now I am with my very best friends, my only friends. My friends that except me for me, and this here right now feels like a dream so I pinch myself to make sure, and it isn't!! I am actually living this, this is happening right now, and I couldn't be happier.

    "Lets get back to school okay. I think we should help them out a bit." Daniel mentions.

    "I agree lets go!!"

    we all get up and race back to the school. We walk in and just breath we all stand in our breathing positions, me with my hand on my knees and i am bent down, Nikki is just laying on the ground, and Daniel has his hands on his head. I think my heart was beating so fast and loud I was sure everyone would hear it and think it was the bell but Nikki and Daniel were to so they didn't seem as worried so I wasn't either.

    "Do you guys hear my heart? It sounds like some elephants," We all laugh. "Just kidding." I add

    Daniel and I both grab one of Nikki's hands and pull her up and accidentally we pulled her up a lot higher than we expected based on the fact that we just ran about 2 miles straight up.

    "Woah!!" she shouts "thanks." and we all just laughed 

    Mr. Friseur heard us apparently. Because he comes to the top of the stairs and he yells at us to get up stair and help, because we really need the extra hands.

    "Sorry!!" Nikki shouts, because she has this crazy theory that Mr. Friseur is deaf just because he is french "Yeah, sorry." I say innocently "Yes, right away sir." Daniel nods and walks to class.

    We all act so innocent around the teachers and during class. However, If you see us outside of this world you would know how crazy we are. We are not the ones to be caught jumping up and down in excitement, screaming with joy, giggling, gossiping, doing girly girl stuff. Never, ever will you see me in a dress or skirt, Nikki, maybe but only for prom. However, I on the other hand will not be wearing a dress at the prom I will be in sweat pants and a tank top. We all like the best bands that no one knows about. We like shows know one has ever seen. We like everything that everyone doesn't but we take it as a blessing. It is a gift we are all grateful for. Not one of us are the same we all have our differences and we all stand out... and when I say stand out I mean it, I mean stand out like everywhere!!!!

    Me, Amelia. Yeah, I am the most quiet, at least the others think so. I don't jump up and down and get excited much, I am just me. I just like reading and that's what i would rather do than sky diving, still never getting over that Nikki, not going into details.

     Anyways, Nikki is the most energetic, now this is my opinion and quite honestly it has to be true. She just randomly discovered an abandoned train track. Is that normal? No!! She calls our entrance to it Narnia and she calls it Amistad Para Siempre which means friendship for ever. Who comes up with that. Well apparently Nikki our crazy energetic, weird, funny, creative, but amazing and awesome, best friend! 

    Okay, well Daniel. He is the only boy in our group. as you should know I have the biggest crush on him. ever since grade school. We met in 3rd grade and it was like a crush at first site. you know what he looks like, but how he acts. thats way different. He is perfect. He will never tell anyone your secrets. You can honestly have the deepest conversations with him and he will understand, he will guide you and help you, he will keep you from doing something stupid. He will keep you sane! I am really being honest, not just because I like him but because it is true!! 

    The day is nearly done and the final bell, the one that dismisses us, yeah it is ringing right now. It is the longest bell about 47 seconds, I have had 4 years to figure this out so i should know. Anyways we are leaving the building. 

    "Well, you guys I have to go or I will be late for my one minute before curfew record." I say.

    "come on Amelia!! It's friday ask if you can sleep over my house!!"

    "Alright," I pull out my phone and I call my mother and ask to sleep over, as always she says yes before I even finish asking the question. "I can stay."

    "Yay." she squeals.

    "Nikki Maria Del'Ray, did you, you Nikki the person who DOESN'T squeal, just squeal in excitement?" I ask in a tone of shock. Then look at her half smiling.

    "Sorry! It's just this might be our last weekend together." she frowns

    "Never! Never in my wildest dreams! I will always call you and ooVoo you. Yale is only 5,687 miles away you know. I will always be visiting at the house my mom lives in that is only a block from you and we will always have Amistad para siempre, we will make it a thing where every friday we come here and watch the sun set, then fall asleep on the train tracks, together." I say

    Sooner or later we are at the train tracks again, all of us, the three of us, and It's getting dark. 

    "Come on!" I shout "The sun is about to set." I find myself yelling and running for the tracks.

    We all get into our spots. Daniel on the right and Nikki on the left with me in the middle. 

    "This is only my second time on these tracks but as soon as I lay down on them I get a chill like the train is still coming, of course it's not, but I feel like the tracks are still in use. It scares me, but I have both of you. both of you to save me and me to help save you! If that even makes any sense to you guys." I say in a saddened tone.

    "Was that supposed to be deep?" both Daniel and Nikki ask together.

    "Yes!" I say "I tried my best," I added "And it's really hilarious that after 10 years, we talk at the same time, laugh the same way and at the same time, act the same, walk the same, speak the same, do the same, and are the same." I say after the speak in sync

    "I know. Ha ha. See." They look at each other and point to one another. "Oh my gosh. Stop it!" they say simultaneously then we all laugh for some time

    "My point exactly" I spit out to prove my point, while I am still laughing with them.

    The sun starts to set and and when I see the beautiful pink color start to rise I smile. Sooner or later there is an entire rainbow of colors, its like a collage but without pictures there are smooth colors like blue, pink, orange, yellow, and a small bit of really light purple. It makes my stomach squeeze and my face flush, but in a good way, yet bad one because I am leaving, because I am losing everything soon. Just 2 weeks to go. Then we all fall asleep on the tracks, together.

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