Amistad Para Siempre: Friendship Forever

Three teenagers (Nikki Marie Del'ray, Daniel Mark Navez, and Amelia Leigh Kawolski) that are about to start their lives as high school graduates come to stumble upon an unidentified life. Something they could never believe, until now. Magic! That's what they trip over. Insanity, panic, puzzled faces, love, fright, intensity, desire to leave, all of it. It whips threw them like a cold breeze sweeping them into an unreliable story. They fight for survival. For there undying friendship. They strive to stay together. However, in the end you can say they do when laying on the train tracks.


2. Finding love and a hospital bed

SATURDAY. MAY 26, 1987.


    When we wake up I am some how wearing Daniel's jacket and I am on his outer stomach. He is looking down at me smiling as I sleep. Nikki is a lot farther away then how close we started out, but she looks pretty comfortable. Then I hear Daniel whisper something. "I Love you Amelia Leigh Kawolski." and he smiles. I couldn't really make out what he was saying because it was so utterly quiet, but something inside me was saying it was good so I smiled and hugged him closer.

    He obviously feels it because he says something "Good morning beautiful."

    I just smile and then yawn "Good morning to you too" I love you! The words scream all through my head, but I force myself not to scream it out on the top of my lungs. Not even Nikki knows that I like him, but like I said she has her suspicions and if he found out and didn't like it then what, our friendship would be over. I began to frown, then a tear came down my face but it was too cold for me too notice at 6 a.m. Daniel however does.

    "What's wrong?" He lifts up my chin and wipes away the tear. 

    "Nothing" I say really quickly which grows his suspicion 

    "Amelia I have known you for 10 years, and I really think that I would know you enough to know if something is wrong."

    "It's nothing, okay,"  it comes out ruder than we both expected. "Sorry. Then I feel the sob stuck in my throat. I force a smile to keep from crying, but it isn't worth it I can't just look into him, I can't look into his concerned eyes and not cry. I turn around and run out to the woods, crying. He can hear me crying and he runs after me.

    "Amelia, Stop!" he frowns still chasing me. "I want to help."

    Then out of no where I trip on a root in the ground, time went into slow motion as I fell to the ground and my ankle twisted back. I could feel the pain in my hands when they hit the pebbles and then I saw the blood come down the side of my face. Then everything went black.

    I was out cold. I was out of it but I did, however, feel it when Daniel had lifted me up of the ground but not until after he took off his shirt and put it around my leg and put a piece against my head wound. His body was warm and muscular against mine. It made me feel warm and suddenly I wasn't cold any more, it just made me feel safe. 


    SATURDAY. MAY 26, 1987: PART TWO.


    "What Happened!!"  

    I wake up in the hospital bed with my mom and my nurse hovering over me. Nikki and Daniel were across the room from me, waiting for my return to earth. Yup defiantly in an astral plane all night. or at least some kind of weird freak dream. We were tied down to the train tracks and then the train came and almost ran us over, but I had woken up before hand, however, it want like our train spot, it was completely different. like an evil version. It was dark all the time, the tracks were rusted steel and the entire thing was surrounded by mud dirt broken leaves and dead trees, no lake and no beautiful scenery... Just nothing.

    "What's wrong!?" everyone jumps to me and looks at me concerned.

    "Oh, nothing just a dream." Then I look at Nikki and Daniel who get the signal from the facial expression I sent to them.

    "Can we have a moment with her alone?" Daniel asks.

    "Yes, I was just heading to go get some food, what would you like, if anything?"  Ms. Kawolski asks.

    "Nothing thank you." Daniel and Nikki say at the same time and my mom then walked out at of the room.

    "What, was the dream." Nikki asked concerned but excited.

    "Yup I was defiantly in an astral plane all night. or at least some kind of weird freak dream. We were tied down to the train tracks and then the train came and almost ran us over, but i woke up before hand, however, it want like our train spot, it was completely different. like an evil version. It was dark all the time, the tracks were rusted steel and the entire thing was surrounded by mud dirt broken leaves and dead trees, no lake and no beautiful scenery... Just nothing."

    "Wow, that's... wow." Daniel stumbled not knowing what to say, he was speechless"

    "Oh my god!! That isn't going to happen to us you know. I won't let it okay?" Nikki questions sternly.

    "I know Nikki, I know." I force a smile

    "Nikki can I talk to Amelia for a second, alone?" He looks at her with the look that says please I am desperate.

    "Okay." She says in a sigh.

    "Why did you make her leave?" I ask, but I already knew the answer. Here we go about last night and why I cried, why I ran off into the woods.

