Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


4. Finding ourselves



    "Where am I?" I ask the black shadowy figure that is walking in the darkness. I feel like I'm dead, but i am not, i know i am not. I am going to heaven and My dad is there, but i don't see him here, i don't see anything here. The walls however feel like rough coals, and the floors:dead wood. I look down and bounce a little thinking it is study enough to hold, it's not because i feel threw. 

    Daniel blinked to see if what just happened really did and then he yells my name. "Amelia!!!!" he starts to freak out and get really worried, his face goes from ready to search to sorry that he lost. He is wondering where i am and is now crying then he screams out. "Why us, why Nikki, and now why her, why you!? I have hope!! Now bring her back, please!" he yells for a second.

    I scream on my way down, but then stop because i keep falling and falling and falling. then  see a small stitch of light, it looks blue like the sky then i fly out and into Daniel's arms. 

    "Huh, What?" i say. How did i get here i think. "How did i get here?" then i look at him and see that he has been crying about my disappearance.

    "One mi-minute, you where here. And t-"

    "The next I was gone?" I say cutting him off and finishing his sentence. 

    "Yeah, I understand what you mean when you say she disappeared just like that. I believe you. You didn't hit your head." He said to me.

    "You never said that i hit my head?" I wondered

    "I thought it!" he said in a 5 year old voice, and then we both laughed like children.

    "Well, what do we do now?" I asked him seriously

    "I don't know, but some how we have to get Nikki back." he says and then sadness enters my heart, my voice disappears and all i can hear is Nikki. How she talks and sings, how she moves and sleeps, everything about her just flashes back to me. And all i can think now is that i am lost without her and i want her back, i want her by my side.

    "And if we can't?" i ask with a bit of disbelief.

    "Never say you can't" he forces a smile, then hugs me.

    His hugs are warm and comforting. It's like i am sitting by the fire with hot cocoa in the fall time. Like it is a regular friday night with him, Nikki, and I at the tracks and we are watching the sun fall, as we go into slumber, deep slumber, happy slumber, comfortable slumber.

    We smile and he grabs my hand as we walk to the spot by the red trailer.

    "The red trailer!!" I say with some hope.

    "what about it?" he asked confused

    "It could be helpful, there could be clues!!" I say smiling with excitement. "That is where they took her." then i grab his arm and practically drag him to the red wagon/trailer.

    We get to the spot that she disappeared and then POOF!! we were gone.

    It felt as if we were moving threw time, like we were going on into the future, or past, or even present but we kept on going and moving, twisting, twirling, spinning, flying, and just going on and on and on and on, forever.

    Soon, however, we stopped. We fell into this empty pitch black room, with nothing, just four walls, the floor, the ceiling, daniel, and I. A darkness, however, lurked among us. I felt a puff of warm air, it felt like someone was breathing on me, but it was to dark and gloomy for me to see what was there. Then it grabbed me, something held me back.     "Daniel!!" i screeched. He lunged forward to grab for me. He reached but not far enough. "Help me, don't let it take me!! please..." My voice faded out and then the jail door closed and i was gone, he was gone. I wondered if Nikki was some where here too. I wondered if she was stuck in an empty black room, with nothing, no one, but the darkness, walls, floor, ceiling, and herself.

    Amelia!!" I can almost hear him calling my name. "I am over here!!" i yell out "Daniel!" but i know he cant hear me over these concrete walls. They look as if they've been here for millions of year. My stomach is turning and i can't see anything, It is so dark and gloomy down here, its like I'm dead. Stuck on the astral plane where nobody else exist where there is nothing, it is just a big black hole and all that's left is me. And sadly i was all that was left, however, the darkness still haunted me. 

    "Amelia! I hear. However, this time it is the voice of a girl, it was Nikki! 

    "Nikki!!" i scream over everything. But there is no use i will never find her, we are never getting out. This is my grave yard, this is where i am going to die. I never thought of this day. How? Why? Where? When? But now, millions of ideas are popping into my head, thousand of possibilities run threw my mind like cheetahs chasing alpacas.

    Then i hear it, a train. It sounds like it just ran right above me and it shook the walls, it shook me. Then i thought. We are under the tracks!! I just need to find a way to get out and then up and the tracks will be right there.

    "La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza." we all hear, the three of us hear those words and then we all say them together.

    " La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza. I Have Hope!!" we say together, a perfect harmony melody and rhythm. The tone everything. My heart fluttered and then POOF!! we were all on the tracks while the on coming train disappears.

    "NIKKI!!!!" i yell out. then Daniel and I both attack her with hugs and questions

    "Where were you?" Daniel asked fast.

    "What did they do to you? Who were they? Are you okay? Did they hurt you? Answer us!!" I say faster than expected and out of breath.

    "I can't answer your questions if you keep on asking more and more." she smiles

    "Oh, right." Daniel and I say "Jinx!" I yell out, then punch him in his arm. 

    Then we all laugh like old times.

    "Back on a serious note," i say. "What happened? Really, happened?" i ask her and she just frowns her happy laughing mood from seeing us fades away and then i noticed what i have done. I brought up a bad memory and now she is hurt because of it. "Sorry." i say sorry-eyed "I didn't mean to bother you."

    "No, it's fine." she says but then she gets teary-eyed.

    "Really? Because words say one thing while tears say another." Daniel jumps in.

    "Well, they took me to this dark room and i was stuck there for so long with this, this thing!! I don't know what it was, i don't think it was anyone or anything. It was just a big shadowy figure, that did indeed freak me the Hell out."

    "I am so sorry Nike," Daniel says "We looked. We REALY looked. We searched, brainstormed, we came up with everything until right now when we all going together."

    "I know, i know you guys." She looks up and we all force smiles.

    "How did we get here though?" I ask.

    "I don't know i just heard some one, or some thing say La llave para desbloquear es Esperanza, so i repeated it and then said I Have Hope!! and then POOF!! i was standing here talking to you guys."

    "I heard it too," Daniel says "then i said that same thing."

    "I did the exact same. You don;'t think?" i ask "You don't think we are magical, do you? You don't think we have some weird freak powers and are special?" I ask worried

    "No, I think we are going to wake up tomorrow morning and we are going to be like,'that was the weirdest dream ever!!' and then we are all going to meet at the tracks, talk about it, laugh, and forget it ever happened." he said really bluntly.

     "Maybe, but who knows?" I shrugged and we all did together, then we walked to the tracks and witnessed something amazing, we got to make a wish upon a shooting star. As that star lit up the empty night sky and plummeted to the earth i smiled and wished an amazing wish. "I wish that we could forget this all, that everything would go back to normal. However, I wish i could go farther with this, that i could uncover something amazing and BE amazing.... Please!?" I smiled and looked up. "God, you can decide. It is your choice, and whatever path you decide i decide."

    "No." I hear a response.


    "Yes." he replied to me. "You decide your path, not I. thy will learn from your decision, thy will know that what you did, what you had to do, it was just you, all you. Don't let me decide, let yourself rise and let you be you. And some how, at some time, your path will be clear as day. It will be opened right there in front of you. Blind as day. you might take it but you might not and that is okay today. 'In the end everything will be okay, if it's not okay, it's not the end.'" he responds, i think.

    "Okay, thank you." I smile and then i fall asleep in Daniel's arms.

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