    "Well, I wanted to know...I mean..." He stumbled on his words "I have been wonde-"

    "Don't bother, it was nothing."

    "Nothing doesn't get you a bad ankle, and cuts & wounds on your head and leg."

    "I don't know, I just couldn't look at you with out sobbing, it's like you were breaking my heart, but then I was in the woods and fell and now I'm here, In a stupid hospital bed telling you... never mind"

    "Come on, Please tell me!"

    "No!" I shouted so loud that a nurse came into the room.

    "Every thing is fine" I told her and she walked out but paused. 

    "Oh and Amelia, I just want you to know that you have a head wound. If you don't stop yelling and don't take it easy it will get worse, the symptoms are bad. memory loss, bleeding from the mouth ears and nose, you could get a tumor and even cancer so just take it slow and easy please." She said 

    "Yes nurse." I replied. Then she walked out satisfied. 

    "Sorry, it's just. something on my mind. I will tell you just not here not now, okay. I will tell you at Amistad Para Siempre, were I won't ruin everything between us. we can go tomorrow okay?"

    "Okay, but no running off, no matter what!" he looks at me like he is waiting for an answer. 

    "Was that a question?" I really could not read if it was or not. "well I won't, I promise."

    "Okay, good."




    Later that day I got out of the hospital and we all went to the train tracks. We all laid down in our spots and watched the sunset fall. 

  An just as i thought this couldn't get better it happened... Daniel grabbed my hand and pulled me to the red trail on the side of the track and we hopped inside. 

    "What are we doing in here? Why did you bring me over here?" I want him to pull me into a long, special, amazing kiss!! I really wish he would, i have waited for this since 3rd grade!! well? I'm waiting. Why have you brought me in here? is something wrong, tell me!! I am dying to know already!! Then it happens, He kisses me!

    His lips are so warm against mine and they are so soft. I am closing my eyes. My first kiss, with my first love/crush!! I have built this moment and it is nothing like the kisses i have been informed about. He didn't shove his tongue down my throat, he didn't grab me anywhere bad, he just put his lips to mine, and i smiled. He felt it to because he stopped.

    "What was that for?" I say still smiling not believing what had just happened between us.

    "Amelia I want you to know that since the day you walked into class, I have liked you, and now.... I think I love you!"

    "Wait you have liked me all these years and said nothing!" I shout but I said it allot ruder than expected "I am sorry, it's just I have liked you to and I love you too!"

    Then we kissed again and walked back to the tracks and i pinch myself to make sure this was real, not a dream. Then we all fell asleep together.

    As always Nikki was first to fell asleep and she was earlier too, i just noticed it now, I thought Daniel was out too. 




    Soon we got home to our own houses and my memory of the place was faded maybe just because i kissed Daniel. The perfect kiss. then i smiled and my mom asked why.

    "Hey, my smiley. Why the big smile?"

    "Guess i am glad to be home." then i walked up to my room. soon i got to school and saw Nikki and Daniel. Daniel grabbed my hand and Nikki just smiled, apparently he told her we are together, but wait are we? I don't really know I am not really good with boys, I only liked one in 10 years the most important ten years of my life and now that love has come true.I love him, and he actually loves me too.

    And that after noon when we got to the tracks it was so comforting, but my memory of it was vauge, I  didn't know what we were doing here or why.

    And then I got the feeling of sickness again, the pit of my stomach, however, didn't drop instead it came up my throat and out my mouth, but it wasn't my stomach it was blood. I quivered and then I got up and yelled, I just yelled the word ah, long and loud.

    Daniel jumped up "What was that!?" He sees my spot empty and he runs off of the tracks, "Amelia!"

    I drop to the floor still coughing up blood. "What's wrong with me?" I ask starting to cry.

    "Bleeding from the mouth." he says under his breath.

    "What?" I look at him so confused. Who am I talking to, why is he talking to me? "Who are you?" I ask "why are you talking to me stranger?"mI add.

    "I am not a stranger I am Daniel, your boyfriend.?" he looks at me half worried half scared then he almost cries, one tear comes out. "Memory loss!?" He mutters. "Another symptom!" He says.

    "Daniel, why are you crying." I ask gaining back my memory "What happened? Why am I bleeding? Why are you crying?"

    "You know me?" he asks confused.

    "of course you are my boyfriend, Daniel Mark Navez. Why?"

    "We need to get you to the hospital!" he scoops me up and gets Nikki explaining on the way, I am asleep, but daniel wakes me up just in case I shouldn't sleep. next thing I know I am back in the hospital, again!

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